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Allies Worry As Trump Accuses Germany, Japan of Purposely Devaluing Currencies

Following recent comments from President Donald Trump suggesting the U.S. is being forced to “sit there like a bunch of dummies” as it’s taken advantage of by the economic policies of China, Japan, and Germany, leaders from those countries responded … Continue reading

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America’s massive lead problem: 1.2M miles of lead pipe deliver brain-damaging water to the sheeple

If you thought the problem with lead-tainted water was confined to Flint, Michigan, think again. The United States could be on the brink of that scenario playing out in many towns and cities across the country unless lead water pipes … Continue reading

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Hilarion: Great Change

Beloved Ones, I come on the wings of love! There is upon this planet great sweeping changes that are occurring. And these changes many are finding challenging, unacceptable and ones that suppress the rights of the people. And we say … Continue reading

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The Council: Non-interference

There is a subject that we feel we must address at this time. This is a period of very chaotic energies. We want you to know that you would be better served to keep yourselves focused in ways that would … Continue reading

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Reviewing Your 5D Global Actions

Dear Ones, How can you observe and not participate in current earth upheavals? Your questions are likely, “How can I not be involved? Aren’t I required as a forerunner to be involved?”

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Talk Therapy Changes The Brain

A new study from King’s College London and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust has shown for the first time that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) strengthens specific connections in the brains of people with psychosis, and that these stronger … Continue reading

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