Mike Quinsey 2/3/2016

148573761543550It need hardly be mentioned that matters on Earth are speeding up and already the coming changes are bringing out mixed reactions. Unless you can see beyond the immediate happenings it is very difficult to understand the necessity for much that is taking place. The aim is first and foremost to prepare you for Ascension, and encourage you to maintain a peaceful outlook

Scientific Experiments: DNA Begins As A Quantum Wave

dna777One strand of DNA from one single cell contains enough information to clone an entire organism. Obviously, understanding DNA allows us to understand much about life and the universe around us. A deeper understanding of the new science tell us that DNA beings not as a molecule, but as a wave form. Even more interestingly, this wave form exists as a pattern within time and space and is coded throughout the entire universe.

Yeshua: You Have Always Been Good Enough

sanandaAll across the world great changes are in progress, changes that many are finding very unsettling indeed.  But they are essential changes that will greatly assist in humanity’s inevitable and rapidly approaching moment of awakening.  Yes, a moment of awakening, because to awaken takes but a moment once you have chosen to awaken.  Many are nervous, anxious, and holding back

Goddess of Creation: Get Out of Your Ruts

14833793303891Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who are here; all who choose to join me in these times of alignment with one another. When you come together in a group like this the intention is to communicate with me, listen to my message, be in

Flea Treatments are Killing Our Cats: The Truth About Cat Flea Medications

animalsTopical Flea Products Are Killing Our Cats

When you see your cat suffering from a serious case of painful flea bites, you want to ease their discomfort as soon as possible. Running to the nearest store and picking up a topical cat flea treatment seems likes the quickest and easiest solution, but it might just be tossing your cat out of the frying pan