Sheldan Nidle 2/21/2017

snidle2 Manik, 10 Zac, 13 Caban

Dratzo! A slowed but steady pace is now in effect. Processes continue that put security over delivery. Those who represent the old cabal are fighting hard, and producing a series of worrisome protracted delays. It is a strategy that is returning our allies to a more cautious attitude.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces; Profound Renewal

eclipseWe’re in the middle of two eclipses, feeling suspended and in anticipation…

You are already experiencing the effect of the next big event as we build up to the very potent Solar New Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Sunday, February 26 (at 2:58 pm in London, 9:58 am EDT, 6:58 am Pacific).

Saint Germain and One Who Serves: The New Dawn

newearthI am “St. Germain”.

I am often with this group; it is often that I can make my presence known. It is so important to offer to you this continuing program, this continuing process that we have been working with you. When we work with you, you work with others. When we share

Saul: It Is Your Task To Be Love In Action

saulHere in the spiritual or non-physical realms our excitement continues to grow as we observe the enormous progress humanity is making on its path to awakening.  It may well appear to you that things are getting worse and worse, but what is disturbing you and causing pain and suffering for many is the collective choice to release so much buried stuff that has been holding you back, anchoring you in the darkness of uncertainty and fear

Earth Has a Brand-New Continent Called Zealandia

zealandiaGeologists have determined there’s a new continent called “Zealandia.”

Recent satellite data and rock samples led to the conclusion.

New Zealand and New Caledonia are part of the new continent, which is about as big as greater India.

This Dog Had Been Abused And Was Scared Of Everyone; Until She Met Her 11-Month-Old Cuddle Buddy

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-11-27-40When a loving family finally adopted abused dog Nora, the poor pooch remained skittish and shy. Yes, it seemed that this docile doggie was afraid of everything and everyone. And, no matter what her family tried, nothing seemed to help. Then one day Nora found a best friend in a tiny tot, who helped bring her out of