My Reptilian Hybrid Child

148771999770296After many years of negative experiences with Reptilians and Greys, I moved to Las Vegas in 1989. One night everything changed when I had my first encounter with a positive Reptilian.  It came into my bedroom while my husband was out of town. He came to me as a silhouette of light in the darkness of my room, wearing a dark

Saul: The Way Home

saulThe changes now occurring on Earth are amazing, and they are due to people like you – those reading and listening to blogs like this – intending every day as you awaken to be loving and accepting in every interaction, in every situation, and releasing all judgmental thoughts without engaging with them.

As you are being consistently reminded: There is ONLY Love!  And you, the Light bearers, Light workers

Mother Mary: Healing Stars of The Universe

maryBlessings are sent from the essence of my soul into your being. I am Mother Mary, overseer of the 9thRay of Light, a member of the Board of Karma, an essence of the Divine Mother and Queen of the Angelic Kingdom. In my communication with you today, I Mother Mary, come forth as a source of information to aid your inner healing and transformation.

Many of you are entering into periods