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Mike Quinsey 2/17/2016

The overview we have of activities on Earth is different to yours because as we see it all is happening on many different time lines, making it difficult to accurately forecast the course of events. However, one thing is certain … Continue reading

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Adamu of the Pleiades: The False Political Dichotomy of Left Versus Right

Greetings my friends I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation coming to you, once again, through Zingdad. Today, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump quite fresh in your memories

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Galileo Was Arrested For Spreading “Fake News” That The Earth Orbits The Sun

The self-proclaimed purveyors of all facts and other things wise—the lamestream media, which publishes neither wise nor truthful things, in many cases—is not the first institution to claim all information which it cannot control to be “fake” and unworthy of … Continue reading

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Montague Keen: As The Cabal Struggles For Its Survival

As the Cabal struggles for its survival, it is using humanity to help it to continue to exist on Earth. Your anger and marching produces enormous ENERGY for those that they are using to hasten your demise. Your anger is … Continue reading

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