Powerful Weekend

lightworker11There is a powerful synchronistic alignment occurring in the Heavens this weekend that will give ALL of us the opportunity to add greatly amplified frequencies of Light to whatever it is we are striving to cocreate in our own life and the lives of Humanity. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Beginning today and expanding through the weekend we will be blessed with the Snow Moon

Mike Quinsey 2/10/2016

148573761543550So much is happening upon Earth right now, and the general view is that the dark Ones are in retreat. The people themselves can take some credit for what has occurred, as they have strongly responded to the expressed intentions of President Trump. Across your world some have been demonstrating against his declared policies, and it is very interesting that many souls have been awakened from their slumbers, and it

The Council: Expanding On An Idea

counciloflightIn our last message, we mentioned that you would be well served to focus upon the idea that your current circumstance will result in the creation of the world that you have dreamed of living in, even if you cannot see how you might get there from where you are. We would like to expand upon that statement if we may.

There was a time in your history, long forgotten – or actually written out of the record

Angelic Guides: The Key to Changing Anything

148320770580392Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of change.  So many of you wish for change; change in financial situations, change in relationships, change in health and yet we watch as so many continually recreate the very same experiences over and over again.  Yes, the set up might appear different, another year has passed, the people might be

10 Harmful Health Effects Caused by Excessive Sugar Consumption

carefybFoods taste sweet because they contain sugars which can be naturally occurring or added. What’s the main difference between the two?

Naturally occurring sugars are the sugars found in whole foods, for instance, fruit, milk, vegetables, and some grains. Fructose and lactose in fruit and milk products