The Council: Expanding On An Idea

counciloflightIn our last message, we mentioned that you would be well served to focus upon the idea that your current circumstance will result in the creation of the world that you have dreamed of living in, even if you cannot see how you might get there from where you are. We would like to expand upon that statement if we may.

There was a time in your history, long forgotten – or actually written out of the record, when the progress of the consciousness of earth humans was made to take a giant step backward. This was not made to happen by you. It was not made to happen by the will of divinity. It happened when intruders with highly developed technology entered your free will world and caused what you have called ‘the fall’. Two things happened at that time that are relevant to our topic. First, you began the long, hard road back, which has resulted in thousands of years of valuable learning experience for you and every being you may meet in the future. And second, the decree by the Divine that you would, indeed, return to your highest divine state. In other words, dear friends, it is a done deal.

Now, what began as a very slow process, has increased in momentum during the whole of the time since this all began. And the momentum has also built upon itself. It’s sort of like the increase in velocity of a falling object, with the exception that a falling object reaches a maximum velocity due to the resistance of the atmosphere on your planet. You have not had to deal with that. And your velocity is now beginning to be quite noticeable, is it not?

The fact that the outcome of this process has been determined is very important. It means several things are true. First, you will arrive in your new world. Period. That is a given. Then, an effect of that which is becoming noticed more and more is this:  no matter what attempt may be made to delay or waylay your progress, the result will inevitably serve to increase your progress. Some of you have begun to see this happening. We will tell you that it is becoming extremely frustrating to those who thought they could keep you from your highest potential.

So you see, all roads do, in a sense, lead to Rome. The only way an individual can avoid this is by choice. And even that choice will only result in delay.

We think it is time to remind you that you are only returning to the home that you left. It is time to remember that this is your home. It is time to know that this home is your birthright. It is time to realize that all of the ‘stuff’ that you have seen in illusion is not, and was not, reality. Reality is your divine self. Reality is the power that is the life force that you are. You still have a great deal to learn about that, but learn it you will. Time to turn your intent to that end.

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