Galactic Soul Clarion Call: Collective Unity & Support

soundfrqcyAloha beautiful LOVE family,

We are going through strong cellular work on a regular basis right now, that is only going to increase as we go. All of us who are embracing this process and in “high-service” (which is all of us, lol), doing our best to “manage the physical” and get the work-work done while honoring our own upgrades/re-encodements/embedding process. I will write briefly and then come back later, as I’ve got a pile of work to do as I can push through this here too.

We are becoming more etheric (more on this soon): Over the years of our soul embodiment, we all did much work within. Our bodies purged, cleansed and cleared infinite everything that kept us held in denser realities. Transcending all of that took everything we had, in addition to fulfilling our own Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions here.

As Crystalline Grid/Gatekeepers, Star BEings, Divine Souls (and infinitely so much more), there are processes that we all have to go through to accomplish “all of this for ourselves”. This is a journey of sacrifice (yet it is not, yet it is, so I will try to explain)….

Each one of us chose to come here, partake in the human experience (soul’s word)/experiment (galactic word), both are true here. Each one of us came here to live deeply embedded in an unconscious human matrix of distorted illusions that we called REALity, because at that time it was. Then it was time to awaken and move on.

We either chose to pull away or were “forced”, because of our own fight/resistance/refusal inside. Didn’t matter, we all had to go inward, do the “dirty work” and work through all of the programs in our own cellular memory and physical body structure and then “deal” with our exterior human reality all along the way to re-align it to our own highest frequency/vibration/consciousness that continually expands as we do here. Many of us chose harsh, deep separation, deep inner pain, deep loss… doesn’t matter anymore, but then it surely did. Every bit of it to get our hearts/minds open and bring us on-board to the 5th Dimension and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy above here.

As Galactics/StarSeeds/Star Light BEings, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Sacred Everything BEings, Angels, Elementals, Gods/Christed BEings, we had a whole lot of clearing to do in order to RETURN TO A PURE EXISTENCE AGAIN. All of this we had to do from within. Meanwhile, the earthly world (humans) didn’t get it yet, WE had to do all of this by our self. We had to get into service and do it without any linear physical world support. This served many purposes, as there is never one reason for anything here. One, as Gods/Creators/Guardians, we were not to rely on others for anything, for it “weakens” our ability to stand in our FULL POWER here. It showed us how much humans didn’t yet understand (heart/mind closed) or value any of this (Earth’s Ascension) yet (including us and what we did selflessly and continually for all of us on this earthly plane and galactically/other existences simultaneously too) and it’s this “lack of direct support” that causes us to all step-it up, push ourselves beyond human limits and stop believing we are less, don’t have enough, are not supported in absolutely every way, just because it’s not physically visible here. We came to bring this immense POWER from inside (Pure Source/Creator/Love) and we focused every particle of our own, we utilized everything at our disposal to achieve and we made it happen, in a way “all by ourselves” as a Universal/Galactic here. Now, we are never all by ourselves, that’s human separation, yet in the physical it often feels like it, which is why we must connect up to all of our other aspects/versions in every dimension and merge these aspects within (embodiment), for with each one of these mergings/integrations/embodiments, more support comes forth in the most amazing ways as we drop the dense programming from our physical body structures/mentalities and vibrate into the reality where all that we desire already exists.

Now, we are never alone, without, don’t have enough, are not enough, yet there is this fire inside of each one of us that has to be ignited/lit. It’s the fire our our Soul that drive us (light) and burns through (obliterates) those old programs of unconsciousness that each one of us came here to transcend.

Each one of us have to go through these challenges, because they are illusions too. They are meant to create such a driving force inside that we won’t sit complacently and wait for someone else do to anything for us. We anchor higher/highest dimensional timelines by making them happen from the deep sacred connected space inside in unison with our highest consciousness here. Not having support drives us to overcome the separation that others still have. Everything is the opposite for awhile…. for others don’t appreciate what we do, until “Ascension” (just using this word for now) touches/affects their own physical body/reality world for them to “get it” and make our Evolution of HUmanity a priority here.

I say these things, not for me, because I have not relied on humans to support me for years. I learned long ago that human’s don’t step up unless they want something in return or are forced. Souls do. Light BEings do. Those who actually truly care, hold honor within and integrity too, these Love BEings do. Those who get it and are here to be an integral part of our Galactic Soul Evolution do….Yet there is always a “flip-side” to this too. Higher Selves won’t step in to save/bail or feed lack energy of being dis-empowered within ourselves. There is something “that being” isn’t getting yet, embracing yet, doing yet and we have to honor the experience of them building their own inner power from within. Most of these beings are not ready to truly hear what it takes to do/accomplish what is necessary here. I say these things because humans actually have to hear the words, to realize what WE all go through to accomplish what we came here to physically do, in-service for us all. I say this for those who don’t get it yet, who wonder how they can help/contribute/support, or why they don’t have enough, who wonder why they suffer/lose physical world things, don’t have support, are not appreciated, respected and more, or why they have this “nudge” inside to step-forth and do more.

More than enough, support, resources, opportUNITY, easy, appreciation, respect….all of these things come (in return) to us all as we assume those roles ourself. As we accomplish these things within us, as we become the supporters (God Energy), the inspirers (Creator Energy), as we become the what we want to experience from others…. as we become the DO’ers instead of sitting around and waiting for everyone else, instead of waiting until we have to or it’s comfortable for us…. and we get over our own self-serving behavior…. as the only way for all to receive is to become UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, LIVE UNITY and as a UNIFIED BEING as love and from a place of such vast power inside that the outside reality no longer matters…..

When the outside dictates, you are human. Plain and simple. No other way to say it here. When your inner love, inner guidance, inner power, inner knowledge, inner drive has more power than the outside does then you shift the physical dimension you exist in. WE work. Literally & physically, with everything that WE ARE. Many “think” we are playing. No, while our realities are beyond magnificent, blissful and magical, we work… this is the JOB that we agreed to do. Otherwise we’d be kicked up on a beach with our feet up, getting sun and playing 24/7 without a care or concern for others. That’s not how any of this works for all of us (yet), because enough have not unified within themselves to step forth in ways that truly matter. Yet not even this is true, because we are constantly vibrating into new timelines where others have/are…. I say this to those who are on the fence/cusp. Get up, step up and support us all in ways that truly matter, not just what’s comfortable for you. That’s human lack. Until you overcome this, full support won’t be there for you. This is how it works for us all.

There are two ways to do this. Wait until you have to (human/loss) or do it because you know inside, because your inner/highest guidance shows you and you get over your own human’ness (separation) yourself.

We are in vibrations of everyone coming together now, and where you hold back, you “hurt” yourself. Where you don’t support, step up and BE THE ONE, this comes back to you, because WE have left those realities. WE no longer struggle or live in lack. WE no longer do without. WE’ve had Galactic/Universal/Highest support for years. WE overcame everyone else’s human’ness and lack of support. We did it “in spite” of all who were not ready yet.

These vibrations are going to push all human aspects to get up and stop playing the old games. These highest vibrations are taking us all to a new playing field, vaster than ever imagined (yet it was seen).

The physical body/reality upgrades are going to continue to increase and the information that will assist collectives is just one of the ways we assist. If you “think” it’s going to get easier… well, that depends… on the physical vibrational timeline/dimension/universe/galaxy that you currently function from/exist in.

The more human, the harder/more challenging/more “forceful” all shall be. The more Light BEing, the easier, because we have Mastered the Physical Reality fully, energetically and we’ve collapsed our old realities, completely re-building them from “ground zero”, from absolutely nothing other than our inner soul connection and higher/highest self guidance and sheer determination, commitment and dedication to why we all are even in a physical incarnation/body here.

This threshold/precipice we are in, this makes the difference for everyone here. Your physical reality now aligns faster in response to the energy/vibrations/programs AND AMOUNT OF QUANTUM/SUPER QUANTUM PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold…. INSIDE OF YOU….

Everyone is being prepared… for a WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE HERE. Realities are no where near what you/we thought them to be (as a human).

We are all becoming “more etheric”, some more than others, because of the deep inner vibrational embodiment work that we have done (that continues even more). Our physical bodies are enduring much, our physical realities physically reflect back to us our achievements as our Highest Consciousness here.

Humans are constantly asking for something, want more, take. We left these long ago. We went on to fulfill our own purposes/missions/roles here, we provide/d what assisted everyone ready to embrace (we continue to do this), with mostly only “thanks you’s and appreciation”, because this is how human’s function here. WE had to go BEYOND HUMAN to override the lack in others, once we could see it and no longer choose to entertain this in our own physical reality world. We stopped allowing those who didn’t respect, truly appreciate, give back/support…. because everyone in our field transmits a frequency and we are astutely aware of this. We choose to vibrate higher and out of those realities and into ones where others like us exist, those truly on-board, ready, committed, supporting and contributing in ways that actually benefit us/matter to us, assist us in fulfilling our own vast missions here. Some are bridgers, bring forth opportunity to reach/guide/awaken/re-educate entire collectives. Humans “think” we do this for ourselves, which is separation consciousness within itself. We do this, all of this, for all of us, as ONE…..

Each are now receiving another CLARION CALL to step-up HUGE, come together, support, unite and utilize what you have in the physical to make a difference here, to support ALL OF US who do this, because it’s what we incarnated here to do. The cool part is we don’t need you, we are fully supported in every way. We don’t live ‘without’ anymore, because we don’t rely on you…. we just wait… until each get it and chooses to step into a higher vibration and DO. We get it… we’ve already done it. Now, it’s all on you. ♥

DO you truly CARE…. with everything that you are? Do you have a vested interest in what happens to our physical world? Your energy/actions speak for you. WE read/see this and we open the portals/gateways for those ready to join us on the other side. Your energy/actions/heart/physical body vibration… this is what brings you through to your whole new beyond exquisite existence here. ♥

With the deepest soul love there is. We’ve got lots of “work” to do loves. There is so very much available to all who are doing the work. Inside and out. It takes both. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Key-Code Holder & Guardian of our NEW Earth.

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