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Preparing for the Particle Convergence

The Particle Convergence is a really big occurrence for Earth and all humanity, which essentially reflects a stronger merging of dimensions and timelines into one while heralding in a swift matrix shift for our planet. The significance

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The Hathors: Preparing for Contact

Will you consider for a moment that there are billions upon billions of galaxies in your universe? Now, consider the fact that most of your galaxy is unchartered territory for you, as humans. Now, take into consideration the diversity that … Continue reading

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Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian Council of Light: Q&A Session

I first heard from this Council of Light in the early 1990’s, and have been working with them to varying degrees since then. I have written about this Galactic Group in most, if not all, of my books. However, that … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford Report: The long awaited arrests of cabailsts are supposed to start this week

Multiple sources confirm that about 70 arrest warrants will be served on power brokers and politicians in Washinton DC, Virginia and New York this week shortly after Jeff Sessions is confirmed as US Attorney General. Among those to be arrested … Continue reading

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29 Best Detoxifying Vegetables

Detox (detoxification) is a naturally occurring and ongoing process that happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And with exposures from many types of toxins and stress in the modern world, the body has a lot of work … Continue reading

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