Goddess of Creation: Get Out of Your Ruts

14833793303891Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who are here; all who choose to join me in these times of alignment with one another. When you come together in a group like this the intention is to communicate with me, listen to my message, be in the flow of the God/Goddess love energy from the universal light.

What you are also doing is aligning within your own self so that you may activate or reaffirm who you are as an individual upon the earth, but also that direct link into your divinity. You are more than just the person in this lifetime. You are someone who has many, many lifetimes, some of these when they speak about parallel lives or concurrent lives or you know, they have different words for it.

Some of these experiences may be going on at this same time in which you are living and as you think about a spiral that moves through time in different places upon that spiral can be an aspect of your soul that is incarnated and having a life experience.

The amazing thing that takes place is that every time you make a conscious shift, integrating more of your awareness of light, love, abilities, energy, whatever it may be that then flows back into you as your divinity and it goes out to all the other aspects of you that may be incarnated here upon the earth or even out in the universe.

There may be aspects of yourself that are out in the universe that have already moved through this and they are coming in saying, “Yes, you can do it. Yes, it’s here. Yes, this is how we can help you”, and in doing so it flows within you in support of you. Indeed the opportunities are limitless. This is why it is so important for you to take an opportunity to really know who you are, to really know what your intention is not only for yourself but for your divine essence.

So too, what is your intention in a global perspective? I have spoken many times in the past about how no one person is going to save the world, about how it is so important to disconnect from the energies of the collective consciousness and all of that continues to be true.

The consciousness of the earth has gone over that peak, so that there are more people in a conscious state than there are in an unconscious state. A part of that is that there are indeed people that are unconscious of light workers or energy workers or some of those ways in which you can identify who you are and what you do, but they are still open to the high light vibration. Therefore, I consider them to be conscious of the light. This is one of the many important ways in which the definitions of consciousness are changing at this time.

Whenever you make a choice for yourself that is supporting you as the divine essence, that you are, it is also moving or flowing through the energies of the collective consciousness of your earth. So, absolutely disconnect from any third dimensional energies that would pull you down or overwhelm you.

But, here’s the fabulous part of what’s going on now, there is more and more of the crystalline vibration and the light body vibration, that is now a part of the collective consciousness and this is the energy of the global vibration with which I would invite you to align. You may do so as a means of feeling the support coming into you. It may come in in an unconscious manner but you can also send your love, your light, your energy into that space and in doing so, you support humanity.

Sometimes, you are supporting people in an unconscious manner and sometimes others are just looking for relief or looking for peace or looking for potentials and there it is, in the flow and in the light.

It really is quite exciting this time in which you are living upon the earth.

When we speak of the vibrations of say Lemuria and Atlantis because those are the levels of consciousness of which you are very aware, there are some of the higher light vibrations of those time periods that are also within that flow of that spiral of time space reality and that too is coming back to anchor and support this energy and vibration as it becomes fully integrated upon the earth. This is why the energy has shifted. Yeah! Celebrate!

I invite you to take a deep breath in, sending that breath of energy or light through you and down into the earth. As you allow your focus to move with that breath of energy and move through you, take a moment and discern how the earth feels to you. Can you tell a difference within this space? Perhaps you wish to reach for that energy or vibration that’s associated with Lemuria or Atlantis.

There are many dimensions and levels of consciousness within your earth and they are there in support of you. So you find yourself linking and that energy comes back up through you and then you send it up through the top of your head. As you do so, it moves out until it aligns within your higher self.

As you connect to your higher self, this is that space that, the step down from your divinity and the step up from your human reality.

Look around and if you see old energy, that may be stuck within this space ~whew~ clear it out, let it go.

How many times were you thinking, “I’m going to do that when I’ve accomplished this” or “I’m going to manifest this once I’ve completed that course” or you just have that long list of things that you never quite completed, let’s clear it all out. ~ Whew~ Letting it go.

You then feel the energies, create this as a space for you, feeling as everything moves through you. There is that thread of light that comes from within you the human; it moves up through you, it goes out through the top of your head and you follow it from your higher self as it goes all the way into your I AM Presence. This is you as your divinity; it is you as the source for all of who you are in the many, many aspects.

Do you remember, those of you who have been with me upon these journeys for the many, many years, because I know there are a number of you, but do you remember when to connect with your divinity it was as if you so an essence in a distance and you had to walk towards it or you had to find a way to bring that energy to you as you were going to it.

Whereas now it’s just conscious thought and you are there. This is an example of how the energy has changed in such a way to make it easier for you. Let me rephrase that. This is an example of one of the benefits of having this higher light vibration. You can move through it more easily and while yes we do want you to access your divinity more easily that wasn’t why this was happening, this was all happening because now is the time upon the earth to anchor these high vibrations.

Look around; feel, see, sense, what this space looks like for you. I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all who are here. As I reach out to you. I embrace you. I merge with you in all of your divinity within all of your consciousness and as we do so we move into the All That Is.

Look around at what this space is for you.

The All That Is, is a dimension, is a vibration, it’s a state of consciousness and so much more. There are many different people, energies, conscious thoughts that will flow through this space in many different ways.

We, who have created this group, have a very large portion within here because we have been creating this and recreating this and expanding it as all of you and as all of humanity continue to transition. I therefore want you to be aware of how your own creation within this space may be for you. So too, be aware of how you may communicate with others from within this space so you may go into other planets or solar systems or galaxies. You come to the All That Is, create your intention and then go where you wish to go.

During this time upon the earth in which you were really truly creating from the heart, I was thinking; let’s take an opportunity to have a redo for a portion of your life. So many of you from a deep karmic level have experiences that play out again and again and again, not only in this one lifetime but lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime. So what you are doing is from your soul consciousness or your I AM Presence, you’re saying, “Okay, we learned this in that lifetime, let’s try it this way. Okay, now we’ve tried it this way and we’ve tried it this way let’s try this one”. So in other words, your whole entire lifetime can be a redo of a particular experience. It may be learning compassion, learning boundaries, moving past abuse, I mean it is limitless what it might be.

So we’ll take it for the moment and I ask you to just close your eyes for a moment, breathe down into your heart center and allow your thoughts and emotions to just flow back through the timeline of this life in which you are living and if there is something that you would like to do over let it come up to you right now.

I chuckle at the people that bring out their list of multiple things they want to do over. For this moment let us take that which is most significant to you in this now moment.

I see that there are many of you who even though your life has had its turbulence and the ebb and the flow they say they would not redo anything. Fantastic!

I would invite you to shift into whatever it is you would like to do during this time and then I shall remain here as we take this opportunity to transition old energy.

So you have allowed yourself, it’s almost as if you in your mind’s eyes are going back over the years and you find yourself in a particular situation.

As you consider what that might be, are there people involved? If so, you can invite them to come into this moment from there higher self or their soul essence. Was there a particular situation? If so we invite that energy or the experiences of that situation to come into this now moment.

And if you feel that there’s something I have not yet touched on let all of that, whatever it is that you need to kind of gather around you in this now moment.

There was something that happened to you that you have either regret it or it caused a risk or something happen to you. So as you are bringing up the energy or the people involved in that experience, let us begin by first of all acknowledging what that impact was on you.

Okay, Okay, I see people are having many different situations and sometimes it’s only when you get past the situation that you can see it with greater clarity. so if there is a greater clarity or you are looking back at it with the perspective of this now moment, then acknowledge what it was that you felt or experienced at that time. As you acknowledge it, take an opportunity to bring in all the energies that are associated with that, bring all the seeds or the roots or the cords, whatever it is that had an impact upon you, just bring all of that up as if you are, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~  let it go.

Now, for a lot of you that kind of cleared out the whole space and there are some little residuals there. For others of you I see that you still have a lot of heavy energy around it. So as you are in the space of that which you would like to do over, you first of all cleared off that initial energy or the cords that have been created as a result of that, that situation.

As you look at it now, is there perhaps an individual that you would say something different to? And if so, now is the time to speak to that person. Speaking from your heart about whatever it is that you were unable to say the first time around. ~whew~

As each one of you were doing this for some it was releasing old hatreds and old stuck energy so I just clear it out as you were talking about it. Again, come back into that situation. Look around what comes to your mind at this point.

As we continue to shift this energy lets once more bring up any unresolved issues, anything that was not said by that person or yourself letting it go both ways or even if it was a situation, a car accident, losing a job, moving out of a house, whatever it may be put yourself back into that situation as it was happening, so that we can once more just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and clear it out. There… Now it looks like the majority of the energy has shifted.

With the clear vision of being past the situation lets now move in this timeline until right before that situation occurred. For some it may be hours before, for others it may be days before, whatever it needs to be for you, let yourself be in that space with the knowledge of what has transpired in your lifetime and if there is something that you would have done differently, something you would’ve said differently; whatsoever that is for you take this as an opportunity to step into a new pathway or to step into a new alternative.

I can feel all of these changes in energies.

As you’re stepping into this new potential, come back into this now moment and as it’s all laid out in front of you have a new perspective. Are there certain experiences you would never have had because you went down a different pathway?

As you’re looking in another direction, what else might have happen to you had you taken this alternative pathway that you maybe had no idea or thought of that potential? And you are looking at those potentials and opportunities.

As you stand here in the All That Is, take an opportunity to on the one hand, the life that you’ve lived and everything that’s associated with it from this cleared out moment. On the other hand over here you have other experiences you would have had, different alternatives, a different life and allow yourself to just feel the balance of what that is. Feel the balance of that energy as it shits up and down. And when you feel ready to do so, allow all of it to come into the heart center and just let it wash over you.

As the energy moves through you, you are integrating potentials or an alternative of which you were unaware prior to this now moment. You’ve also cleared out the old energy releasing and getting rid of that old baggage that you were carrying around. So by having cleared out and tapped into new opportunities then blending it within your heart center, you are shifting the vibration of your entire consciousness so that you may actually begin to vibrate the energies even if you didn’t live that other life you can vibrate that energy as a means of opening up to new potentials and opportunities.

Okay. As I speak of this I see some of you just saying. “Not really”, “No it doesn’t really work that way for me”, “It’s all well and good”.  I therefore invite you to just open to the potential that you can change the past by changing not only your perspective but by clearing old energy and attachments.

Let’s take this another step further.

If there has been something that was a recurrent issue or experience for you in this lifetime, take note of what that is.

As you are here in the All That Is, you can ask to know either through the Akashi Records or through your divinity to see if this is something that has come up lifetime after lifetime after lifetime for you.

You may be conscious of it or you may be unconscious of it, but I invite you to your intention that you breathe down and you allow yourself to go to whatever lifetime created this pattern. As You Allow Yourself to be in that moment, in that lifetime, step to right before it happened and put a stop.

Now, I can hear some of you saying that, “No, this is all a part of what’s made me who I am”, “This is all a part of what my soul has wanted to have for its development”, “There is a reason why everything happened for the way it did” and all of those are very solid perceptions. My response to that is; is there something in that energy that continues to serve you, because otherwise it is holding you down. It is keeping you from moving forward in your life and if it causes you to feel bad it is no longer serving you.

We’ve spoken many, many times about the transition of energy and the increased flow of light and potential. This way of going back to the first lifetime in which it happened and clearing out the energy you then clear to the spiral of your life, and clear many, many lifetimes all at once. And where you then say, “But I’ve had this lifetime already, I’ve been living it all these years”. Indeed, you have. And I again say to you, would you like to feel good in your life? Would you like to be in a vibrational alignment that manifests greater ease, greater abundance, greater flow, greater potentials, greater friendships, whatever it may be?

Then I invite you to go back to that first lifetime that created a karmic stamp that has affected you again and again and again and as we flow into that moment, again we amplify the angels, the light beings, all of us here are with you in that moment.

And we invite you to stop the energy. Just pull it up from wherever it may be just bring it up, clear it out.

As it clears out you then let that ball of energy move forward from a lifetime that you have changed, from that lifetime that you have cleared the energy, let that ball of clarity flow through all your other lifetimes between then and now. Let it move through that spiral of life that is you. Let it clear through your divinity so you see how it is clearing so many different levels. And by clearing it from when it began now come back into this lifetime and take stock of how you feel. When you consider whatever that incident may have been, how is that for you? Do you have that same tug and pull? Can you now integrate the higher light vibration for who you are?

Look around at the All That Is, especially when you’ve cleared out multiple lifetimes. Take a moment and go back, call up that situation that you wanted to redo and as you do so, what is your perception in this now moment? I see many of you think, “What was the problem?”  “What did I have to do?”  “Was it there an energy attachment to that?”  So, in other words, you can clear things out that deeply, that completely and that fully.

Breathe in, breathing in your divinity, breathing in the All That Is, breathing in transformation.

As you look towards your future you may look at it in different ways like the years roll away from you or the days or the weeks or the months. But as you look towards the future, what is it that you would like to manifest?

Now, as you consider what that is, what is there? Perhaps in your consciousness or perhaps that you notice around you that need to take place that will help you in that situation?

We see those potentials flowing through. For so Many of you there have been certain things that you just, “This is what I want, this is what I want, this is what I want, and it’s as if it’s entrained within you, but is it really what you want? Meaning, as you really fully integrate your higher potential and your higher light vibration, is it just a habit that you still want that or is it something you want from your heart? Because if indeed this is still your desire and from your heart center and it is in your best interest, then make it at a new perspective.

Let go of that old perspective, let go of that old disappointment and instead, as if you’re saying it for the first time, “Oh man, this is what I would really love to have in my life” and create that new vibration and send it out from you in wave upon wave and then be open to receive as it comes back to you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. It’s almost as if your whole entire world looks different to you.

There is so much that’s happening. So, I’m gently sending energy of balance, moving through all who is here, all that you are creating and all that you have released.

I invite you to come back together as a group. There are many of you that are quite expanded in this now moment so breathe deeply and bring your focus and your consciousness back together for this moment. You can always come and return to this space any time that you desire.

As each of you find your space within the gathering be really clear about accepting what you have released and then intending what you seek to have. As that hologram of the earth comes up within you look at it. How does it look to you?

There are transitions that have taken place even within the hologram as a result of the shift in energy. As you infuse into the hologram all that you did for yourself this evening everything goes in and there are angels and light beings that did this on a more generic conscious level that is also going into this hologram. The hologram itself begins to sparkle and fill with light.

As it does so you then have a sense of letting it go. It moves down through all the levels of consciousness, there is a part of it that flows out into the universe and the rest of it moves down until it moves through the layers within and around the earth. It moves through the collective consciousness. It moves down into the center of the earth and as it moves into the center of the earth, it connects and hooks in and anchors within the magnetics, within the crystals, within the gases, within all that is the center of the earth.

It then begins to move outward, it comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, the animals, your own energy comes up within you and you can send it out into the world around you.

As you are anchoring your own energies so too this is clearing out the old attachments that you’ve had that you’ve now let go. It is clearing out the old energy that was a part of the collective consciousness and this is a big part of what assist the collective consciousness of shifting into a higher vibration but also giving humanity more potentials with which to align.

And as you are here, back within your human self, take a moment to once more reach up to the All That Is for that aspect of yourself that you left in the All That Is and gather all that energy. It moves back into your divinity, your I AM Presence. It then flows back down through the higher self and then flows back down into you. It comes in through the energy bodies within you, but it also surrounds you so that you bring in more and more of that experience in the All That Is into your physical reality.

You anchor it, feeling it as it moves through you and you again send it down into the earth so that there is now a direct flow that anchors you into the earth and it aligns you with your divinity and that all moves up and down through you, clearing out old energy, clearing out old patterns, and it also allows you to integrate those new intentions that you seek to manifest in your life.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Beloved family, as you continue to live in that newer, lighter vibrations of 2017 allow this opportunity to clear the past in such a deep, deep way to be the foundation for how you are setting up your intention going forward.

Clear out the old energy, have a redo of those experiences that were traumatic and let it go. Change the vibration, integrate a new potential that you can flow within and around you at any given moment.

You now have the opportunity to create immense change in your life. That deeper alignment to your divinity is the foundation for everything.

So be love, allow love, and let love be you in this life.

Know that I am always with you and within you.

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