Hilarion: Great Change

hilarionBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There is upon this planet great sweeping changes that are occurring. And these changes many are finding challenging, unacceptable and ones that suppress the rights of the people. And we say that any sudden changes will always have the element of shock behind them but what we ask you, the Lightworkers to remember, is that you have all been envisioning and asking for assistance in creating positive changes. In order for the positive changes to happen, many things that have been prohibiting freedom of the individual upon the planet need to be disassembled.

It is something that is now occurring through the actions of one individual and his team. This individual is earnest in his desire to create positive change upon the planet. He is fully aware of what it is that has to be done in order for this to occur. It is not easy to be in this person’s shoes. It is not easy to make changes initially that others perceive as threatening. We ask you to think about how these changes could be made otherwise. Who would make those changes if not a person who is incarnate upon the planet?

There are universal laws that exist, the first one being that upon any planet that is in the throes of ascension, there can be no interference happening from other planets, other worlds. It all must be done through an incarnated individual soul upon the planet, for it is a free will planet. Free will means that each individual upon the planet has the great power to make their own choice. This entails responsibility and the willingness to be responsible for those choices.

So know that the changes that are now taking place will eventually settle into balance into a better way, one that is more truthful and more conducive to the people of this country and the people of every country upon the planet -for this is just the beginning. There will be sweeping changes that occur within the systems – the governmental systems, the educational systems, the banking systems – within every system of the old paradigm. There is much that needs to change and this is in the process of now occurring.

We say to you, Dear Ones, have faith! Have faith that what you have been envisioning is in the process of happening. It is in its beginning stages. It is the change that has been envisioned and expected for many decades. It has to begin somewhere. One can not expect for something new to happen by doing the same old things; one has to dismantle the old in order for the new to start blossoming forth. Have this faith, have this knowing, hold to your Light. Continue on your path. Hold love within your heart. Do not fall into the polarities, the extreme polarities that are occurring at this time.

We understand that this is very difficult when it is ‘in your face’ so to speak, but this is when it is most important to remember that which you have striven for your entire lives. Know that the chages are occurring through an individual who has trained through his lifetime to be in this position, for it takes someone of great strength to draw the line in the sand, stop that which is not working, dismantle it and raise the new way. Behold, Dear Ones, this IS occurring. Have some compassion for this individual.

Again, we counsel that this is the very time that each of you give yourselves the nurturing, compassion and caring that you deserve. Do things that make you feel good, that make you feel joyful, for it is the frequency of joy that will uplift this planet and we say as we look forward, that there will be eventually, much to be and feel joyous about. Have the equilibrium within you to continue your path. It is really quite simple, Dear Ones, when you feel peace within, it reflects outwardly in the world.

There are many lessons for every soul upon the planet that are now being surfaced for everyone to look at, ponder, contemplate and resolve within their souls. There is no room for complacency any longer – for the entire planet is in the process and the throes of exceptional change and you are part of it. Accept your role; do not keep sinking into the polarity energies that are occurring. You are the ones who created this change – it is now happening.

Assist, assist those energies and the best way to do this as we have said is to create peaceful change within yourselves, to hold to the vision of the new world that you wish to see manifest upon your planet. It is occurring now! This is also a time that souls are being challenged to look within and discern what is coming from a place of ego within themselves and to deal with this, to balance and integrate this aspect of their being, to realize that there are things that are out of ones control and it is the ego self that rebels.

For the ego self knows that its function as of old, has changed and so there is this feeling that if one lets go of this aspect of one’s self that everything will fall apart. It needs to, at this time – that is what is happening – in order that the world can move forward to its next evolutionary phase. And so we say to you, Dear Ones, have faith, hold your vision, do not falter on your path. Do not lose faith within your own self, for this is your true foundation. Dig deeply before reacting to the energies of these times.

Stand firm, look with wonder behind seeming appearances, at the opportunities that are being presented, that are opening up for you, for everyone upon the planet. Move forward with the waves that are carrying humanity into the new golden age. Know that we from the higher realms stay detached from the goings on upon the planet but that we love you deeply, that we are always with you, you have only to call upon us, any one of us from the ascended realms of Light and we will be with you.

Until next month, I AM Hilarion.

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