Arcturian Council: Experience, Perception & Creation

arc-councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have within you the greatest resource that you could ever possibly imagine. That resource is your own personal experience of life. You are deriving nuggets of wisdom from every experience that you have. You are experiencing machines, and you will never stop.

When you process an experience that is uniquely yours, it is moved through your very specific perception, and all of your experiences are affecting that perception. So you have a wide array of experiences to choose from when you are defining your reality. You can select which of your experiences you want to amplify and to have more of, and you can toss the others aside.

Once you have an experience, you don’t ever need to have it again. History is not doomed to repeat itself in your life. You are the decider. You are the one who chooses which experiences you want to activate within you, and therefore you choose your perception of reality. You choose how you filter every experience.

When you are in the midst of an experience, you can easily forget that you have this power within you. You may feel like you have no choice but to interpret it through your usual perceptual lens, but you always have a choice. And you empower yourselves by making choices. You certainly empower yourselves by activating the experiences that you would like to have again.

Of course, the next time you have that experience it will be different because you will be different. So you get to build upon your experiences and create something, create something brand new. You are not just the experiencer. You are also the creator, and when you want to create something we suggest that you get very particular about which experiences you draw from.

We invite you to build upon the experiences that are life affirming and that pull more Source Energy through you. Once you discover that you have the ability to choose what you experience and how you experience it, you have everything that you need to create a brand new reality for yourself.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

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