Goddess of Creation: Align With Your Expanded DNA

147483740665260Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I great you beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to each one of you knowing that you have chosen to come and spend this time with me.

I feel great joy over all the transformation that is taking place upon the earth. I feel great anticipation for what is happening upon the earth. The earth is a beautiful place. The earth is an intrinsic, live energy in and of itself. You the humans that are upon the earth are blending and having an experience in which you are communicating with the earth and co creating with the earth so as to experience this reality.

In so many ways one can look at the last several years and recognize that there have been vast amounts of transformation that took place even though there continues to be a lot of discord upon the earth and there continues to be those things that people would like to see released; racism, fear, bigotry all those various things that have had such an impact upon you as humanity.  I wish to say that more has taken place than what you may realize.

Yes, the transformation takes place in an energetic place before it gets integrated into humanity.  Therefore when you are here in the fifth and sixth dimension, you’ve moved beyond the transformations that are still processing through people that are caught up in those old energies.

It is important for you remember that you are human.  Therefore, if you spend fifty, to sixty, to seventy percent of the time in a vibration that resonates with you and then maybe you get pulled down for another ten to twenty percent and find yourself back in those old energies, or getting caught up in the fear that others are expressing or getting caught up in the anger and the angst that others are experiencing; that’s being human.

So the key becomes when you are in that vibration is pulling you down, how long are you going to stay there? I keep hearing from people that when I say that you’ll stay as long as your focus is there and all you need to do is change your focus to come up into that space in which you feel good.  And yet people say ‘no it doesn’t work that way for me’.  This is why it is essential for you to recognize how every moment of your day is something that you are creating.

When you find yourself in that yukky feeling, go back in, breathe into your heart center; really allow yourself to connect with that energy. If you so choose, you can even ask yourself, ‘why is this coming up at this now moment’ ‘how is this supporting me’ or perhaps even ‘what is my lesson to learn from this’.

You may or may not receive the insight consciously, but you will get a message.  Then just pull it up from wherever it may be inside of you, pull up that old energy that is associated with what makes you feel bad and clear it out.  ~whew~ clear it out. Clear it out one time; clear it out ten times if you need to.

You are the creator in your life.  You can create by starting with micro mini choices that you may make. Even if it’s that one choice that only for this now moment ‘I want to feel better’ it makes a difference.

The vibration of the earth has shifted. The vibration of the collective consciousness has shifted.  The vibration intrinsic within each one of you has shifted. Therefore, knowing that you have the support in these various ways you can then step into that transformation. You can step into that place that is supported by this vibration.

One of the things that I truly enjoy when we have these channeled experiences is that all of you who are present whether it’s at that time that it’s recorded or at another time; I’m hearing your comments to me and I’m drawing from your energy so as to tap into that which is in the best interest of all whenever I speak with you.  The message I just heard from not just one or two but a number of people is ‘It’s not that easy to make a change’ ‘I can’t just change my thoughts, it’s way more than that’.  May I say to you; that is a belief system.

Your belief system is that ‘I make these changes and I’m really changing my thought process, the world is just showing me that that’s just a pipe dream, it’s not real’.  Okay that’s a belief system you have that is manifesting because that’s what the world is showing you.  Someone can say ‘I’m choosing to look at this situation in a new way, yep the world is showing me that this is a potential’. But that getting out of your rut, that creating a new vibration is when you take that moment and you say ‘I acknowledge that moment but I’m choosing a new reality’

You can do it just like that and the more often that you practice and play with it, the easier it will become.  Because, more and more and more you will have sometimes just snippets of awareness and sometimes it will be just very evident to you of whatever it is that is taking place, so that you can moment by moment create those changes that you would like.

Do you choose the hard and complicated way?  Or do you choose the way in which you are in the flow?  Indeed, once again hearing those messages, most people will choose both; times in which it is complicated and times in which you are in the flow.  So just allow that to shift so that there is more and more and more of you being in the flow with the movement.

I invite you to breathe it in one more time all the way through your body and down into the earth.  As you breathe into the earth, feel like anchor spreading out into different directions.  As this energy is anchoring you with Gaia, breathe out again sending the focus and your vibration up through your energy bodies.  Let it go up, streaming up to the top of your head until you find yourself linking with your higher self.

For some it’s as if it’s a place and you feel yourself connecting into it.  For others it’s a place of expansion.  Your higher self is that place between you as the human and you as your divinity.  It’s that blending and merging of your higher vibrations with your everyday reality.  So too it is a place in which you can connect or blend with your angelic supporters. As you are here within this space, as you look around, feel what it is for you.

I invite you to then allow your consciousness to stream out even further.  You are moving up, you leave the magnetic pull of the earth, you leave behind that vibration of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.  You allow yourself to blend so that you merge with your divinity.

As you feel these energies align with your I AM presence be open.  You feel your consciousness expand.  Feel that energy of coming home, because this is you throughout all the aspects of who you are; you in your entirety!

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I take this time to blend my energies with you.  As we blend our energies, you find yourself shifting and moving into the All That Is.  Here within the All That Is look around.  Have a sense of what this place is to you.  Whenever we come together and share this time there is such a welling up of love. There is that love and compassion that you feel for yourself, your family and those around you.  Here within the All That Is, it’s an opportunity to allow yourself to experience the big immense you!

When you in your everyday life feel that smallness or that inability to create change, or those old pathways; just come here with your intention.  That’s all.  As you experience this place you are in that constant flow of the universal light and the universal love you may tap into the crystalline vibrations that are a part of this new frequency and energy of The Earth.

There are places within you that also have the ability to be constantly in this flow of light and energy.  So take a moment, take a moment to feel who you are take a moment to feel this awareness so that it can just clear out those pieces of those parts of you that feel as if they are not working, or feels as if it’s constantly pulling you down.

Let us take a moment to speak about the ways in which you vibrate at a higher frequency. You already know that when you are caught up in thoughts, beliefs, experiences that has to do with say fear, pain, sorrow, aggression you can just feel yourself lowering your vibration.  We have spoken for a number of years about how the flow of your divinity is the flow of unconditional love.

Okay, I’m going to give you a moment to experience some of these changes.  Here in the All That Is, have a sense of seeing yourself as if you are in suspended animation.  You are just lying there, floating on the energies.  I see some of you just thinking that again your belief is that ‘I don’t know how to levitate, I can’t do that’.  In the All That Is everyone can do everything.  There you go, I saw some of you kind of floating up.

Here within the All That Is just allow yourself to feel the support of either Goddess or God, the support of your own and I AM presence and the multitude of Angels and light beings that are also present in this space.  Open your heart and feel the love.  As people do so, I see more and more of you floating even higher.

Consider something within your life that is not working for you.  Consider whatever that may be that seems to always pull you down and all you have to do is think about it for a minute and feel your energy; what is happening?  I see some just sinking, I see others sinking down and coming back up, I see others going up and down and up and down.  I wished for you to experience this space of pure energy how you can literally adjust your vibration by your thoughts and your experiences.

So now no matter what your reality may be upon the earth, take this as an opportunity and think only of love, of the Angels, of your divinity and of us.  As you begin to feel yourself rising up again, have the intention that it will clear out those lower vibrations, clear out that old energy, with the intention that it is permanent.  Feel, sense what this is for you.  And even if it is just having that intention, that you are in the flow, it does make a difference.

I spoke a short time ago about how the earth’s energy and frequency is changing.  One of the very unique aspects of being human is that you have what is known as DNA.  When energies are out within the universe they don’t always have DNA as you know it.  They have energies, some have blood flow through their body, others do not.

The DNA is the physical aspect that makes you, you.  It makes you human.  But it is also that link to your divinity, to the crystalline energies and to all that is here.

I therefore invite you to have the intention of just breathing down inside of yourself, going to that space in which your DNA was first created for you in this physical reality so that you may tap into it and then see it as it spirals here in front of you.  Isn’t it fun the magic that we can do, or seemingly magic that we can do with creation.  Because, as you know the DNA is just microscopic, but when you are within this space and we have the intention of tapping into it and then asking it to show itself,; it’s as if you take that tiny particle and magnify it so as to work with it in a new way.

The DNA for all of humanity is already changing.  In some places, your scientists are recognizing this.  There will be even more that comes out in the years to come.  In order for the transition of vibration and energy to take place upon the earth it needed to be anchored.  It is through your DNA that you as humans anchor the energy upon the earth.

What we, meaning all of the universal light beings, intend for the earth species or the human species is that you begin to realize that the commonality is that you are all humanity.  Therefore, you are each expressing yourself as who you are in your own beautiful and unique way.  The expression of one can put forth into your collective consciousness a potential and if it’s a part of the energy that is very supportive, there is more that goes into that and more that goes into that.

If your focus on your energy is more like we spoke of earlier, on those lower vibrations that no longer serve you, that too is a part of the collective consciousness and this is one reason why you get caught up in things that are not personally your own, you will be picking it up from the collective consciousness.  Therefore, have the intention of constantly releasing, clearing out the lower vibrations.

So as we look and work with your own DNA, I invite you to tap into it and just have a sense of creating a new alignment.  Your DNA is like a ladder, that ladder connects you to your divinity, it has many, many strands, you may call them codons, you may call them impulses, the DNA and RNA are different aspects of the same that work to balance one another.

Therefore, there is something within your DNA that is supporting you and that is a part of those imprints that may have come from other lifetimes.  If you have a chronic illness it’s within your DNA.  If you have an acute illness there’s a link in your DNA.  There are many, many potentials that are embedded within your DNA and you may go the vast majority of your life and those potentials are never tapped into.  It can be a potential for cancer, it can be a potential for disease such as diabetes, or stroke, or something else.  So too, you may have that potential in your DNA to be an athlete and run marathons, to be a brilliant scientist, to be in someone that is in the world level of alignment and they are dormant within your DNA.

Part of this next level of consciousness coming into the earth is about tapping into the DNA as a means of supporting you so the nonphysical strands that link to the higher dimensions and that link to you here in the All That Is, in the crystalline level of vibration,.  Therefore take this time to get to know what your DNA is here for you.

Let us take this moment to consider something that has been chronic within your life, a constant disappointment, a constant physical reality, that constant emotional energy seems to come around again and again or a belief system.  As you let it come into your focus in your consciousness in this now moment, ask to see, sense or know if there is a link in the spirals of your DNA.

If your perception is that no there is nothing there, then shift into that unconscious energy so that it may be something either conscious or unconscious and then as you link with your DNA, go into that space and as you open up your heart to the pure love and acceptance from your divinity, let that flow through you in a very conscious manner into that space within your DNA.  Now if you have no idea where it may be, just have the intention that it just flow through all the strands and all the dimensions in all consciousness.

If you have second experience that seems to continuously come up for you, let that go through be a conscious or unconscious flowing up and down that you may link into whatever that is.  And then once again, flow that unconditional love from your heart, sending that energy through your DNA will create a new potential for you, it will heal the energies that have supported that other experience and yes I hear those of you who are skeptical of this.  The question is, has the vibration of the earth transitioned enough to support this type of healing?  The answer is yes!

The answer part B is what is your belief around this?  Because if people still have that belief system that the earth isn’t there or I’ve tried that before or maybe it works for some but not for me; it is not going to work for you.  The key to this new reality is to open up, be in the flow and then just know that this is your truth.  This is your reality.  This is your awareness.

So much is taking place.  You may also through this alignment with your DNA have the intention of finding that balance or that alignment with your fifth dimensional aspect, so as to create on a physical level the body, the thoughts, the emotions that are associated with your fifth dimensional reality. Whew!  I could feel people changing; I could feel people creating that new balance. That flow moves back and forth through you.

As that becomes more comfortable for you, take a moment and have that intention or that question about ’what about those aspects of me that were unhealthy or that were caught up in that old energy’.  As you send that question down into the space of your DNA you will see that it will automatically transition as the primary vibration is in a different place.  You need not control anything.  You need not do anything other than creating the space in the vibration through your intention of experiencing life in a vibration that is more balanced and open to the flow of the universe.

As I look around at everyone who has joined us this evening, especially as you are connecting into and activating these parts of your DNA, what I see is that there is even more of that floating with ease. I see even more people clearing out that old debris; feel what that is.

As you probably understand, we are just tapping into one fragment of what your DNA can do for you.  I would like to work with this further or go to the next level at another time.  For this alignment that we are doing right now, it is more so about realizing that you can consciously link to your DNA.  You can consciously open up to the various aspects that are integrated into that as the foundation or the structure for you in this lifetime.

The more that you create a conscious link, the more that you may transition aspects of your life.  I would say to you, it is not something that would particularly work with ‘in this now moment I want this, now in this now moment I want this, knowing this now moment I want this’.  When we speak of the foundation structure for you in this lifetime it’s massive but it’s also about stability, so instant changes may not necessarily fully integrate.

This is about coming from that place in your conscious awareness of choice and balance.  And that also there is a huge amount from your divinity that is naturally flowing within you helping you to create this new vibration.  Take in a deep breath and just feel it as it moves through all aspects of who you are.

I invite you to come back together as a group and as you do so you may see coming up within the center of this group the hologram of the earth.  This time, ask to see the DNA from the earth.  What’s interesting is that yes there is a DNA, but there is also not.  The DNA was infused and integrated into the earth itself as a means of grounding with humanity.  But the vibration of the earth as the makeup of the earth has its own grid work if you want to call it, or energy levels, or balance which is a part of the foundation of the earth.  You might call it a form of DNA, but it is different.

As each one of you infuse that intention of blending and being a part of the fifth dimensional reality and more, the balanced energy of your physical reality; let that infuse into the hologram.  So too, the Angels and the light beings infuse into the hologram that balanced support for all of humanity and for Gaia herself.

And then you release it.  The hologram moves down from within this group, there is always that part that goes out to the universe and the rest of it goes down into the earth itself.  It moves through the collective consciousness clearing out the collective consciousness.  It moves into the earth itself, connecting with the crystals, connecting with the rocks and the vibration and that grid work that we spoke of; whether you call it the DNA of the earth or whatever you may call it, it too is creating a more balanced energy that is allowing for this expansion into the higher dimensions.

So too each of those energies come up within you in your human reality. It comes up through the grass; it’s infused into your water, into the animals, the trees.  Everything that is within the earth and upon the earth can find that new balance not only with expanded consciousness but with that flow and that ebb that supports you as your own DNA is expanding into this new reality.

(Shelly sneezed here) one way of clearing the old so as to allow in the new; referencing the sneeze that Shelly just had.  So again this time look around where you are right now, allow your focus to be right here in your physical reality.  As you do so, take a moment to breathe down inside of yourself and then stream down into you everything from the all that is, everything from your divinity just as if you were bringing everything down to that column of light, let it come into and around you.  So too is it goes into the earth, you are feeling that alignment with the earth and you are feeling that greater alignment within yourself.

So as you are here within your physical reality, you have that intention that in the flow of the blood that moves through your body with every beat of your heart you are sending the impulse and the vibration that is supporting this expanded DNA that you may have, that you do have.

Take a moment of allowing yourself to feel that same way that you did in the all that is, here in this physical reality.  You have that potential to do so.  You flow the energy through you from your divinity and then it’s activating those places in your DNA that it may support you in this physical reality.

This will flow through your body for the next several days or a week and the more that you allow yourself to have moments of coming into this balanced expanded energy, the greater the integration will be.  This is what will support you as you make those new changes in your life; as your belief system transitions into something that will help you.

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out

Beloved families, as you continue to integrate these higher vibrational energies, vibrate at the frequency that most fully supports you.  You will vibrate at the frequency in which you are focusing consciously or unconsciously within your life.  So consciously choose to vibrate at the frequency of love.  Consciously choose to vibrate at that level of compassion, of expansion, of knowing that you are divine, that you are balanced and that you are fully integrating all of these expanded energies within your DNA.

Beloved know that there is such great love within me for you.  Know that I am always with you and within you, Ansaluia.

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