Mistaken Comparison

14919828768192Greetings All! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj!

Why do people compare the insanity and ignorance of human beings to animals?

More often than not, they find very peaceful animals and compare the foolishness of a human being to that animal.

Example; Sheeple. Referring to one being stupid. Sheep is probably one of the most gentle animals I know. I have no doubt that they posses intelligence too. They ARE spirit.

In my home land, they often tell people “you are a cow” or a “horse” as an insult to them being ignorant or when they perform foolish acts. “You are a dog”, used on someone who eats too much, or on a man who is attracted to more than one female.

Personally I find such comparisons sad and irritating. Also there is no use in trying to explain to most people the preciousness of animals. The joy they bring to many people in this world. The beauty they share with nature. The contribution of higher vibrations they make to the Earth and humanity.

Many of us humans are not only closed minded,  but are close hearted too, which is why we fail to see and feel the magnificence of the animal kingdom and are not able to communicate with them.

I am a vegan, but I don’t consider that being an animal activist. I do not belong to any such organization. I simply made the choice to not use anything from animal. Every breath I take, I understand animals more and more, so my love for them grows more and more.

As we have said before, treat ALL equally, give light and love to all without distinction like the sun.

From Heart to Heart, KejRaj!