Arcturian Council: Becoming The Earth Council

148332134341165Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the future from your perspective. There is a planetary evolution that is occurring in the Arcturian Star System, as well as in your Solar System, and we are the future from the perspective of those physical beings in our star system. What that means is you have an Earth Council that is a part of your future as physical beings.

You are becoming the masters who will someday guide physical beings, and those physical beings will exist in what will be your past. The Earth Council will benefit from everything that you are living right now, as you continue to expand and evolve into the beautiful teachers, guides, and leaders that you are becoming.

As you continue on in your ascension journey, more and more are waking up to the experience of themselves as lightworkers, and that experience is what propels you on into a future where you will all be service oriented. This experience that you are having of becoming is spurred on by the lives that you are living now. And therefore everything that you are living now can be seen as not only being of service to you, but it is also of service to those that will benefit from your experiences as physical beings.

Every challenge that you face is an opportunity for mastery, and every time that you master something, you put it in your guidebook. You are developing your own teachings, and you are accessing more and more of the wisdom that comes from experience every single day.

We cannot fully explain how satisfying it will be for you to help other physical beings through their challenges when you are members of the Earth Council. It may not seem very exciting from where you are right now, but that is because you are right where you are supposed to be right now. Trust us when we say, however, that our experience of helping you and helping the physical Arcturians in our system is beyond satisfying. It is downright blissful.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

» Source – Channel: Daniel Scranton