New Roles for Divine Changemakers

1485892238829With each passing week in 2017, the world’s energetic climate has become more chaotic and less certain – with crisis arising with such regularity that it can begin to feel normal. In this article I outline a fresh approach to viewing and moving through these unprecedented times. 

In particular, I focus on the new roles for divine changemakers. I begin with a bit of background on how your path is already different – then provide insights about what is changing for you now as the world moves through an accelerated awakening process.

A Brand New World

Did you know that you were destined, before you were born, to be among the divine changemakers who would co-create a brand-new world based on love? You are wired at a DNA-level for this role, which means that you are at the forefront of changes as humanity evolves. That means standing in the front row – being first to do things and showing the way for others.

Most likely, it also means that you passionately care about the state of our world and want to see changes for a more loving and just society.

It’s not just about change. It’s the fact that you at an early age began to grasp the idea that you at your core are divine. You began to hunger for ways to integrate your divine self with your human self, and in the process to self-actualize.

How Your Path is Different

Most likely, when you look back on your life with hindsight you can see how your path has been different from that of the masses. You experienced things that others around you perhaps did not understand. You opened sooner to your gifts of intuitive knowing and energy awareness. Some of you may have sensed past lives.

Your divine changemaker ‘wiring’ had another impact, too. Wake-up calls likely came sooner for you than for others around you. By now, you may have had a number of dark nights of the soul, the wake-up call being so intense that you perhaps questioned how you could go on.

If you could see yourself as spirit does, you would not doubt your ability to walk through the fire of unknowns. You indeed have more courage than you recognize. Proof of this is the fact that you are alive now, your soul having orchestrated being born when you could have both the greatest opportunities for enlightenment and the utmost ability to be a pivotal force in the awakening of humanity. You will understand these things more later on – for now simply trust in the divine orchestration occurring. It is quantum and cannot be fully grasped by the linear mind.

New Energy Thresholds

As humanity moves through new energy thresholds – like the next one occurring in May during Wesak season – intensities can amplify and the need for new choices is accentuated. This is on both a personal and collective level. With each threshold comes an opportunity to make really big shifts.

This where you as a divine changemaker come into the equation. The 2017 energy thresholds will be opening substantive doorways to accelerate changes across the planet. Since you are “wired” to actively participate vs being a bystander, you will find that you feel more passionate about using your voice for good and facilitating constructive changes.

In tandem with that, you likely will discover new layers of very old personal unfinished business arising to address. Rather than label this as negative, consider it a gift that when faced directly and dealt with accelerates your enlightenment.

Magnified Potentials at Wesak

At certain times like Wesak, there are magnified potentials for illumination of issues that have caused you pain and polarity – likely for lifetimes. These things may be in your ancestral line as well as in the akashic records within your own DNA.

These things occurring simultaneously mean that your role as a divine changemaker is elevated into a new and expanded level. The energy you give out and the inner work you do for yourself have amplified beneficial impact in such times.

This means your words matter, your responses matter, your activism matters. The tone and timing of your communications becomes increasingly important. Also vital to your success is an ability to be still, self-assess, self-monitor, and consciously respond in a heart-centered way. These things were important before, of course, but they are essential now.

Navigating 2017 Energies

As I describe more in my “2017 Predictions” ebook, all of us alive now are being called to respond to a tall order. This involves stepping more fully into our divine changemaker role and using our gifts and energy to repair division and create peace.

And in these fast-changing moments, our task is to remain steadfast in holding a vision for a loving world. We must do this even when the world seems at the brink of disaster. Our vision must be accompanied by persistent and constructive actions fueled by love. In this way, we expand our role and grow spiritually in the process.

For greatest success, do your best each day to trust your inner compass and take action steps. One step at a time is best. Especially in these moments when so much is changing so fast, an original plan you sensed was best may need updating. Apply your common sense and intuitively guided reason as you consider such updating. If a change is needed, honor yourself and other people, including commitments. In this way, you stay in integrity and have fewer misunderstandings to sort out later.

Treat each day and each moment of your life as precious. Think of your life force as a divine nectar that when applied appropriately accelerates your awakening and brings increasing amounts of joy. Imagine that this joy is bubbling up from within you, helping you to live your best life.

» Source – Author: Selacia