The Self Reset

energy updateGreetings to You, it is I KejRaj(KayRy). I just have a short update to share with you all, a few decisions I have made for myself. You may notice a different tone of energy in this message.

From the beginning of 2017 to now, one date that kept circling around in my Universe is 10102017(10). In a way, today’s world, the technological world at least, is entirely designed on these two numbers, 1 and 0. The two digits are the ‘base code’ behind all computer ‘stuff’. And believe it or not, banks too mostly use 1’s and 0’s in their transactions and more.

If numbers mean anything in this process of the Global Currency Reset, than this would be the perfect date to Reset the System, 101010.

That is all I have to say about that.

If the Elders and the Galactics continue to enjoy playing cat and mouse with the Cabal like they have been for the past five years if not more, than once again this 101010 will be just another meaningless date.

However, it will NOT be a meaningless date for myself.

I have made plans to make a few changes in my reality. I will stop doing certain things, I will start doing other things. One of those changes will be this; After 101010 I will no longer make any updates at all regarding the Reset. I will no longer use these terms, refer or even read anything that is related to NESARA or the Global Currency Reset.

Until all of this actually OCCURS, NESARA and the GCR become public, for all to HEAR, for all to SEE, and for many to exchange. From my perspective ALL information, no matter the source, whether it is some intel guru or a channeled message, WILL BE labeled as IRRELEVANT and dismissed by me.

I will still continue to share on the blog a little bit of everything as I have done ’til now. Including NESARA and GCR stuff for all the readers.

Why have I made this decision?

It is very simple. Humanity and Earth, just like in the past, are once again PINNED, SUFFERING IN THE MIDDLE while two other forces go at it.

I am grateful to one group of entities in this moment. These would be the Galactic Renegades who have been wanting for quite a long time to DIRECTLY INTERVENE and NEUTRALIZE ALL CABAL and assist humanity directly. But they have been stopped from the Higher Galactic Commands and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Why? Because we MUST show love and mercy to a group of ruthless entities(Cabal) who for the past 13,000 years have had nothing in mind but to enslave and eventually kill off the humans of Earth. They have not had a change of heart for 13,000 years, but somehow it might happen now? ? ? It is NOT happening, and the Spiritual Hierarchy KNOWS THIS. But instead of physically eliminating them, which should have been done long ago, the approach has been chosen of raising the vibration to where the Cabal can no longer withstand the stronger light and die off on their own. Who knows how long that’s going to take, another year or so? We’ll see.

All I have now to ask the Galactics and the Higher Ups is this, when is enough ENOUGH?

From heart to heart, KejRaj! Thank You!

11 Replies to “The Self Reset”

  1. Susan Causey

    I am delighted to find such an intelligent group as I have here. God bless us all, each and every soul. We shall find our soul keep, no matter where, no matter when, as we must all realize, that life is but a dream … It is best to take life one day at a time and with gusto, as long as we can. My love to all….

  2. Jeanette

    Dear KejRaj
    I hear you all and yes the pain and struggle is so severe, almost to breaking point. Apart from the issue with the Toplet bombs holding things at bay from manifesting in the physical, it feels like this incredibly strong sentiment of ‘Enough is Enough’ may be the very catylist to bring on that which we foresee and desire. Seeing the truth being revealed, followed by intentions for the new world, acting towards such intentions in the physical through actions and meditations, and finally letting go to allow the universe to manifest. I sincerely hope this is the case. Regardless, I just keep on returning from the pits of despair and continue to hold the faith as I know without a doubt in my mind that all will transpire as foretold and the New Golden Age will manifest in the stealth of the night. I pray we all continue to hold this faith even if we don’t talk about it so much any more. Dearest souls, never lose faith as the ‘Dark night of the soul’ in the ascension process will not and cannot last long. Much love to you all xxxooo

  3. Chris McDermott

    Bravo Kayry

    The Galactics contstantly inform us that all Karma has to be cleared before they can land and save this planet from evil cruelty. Karma! Who is responsible for the dark karma? The Dark tampered with our DNA (which should never been allowed) and created Humans that wanted to kill, rape, murder, plunder, every evil there is, and unleashed their deranged wolves, upon society, 13,000 years ago. The Dark tricked us with Birth Certificates so they could sacrifice our children with impunity.

    Meanwhile, Humanity, because of the dark karma ‘they’ incurred is being mercilessly punished by floods, earthquakes, fires, poisoned air and water. They inject humanity with vaccines. They poison our food. Their banksters illegally seize houses occupied by poor families who are literally thrown into the street. They blind children in India so they can earn more money begging!

    God and the Galactics are totally incapable of removing the Dark, otherwise they would have, long ago. Since we are all immortal,what are the Galactic warriors afraid of? They should ALL be ashamed of the way they have allowed, and continue to allow, the Dark to mistreat Humanity. And they will NEVER stop until forcibly removed.

    And so it is. Sad to say.

  4. divsy

    Oh dear, what a dire situation aka predicament that describes our lives. My whole system is sore, broken, knackered – for how much longer can we keep on holding on?

  5. Opal Bowen

    KayRy, You said the very same thing I’ve been thinking. What about Heaven taking care of their wounded warriors. I’m in so much pain like Kerryn up above from severe rheumatoid arthritis and kidney pain from all the pain med I’m taking for the arthritis. I’ve been released from 2 of my jobs I volunteered to take on when I incarnated in this lifetime because my body couldn’t handle all of the negative energy and stay alive. I’m all crippled up and can’t get out of the house,,,anyway, I could go on & on. Thanks for your column, I read it everyday.
    Opal Bowen

  6. Kerryn Bennett

    Everybody is suffering at the hands of a few and we can only try and rise above it with our minds. Just like the great Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and countless other peace bringers. I have had terrible migraines and a killer type flu this week. Not the normal kind, it feels like something extra strong has been unleashed into the third dimension. This strain of flu alone has apparently killed over 5000 people globally. But I am going forward despite fear work on my own stuff and let everything else go for awhile. To survive is requiring a lot of sacrifice. Times have changed I lived and breathed to help my earthly elders. Now they are gone there is nobody left to help the sick. Most people are in denial and in self-preservation mode. They would rather forget a person is struggling to be alive than sacrifice time and effort to keep them here. I am here at the mercy and compassion of my Mother-Father God and the angels of mercy, but I am in a lot of physical pain. Please pray for me. 🙂

  7. oushouaia

    Greetings Kejraj! I am totally upset too. But for me, november the 2nd is a very important date.
    And I follow a group who has been saying that everything should be complete by the end of January 2018.
    Unlike you I don’t have the capacity to see through all the changes that have been taking place. Didn’t you write a month ago about revealing certain things? I waited in vain.
    Anyway we shall see!

  8. rebecca

    be patient, my high self told me the event will be on 7 /11/17, so keep our light shinning all the way

  9. Dave Dunaway

    I appreciate your resolve as I have been hearing about NASARA for about 20 years now to the point that is irrelevant. It is a nice story but had nothing to do with my plans for the evening. I can work on my own ascension but have no influence on the consciousness of people in charge of NASARA. If the communication we read yesterday is any indication of the caliber of consciousness who have that power, we are not there yet. Everything and everyone has a different time and a different reality. All may or may not converge in my lifetime.
    I thank you for this lifeline of help you have established. It is greater than the both of us. It is the Greater of all of us.

  10. ZLu Alex

    Yes…Thank You! I have very similar feelings and sentiments. Thank you for all you’ve done, are doing, and will be doing, and for all you Be. I do have one request before 101010… Please tell me where to send my Business Plan when you tell me it’s time. Thank you! Heartfelt Hugs Z Bambi Lynn