HeavenLetters: There Is Nothing Else but Love, So Help Me, God

heavenlettersGod said:

Life surrounds you around every corner. While you are on Earth, it seems like there is no getting around it — your surrender to Earth. You may have capitulated. You are waiting to be picked up, although how this occurs, you are unsure.

You used to have bravado and can’t find a trace of it now. You used to be slick and wear cool sun glasses.

It feels to you that you got separated from yourself. Once you were one way, and now you are another. You may feel stolen from yourself.

Now you stir the ocean with a wooden spoon.

Now you are a grain of sand, and no one identifies you. Simply, you are a grain of sand. No longer do you write with a stick in the sand.

Once upon a time, you frolicked on Earth. You played volley ball at the beach. Life was your modus operandi.

Now you dribble your fingers in the Ocean. You long to hear someone call your name. You don’t hear your name. It is a long time since you have heard it. You can no longer say your name above a whisper.

You can call My Name. I hear you, and I come to you, and I sit with you.

“It’s all right,” I whisper. “It’s all all right. I am here. I am with you. You are with Me. We are One as We always have been and can nothing else be. We are not strangers. We hold hands, even as We are One. We don’t have to talk. We can recline here, for time does not exist. Even if time did exist, We have all the time in the world. We enjoy abundance of everything. Nothing is lacking. I am here, and you are here. There is no rush. There is calm. There is peace. We are Love. We are naught but Love. There is nothing else but Love, so help Me, God.”

Beloveds, We, as One, ponder the sunset from the beach. We meet the sunrise in the morning. We are replete in Our Oneness. We are One with Everything. There is nothing that is not One with the One that used to be seen as two or more of Us. We are One, simply and reverently, something like the way Sun meets the day and the Stars come out to put on a show for Us, and applaud Oneness in the Stillness of Love. The Sun and the Moon and the Stars penetrate our Hearts. This moment is enough to last a Lifetime. What more is there to ask for? Our hearts melt. Beginning or ending of the day are like fallacies.

Once We/You/I begin to spot Oneness, Oneness has begun, and then forever you are in its thrall. Oneness is everlasting.

This moment is an encore. I applaud you, and you applaud Me, although the One of Us cares not about receiving applause. We want to give it. We applaud the scenery every moment. We have it all right now. There is nothing but Me and the Stillness and Appreciation of this moment on Earth. We – I — ring the bells, and We are enjoined in the Truth of Oneness. The night bows down to Us, and We bow down to this moment. As One, We are full of aplomb in a silent way.

Is this the morrow? Or are We in Infinity as We speak?

We have forgotten how to count. All We know now is to enjoy. We are perpetually in Joy. There is no tomorrow. Right now is enough. Right now is plenty.

There is no better moment in Heaven or on Earth than this moment We share in the Awe of Oneness. Look, We are sharing this Moment in Eternity. Our One Heart is full. What Heart beats greater than One Heartbeat all over?


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff