Our New Zero Point Field Range

energy updateAloha fellow WayShowers, Light Keepers, Higher Dimensional Anchors/Stabilizers, Gatekeepers & GridKeepers.

This includes newly awakening and those who have been doing this forever, as all that matters is that we ARE. ūüôā

I have written several LONG articles recently, as each one is a “teaching” to awaken what we all know and to bring multi-dimensional existence¬†into consciousness so that each can embrace easier….

Until we hear, see or experience, we do not truly realize/understand…. Part of the reason why I do what I do is to AWAKEN each to what they already hold, those encodements, activating embedded Crystalline/Christed DNA, those ancient centers and Universal Corridors that are ready to be OPENED, those portals that open up new opportunities through awareness and to inspire, ignite and shift out of an old mindset into freer ones that SUPPORT all of our highest existences through Unity Consciousness Love here.

Our network of conscious engineers, contributors and gridpoints located throughout our Earth are fulfilling their roles in the capacity appropriate to their own chosen/agreed to Earthly experience here. As the “ground crew”, we hold the codes for all of HUmanity and each day is dedicated to what is most important (no matter what human aspects “want”), anchoring, integrating and stabilizing the FIELD, strengthening the foundation of OUR NEW EARTH here.

WE anchor Heaven here. Each one of you here are fulfilling your Soul’s purposes & Galactic Missions by honoring what each day brings forth for you to do. Sleep to dissolve the veils and heavy timelines, awaken to accomplish those creative and important tasks that you see through your inner dreams and through your own access to holographic realities, spending much-needed time alone to clear/hold/build your energy field, while accomplishing what’s important, coming together where you see/are shown to create/birth/anchor HD (Higher Dimensional)¬†realities in even more ways than we can do by ourselves.¬† We are always moving between these continually and as y/our body dictates too.

For those who say that they do not have access, this is not true. We all have access to something, we just have to open up to allow this access, to “learn” how to use this access and recognize it, nurture it, enhance it, grow it, mastering all…. as it’s SIMPLE and not as complicated as we “thought”.

When you close your eyes and see an image or feel a feeling that tells you something or hear a little quiet subtle¬†voice that you used to ignore, this is how it starts… When you have a dream that is very real/lucid, then this is too. Our human aspect just does not fully understand yet. Be patient. Practice, continually, closing your eyes to see, closing your eyes to hear/feel vibrationally, closing your eyes to connect. Fill your life/reality/field/consciousness with everything of the highest vibration that you can. FLOOD yourself with bright colors, nature (plants inside and out), soft sound of nature (I started with a CD of the ocean until I could move to be by one). I got a fountain to have water flow to create creative flow. I acquired crystals and worked with them, started with using different tools to assist me in “listening to trust” my own “intuition” (which becomes your higher self/Soul), as I didn’t have a steady-connection or trust the “invisible realms” yet. We have to start somewhere… get creative! Oracle cards, pendulums, books, videos, crystals, Solfeggio Tones, Energy Classes… all of it. Making these things a priority, mean that you are making yourself a priority, your Spirit/Soul a priority, your NEW Earth REALity a priority….

All of these things (and anything else that speaks to you/resonates) will assist you with CONTINUALLY RAISING YOUR VIBRATION, so that it’s easier to maintain consciousness, as our bodies were asleep. They are awakening too to come online on a much higher vibrational plane of existence. Numbness, tingling, electrical currents (and even physical/emotional “pain”) is all a part of the body waking up. It’s re-coding itself, re-working how it functions, which won’t make logical linear sense. You connect inward/upward to get your answers/feeling/that knowing and to honor your “new weird”, which is a part of multi-dimensionality. This is only at first, as this will become easier and more “normal”, and then you will realize that it’s human aspects that are asleep, bizarre and weird!

As each completes each initiatory phase and purification processes, more access is granted. WE “built” certain key-codes into this existence as “fail-safes” to keep us from “repeating” other “other existence “mistakes” here. Open-supportive-sharing is one Key-Code that activates more gifts, access, abundance and ease for us all. Our true powers are only granted AS we complete these cycles and “prove ourselves”. Because our realities are our own, then we EXPERIENCE everything that we transmit out. Timeline convergences mean everything is stronger, faster, more powerful than it was before. “Instantaneous feedback” is an easy way to look at vibrational realities that are Quantum instead of linear, like our human existence was.

Walking/Living in multiple dimensions… how cool of an existence is this? Challenging to our human at first/at times, but beyond awesome for us!

I will be expanding on this more as we go, yet recently I saw to pose a question for each to ponder….

How long can you maintain your focus on NEW EARTH before you get distracted/lose focus and point your attention again to old earth?

How long can YOU MAINTAIN FOCUS on what you are intentionally consciously creating, before you bring the outside into your reality to let it dictate?

The answers are important, for they show you where your focus is, what dictates your vibration and what you are creating/re-creating to experience in your own reality here.

If you “check” to see what’s going on for “others” in multi-dimensional realities and stay focused on what you are here to BE/DO, then this is one thing, as you are using the exterior as a Gauge to See, yet YOUR REALity is the one you are dedicating your focused energy on throughout each day.

Realities are vibrational…. so pay attention to the different FEELING of when you are in happy, inspire, creation-mode and when you stop to “go see” what “reality is”. As you REALize that REALity is the one you are IN, being CREATED by the “thoughts” in your head and the FEELings that you have, you will find it easier to SHIFT THESE…..

I used to “stop” all thoughts that were not creating “awesome realities” and shift them to CREATION myself. I had to be conscious¬†and listen though to even REALIZE that I had the POWER to do this. I learned/remembered how to observe my feelings and see what story they had attached. Then I’d change the story to one that freed me & “them”, one that brought peace, love and UNITY from inside of me, one that cleared the present moment and re-set it to “love” again. I learned how easy this was and then it became fun, then it became a game, then it became my natural way, then it just “was”.

We are clearing our body templates at a ridiculous rate, cellular programs, physical reality programs and timelines huge. The more expanded we become, the easier and simpler the physical reality is. Struggle goes, fight goes, resistance goes and the need to have this in our reality anymore goes too.

You have to want “new” with every fiber of your being, every particle of you. You have to be ready, embracing and get your head out of the way. Allow yourself the EXPERIENCE of beauty, inspiration and peace. You have to be will to DO something/whatever it takes to create this and bring more of this into your own realty world. Your human will be complacent, complain, whine, say it can’t, make up excuses of “not enough”, when in essence… all of those are stories and energies that have to dissolve, in order for you to shift. You have to MOVE energy in the direction of the reality you desire. Start simple, research, commit. If it’s important you will. This is just one way we activate realities/timelines ourselves.¬†

If you scroll down, you will see the most recent videos and the replay of the Live Streaming Webinar this week with John Burgos/Beyond The Ordinary, that’s now available via replay on my YouTube channel. We did this to reach/assist more.¬†¬†

As separation goes and unity consciousness¬†is the “new way” for all, our network grows and expands even more. We UNITE to accomplish, collaborate, share, inspire and anchor more together, pooling reSOURCEs, opportunities, supporting/inspiring¬†each other and working cohesively and in beautiful harmonic flow. It’s been a long haul as each worked through individual ego programs and distorted perceptions of reality to come to the realization of how simple our pure existences are. Those old¬†protection mechanisms of duality have no place here.

Human aspects¬†have to prove themselves, as they don’t hold unity as their FIRST way of existing yet. There is a lack of consideration, respect, honor, integrity, sharing and supporting because of old safety/survival/protection mechanisms held deep within the subconscious¬†that dictates the physical¬†reality and the way they “view” all. These fractal views¬†are replaced with dynamic views as each evolves and becomes their highest aspects again, returning to an existence that is PURE.¬†¬†All of this is visible now. ‚ô•

I am working to provide as much relevant¬†content/information through October, as I work more in the background now, focusing my energy in different ways that are important for us all here. I probably won’t be as visible these next few months, except where I see it’s important to write/share. I will be¬†offline basically all of November for retreats, traveling and other physical reality committed things. It takes more for us to stabilize, accomplish and balance all simultaneously and this initiatory/choice point phase through December/January is paramount for us all.

Please check my website, Facebook or these newsletters for updates as these are posted/released.

Keep focused maintaining your expanded state, holding your highest timeline realities, observing your physical and you Рlot go of all/any judgment and allow yourself to IN-JOY the magical moments that are all around you as you intentionally TUNE into all as love here. ♥

p.s. I tried to keep it short. I don’t think that’s possible anymore. ūüôā¬†

Love from Kauai ♥ ~ Lisa ~ ♥


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