HeavenLetters: There Is Something Good Here

heavenlettersGod said:

Everything changes, and yet nothing changes. Oh, yes, momentarily, every moment Life and change proceed. There is constant change that changes nothing. There are the seasons. The seasons do their thing, yet, inevitably, another season pops up, and here you are again.

Leaves on trees change all over the place. A leaf buds and grows green. A flower blossoms. The leaves change color. The leaves are covered with snow. The leaves are dormant. The leaves start all over again. These are no surprises, and yet there are anticipations.

Changing colors and budding of flowers take your breath away. You have an idea of the miracle you are witnessing. It has happened a thousand times, and it will happen another thousand times and more. Nature is battened down, and Nature is freed. You can only look on in awe at a glance of Infinity in your observation and in your Heart, your Infinite Heart thrown out to the world as it may.

Change — here today, and change — gone tomorrow. Change seems to be unchanging. What is new under the Sun is unchanging change which comes out as no change at all even as it happens again and again.

Even as Nature is repetitive, Nature is ever new. Life will not be cold-shouldered. There is something good here even as Life on Earth is the same again and again and yet ever new as it blossoms and as Life folds its tents or spruces itself up.

The world makes you gasp in Joy. This is just right. Your heart bursts, and every moment penetrates your heart with enchantment and a certain disarray.

Life sometimes seems to be like a man’s shirt electrically folded and unfolded again and again by virtue of a speedy contraption. The shirt of Life perks up as it is spread out before your very eyes, patted neatly, and then done and undone again and again, as if there were nothing more important than the folding and unfolding, the doing and undoing of spontaneous folds in this simple man’s shirt, done and undone to the Beat of Your Heart. You could call this ceremony a Rhapsody or a dirge depending.

What is this Life anyway that bobs along to your Heart’s content or to your Heart’s dismay?

How did you and Life seem to get here, and what on Earth are you doing with Life when you may be dunning it or it may be dunning you? What is this seeming tax agency, this avenger who chases you day in and day out, causing you to run in terror, so it seems, or perhaps leaving you alone now and then only to pounce on you later when you may have thought you were done? What are you suspected of when you have no idea of who and what you are as you run over the Earth having no idea what is really going on.

You dreamed otherwise. You have dreamed dreams. Sometimes your dreams came true, and sometimes they have been snatched away from you by and by.

Through all your Life, through all of Life’s ravages and its surprises, We can say you have gotten away with Life. Not only that, you wouldn’t have missed the Story of Your Life for anything, not in a million years. Not in a million years would you have undone the spell cast on you. You would grab Life by the hand again, and you would call out in your loudest voice:

“Life, come and get me again. We will sail over the Bounty Main. We will be fast friends, and we will all treasures find and Life’s Meaning and know that Life is like the world You made, God! We will look at Life and say with a round of applause: ‘It is good. It is filled with Joy Overflowing! Thank You, God.’”


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff