UFO Lands On The Sphinx On An Ancient Egyptian Papyrus

et disclosureMany people think that the God Ra of ancient Egypt came sailing down from the stars and landed in Egypt before going on to found a civilization that was powerful.

3,000 Year Old Vignette Suggests UFO With Bright Lights Landed On Sphinx Now an author from South Africa, Warne Herschel, has given a new hypothesis that might explain the star god. His research has been based around a vignette that is 3,000 years old taken from the Djedkhonsuiefankh funerary papyrus that is held in the Cairo museum. He believes that the records show that the ship of Ra does not look like the traditional boat. Instead, he says that it is a disc that can fly and there is a bright light coming from it. Like many of the controversial authors, he thinks that it is a UFO.

Herschel has suggested that the papyrus does not only show a UFO but that it also shows the constellation that is closest to the star of Ra, along with other symbols that have been forgotten about. He says that the disc looks as though it landed onto the Sphinx in Egypt. He said that it is a disc that has a dome that is radiating bright colored light and it is on three legs much like a tripod. He said that there is no wonder that the Sphinx has a back that is flat.

Remnants Left Of An Arched Doorway On Back Of Sphinx Head Herschel said that there is a tomb that shows the Sphinx with the head of a lion and this is something that historians along with authors seem to have missed. He pointed out there are remnants of what seems to be an arched doorway, and it has been filled in with the many thousands of years of repairs being made and it can be seen at the back of the head of the Sphinx.

The true papyrus meaning has been the subject of many a heated debate over the years, and today it remains a mystery. Herschel said that almost all ancient civilizations had an obsession with the star gods and their beginnings. He went on to say that many of the ancient civilizations then went on to build huge monuments that marked the positions of the stars on the ground and they virtually all had the same X to mark the place as the ultimate monument in a specific star pattern. – Click image for full size.


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