Archangel Michael: Live as the Beacon of Light

archangel michael eraoflightDear Ones,

What a bumpy ride you are currently experiencing – the closer you move towards the end of 2017 (the year of endings and new beginnings) the faster closure that needs to happens progresses. Time speeds up exponentially.

GROUNDING is so important – staying on your side of the fence, staying calm and centred whilst all rages around you.

Live as the Beacon of Light on the cliff top, observe as the waves crash beneath you. Keep that Light shining brightly as many more souls are now radiating towards your strength and stability never knowing what it took for you to become that Beacon.

By osmosis all will change.

You have worked diligently to become Conscious Beings once more. The sacrifices and the learning has not been in vein. You can feel within your Being what it has taken for you to stand in this new energy. To hold your ground – to be the LIGHT in an ever evolving New Earth.

Dear Ones, take a breath – breathe – relax. Applaud yourselves for what you have over come to be in this critical moment in time. A time NEVER experienced before. There were no guide lines, nor rules to follow, it has indeed all been just one foot in front of the other. Learning as you go and finding the tools along this untrodden path. This path you have created is indeed lined with GOLD.

Look back at how far you have progressed – much of what you left behind no longer resonates with who you are NOW.

No longing to return to the old YOU – that person no longer exists and is unrecognisable as who you are NOW.

Conscious Beings you are – Conscious Creators you are.

As you grow into your new bodies of Light, and Love, who you were will only be a distant memory.

Your memories are being upgraded daily and you are evolving past anything you could have possible imagined even a few short months ago.

Dear Ones, CHANGE is all you know in this moment – NOTHING is remaining as you knew it to be in the distant past.

In a few short years you will marvel at who you are now, how you got here and more importantly the Miracles that unfolded to take you into your magnificent future.

Dear Ones, call on us, allow us to walk beside you constantly. The future is unravelling rapidly and having our assistance and assurance is pivotal to your well being.

As always we ask for your assistance to focus your Attention and Intention on –


This and so much more awaits you Dear Hearts.


Loved beyond measure



» Source – Channel: Leslie Anne Menzies