HeavenLetters: What’s In A Name?

heavenlettersGod said:

Coincidences are what you see in front of you as unlikely bizarre occurrences. Coincidences carry a certain aura of unbelievability, yet such combinations do occur, and they occur frequently enough to be common even in their seeming impossibility. Well, you have heard that there are no limits, so why are you so surprised?

Some remarkability appears as rare and odd to you, for you do not expect the improbable. You see limits whereas Life sets none. This includes what you are thrilled with as well as what you are appalled at. Your view is your view, and it is you who puts your view in place. It is you who doesn’t hold conscious awareness to seeming coincidence.

You bought a certain size bag chock-full with sundry items for $5.00 at a yard sale, and the bag, as it turns out, contains either a cubic zircon or a rare diamond, all seemingly by chance. Which is for your shopping pleasure? You call yourself out-of-luck when your bag includes a zircon. You find yourself whoppingly lucky when it is a 2-carat diamond you come home with!

You have good fortune regardless. You simply have one experience, or you have another. Of course, it matters to you, yet, in the long term, what difference does it make?

There are many ways you can look at the feats in Life. It’s all in your mind, isn’t it? Something is as you say it is — it is like this or like that. You make appraisals often, one you favor and another you don’t. In this way, it can be said that you call the shots. You are the one who considers yourself an authority. What if you aren’t really? What if everything you vouch for is simply a label you paste on? You declare conclusions.

Inevitably, what does it matter when the tables are turned, and glass is called rare and diamonds common? If gold were seen as dross and tin held the rank of gold, you simply could say up-sa-daisy! Regardless of reasoning, is everything, after all, a matter of opinion? If everyone has his or her own opinion, who can declare the validity or fallacy of another’s opinion? Who has the right or might to judge, and what for?

In the world, votes generally come down to numbers. Is Life a matter of pecking order? Who has the right to say another is correct or incorrect? Your heart may say one thing, and another’s heart something else, yet which of My Children insists on one way or the other. What is the difference between a squabble in first grade and a war in the adult world?

And so people line up, and choices are made, and someone wins, and someone else loses. The one who is called victorious — what has he won? Anything? Pride perhaps, yet what is pride but an empty promise? For a moment, he is prideful. His arm is raised for only a moment as winner. He will pass the winner’s cup on soon enough.

What is winning but another stamp of approval here today, I say, and gone tomorrow.

Even when Peace is won, what is the meaning? Forced surrender isn’t peace. Forced surrender isn’t so quiet. Forced surrender can be a brewing storm. Declaring Peace may not mean Peace, so what is the good of it? Does the world think that silenced uproar is the same as Peace? Peace has to be more than the absence of riot.

Only beautiful is beautiful. Declaring something beautiful is a declaration of beauty. You can declare righteousness or anything until you are blue in the face, yet what good is it?

You can declare fallacy true, yet fallacy remains fallacy.

No one needs to declare himself a Prince. Declaring doesn’t make it true.

I declare you a Prince. I speak Truth — yet when will you believe Me?


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff