Horus: A Time of Light-filled Creations

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self with Beloved Heru and my Spirit Guide Team, Heru has the following message for you all.

Dear Ones,

I Heru, speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all….

Now is the time for love, now is the time for connection.

We see now the apex of the pyramid, the sun upon the peak, shining out its blessed rays upon each and every one of us; breathing life into us, as it does the land and all the creatures. We rise with it, we set upon its sigh.

We ask you now: Upon whose breath do you rise? Upon whose breath do you set? Do you know the way of it? Do you know the river that carries you upon its back? Do you hear the blood within your veins? Do you know the pulse of your heart is the beat of the drums the ants march to, the soldiers die to, that the land is scarred by? Each the same. Each breath, each pulse, each river, One.

Remember the basic premise of unity and unification: That the essence of one is the essence of the other; That you know yourself in the other’s eyes and the reflection upon which you look is not yourself, but how you give and how you take, and how you are made is in the eyes of another.

We bid you be silent. We bid you look within, For our times are forgotten, and your ways too crowded. The quiet may reach you. And we might find you there. And you might find yourself.

Here we come from a place and a plane where recognition occurs without touch, without feeling in the way that you know it. We understand the other separate from our self simply by the singing of their soul, the sensation of their vibration and how it meets our own. And we understand our vibration a rippling of the creative force that generates all life. You too are an extension of the vibratory existence that is force creating form.

What might you do when you understand that your vibration changes in accordance with your will? What might you do if you understand that your will changes at the breath of a thought?

Bring new thoughts into your self. Bring new will into your Being. Bring new vibration into your life, and you will find that you will attract to you like vibration. And you will create a symphony among yourselves.

How much greater a symphony sounds to the universal ear than a single instrument flailing alone unaided? The soloist has its part to play, but never alone for long, accompanied always by else.

Know you a soloist in your vibration, and your piece within an orchestra of light. Your role is to sing out your tune and to fall back into the harmony of the orchestra which upholds you.

When we come to you, we come with a message of love. It is ancient, Biblical in your text. It is of a time before pen met paper, when story was told over and over. It is of a time before corruption of such story, before buildings were houses to capture the stories. It is of a time when the message was felt, and experienced in the fibre of being of the beings it indwelt.

Know you to be a body of Light. Know you to be able to effect your world with your light. Understand, truly understand, that when you reach out with your thoughts, when you reach out with your light mind, and your light body, you are entering the real world of your making. This changes your matter world.

Be careful then, what you think. Be careful then, what you wish. Be careful then, the emotive content of your dreams and day dreams, and begetting, and be gone. All will unveil. All will prevail in the Light world that is the world of construction; that is the world of piece and layers that build your being. Be conscious of how you construct. Be aware of what you let in to your construction. Make it and create it with your highest purpose, your highest desire. Let it be that your light creation, the towers of your making, are imbued with Love. Marvel at that. Marvel at it, and practice it. See it and fill that seeing, fill your vision with the love in your heart, and watch your matter world grow from that vision, from those seeds of light.

This is what the ancients knew. This is our world. This is how we construct on the inner. It is what we are helping you bring into your material existence. It is a bridging of worlds. It is a meeting of understandings. It is an evolution of material existence, no less than that, which we aid.

And it is not our singular desire. It is that you reached up. It is that collectively you reached out and in to remember. When you transition, when you enter the realms of light and vibration, and your return is met without remembering, still a seed of your experience journeys with you. It is that these seeds are growing and flourishing, and remembering is occurring on mass. And what you will is that you bring the world of your transition and life beyond into the material world.

Soon, a time of blending. Soon, a time of understanding. Soon, a time of light-filled creations, with awareness. Though not so soon that you in this turn of the wheel will see it.

Come now, see your light. Come now, see it practicing in the world of your making. See it performing as you would have it. See it building light creations that you have filled with the heart of your love. See it, and feel it, and bring it into being, and you will know it and experience it True. For there is no separation but that thought would make it; that you think and understand and know without doubt, you who plays: the solo instrument is one of light with the orchestra of universal creation, the one flame, the one light. Let you play that tune and see what may come of its symphony.

So lets make symphony… connect with the Sacred Sounds of the Universe… Lets make Music… Lets be Love… Be ONE

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day.

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