Gateways Are Opening, High Frequency SOULar Activity

energy updateHigh Frequency Cosmic SOULar Activity — This activates, reworks, re-codes DNA, genetics, Earth Gaia templates and more. Yesterday was a huge Lull…. which is always challenging energetically as all comes to a halt and actually depletes our bodies as our Solar Crystalline LightBodies prepare to fill with “new light”. Our realities can be more challenging during this time as separation within is increased, while expansion decreases. Maintaining full consciousness can be more challenging, while on the other end of the spectrum, others can be high, happy and playing in magic, receiving a bit of a “break” from mega-blasting frequencies that require continual integration, wearing on the human aspect…. and as we now activate gravity-shifting photonic light, our crystalline Light-body shifts out of “easy to process” into “slower processing” while these immense upgrades occur. Timeline shifting increasing substantially on a daily basis now, we are clearing/building the MONADic template now.

These frequencies bring Lighter, higher atmospheres, lifting earthly bodies faster and increasing physical body-field synchronization that will occur as “peak” frequencies are achieved. When all is FLOATING, unattached and FREE, all can align fully.

StarGates activating, there are many activations and processes that take place for full StarGate synchronization to occur. Each one of us, the Earth, Cosmically/Galactically are all being charged, re-calibrated and re-synchronized with these new codes that are delivered with these ultra-high frequencies to/within our bodies and fields.

We are just beginning a 3-10 day process, that unfolds differently for each. Anchoring these codes within our body-fields is KEY. Acclimating, maneuvering, functioning, shutting down to honor are as well. Honoring our bodies as they re-code and re-calibrate is important. You/WE learn to maneuver the physical differently and in all new ways. It’s a part of this continual process of evolving into higher light frequency bandwidths of existences here.

Love, kindness, gratitude, respect, integrity, honor, compassion, sharing, generosity, peace, unity…. these are necessities for our PUREST existence here. It’s up to each to HOLD THIS as the ONLY WAY OF BEING now. Each must be fully in-vested in our NEW EARTH realities in order to fully anchoring them here.

Identify your own programs and old everything in order to transcend that which no longer supports/serves your own highest purposes here. Unity is where we all re-UNITE and where lack/separation/unconsciousness no longer exists… Be kind to your self, treat yourself with love, treat yourself to whatever supports you, makes your own heart sing and energy-body thrive. Touch the hearts of others through your own presence. These are FEELING realities that “grow” and strengthen through the purity of love, unity and sharing energies that support our highest everything here.

NEW EARTH is a full-body, fully inner-active, fully present/engaged and fully conscious EXPERIENTIAL REALities….. ♫

If you are feeling challenged, then pull away, go deeper within and re-connect back up from inside. Utilize “outside” of you to support this, by way of nature, others who can benefit from a mutual and uplifting exchange… clear your field so your body can raise it’s vibration easier and surround yourself with that which SUPPORTS whatever processes you are currently going through through the HIGHEST VIBRATION possible.

Have a most exquisite everything. I’ll be sharing/posting around my own integration processes and work-schedule too. We continue to go higher thus far as StarGates and Crystalline Structures are charging up continually as we do.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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