The Group and the Scientist of the Heart: A Major Transition

thegroup eraoflightGreetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart.

I am happy to join you today. Humanity is in the midst of a major transition, What you may not know is that you are experts in the transition you are moving through, Most of you have experienced this before. You see, dear ones, the Earth is transitioning in many different ways and you are starting to see physical proof of that. Let us tell you that you are right on target. Do not think that you are in the way of anything, you placed yourself here intentionally and we are so incredibly proud of you.

What we are telling you is that there is more forthcoming. Yes, of course there are more Earth changes coming. You can see that and consider it to be like the birth pangs of a mother in labor. But at the same time, this is leading to a huge transition of the spirit. You are able to move back into light body before the energy shifts get difficult. Yes, there will be some that choose to stay right where they are. There will be some that grasp strongly to the old ideas and even some of the challenges that push the timeline forward on the changes. They are not right or wrong. That is important to understand for there is no right or wrong. Everyone is going to be choosing their own path and for those of you who wish to be part of the change, you have some wonderful things coming.

Planting Seeds of Light

First, let us speak of technologies. Yes, there are scary things down the path for all humans with new technologies. Artificial intelligence itself is going to scare people and but we also tell you, you have some wonderful ways of adapting those technologies to help in some of the transitions and even help ease the pains of the Mother. Yes, many of you will find ways to work with these so welcome these, look for them. Encourage them and those of you that can support them, do so. You will also have new technologies that will help all human communicate more freely. The reality is that you already have a stronger connection to spirit.

What happens in the collective? The collective wave of humanity is in shock at this moment. Many have taken steps backwards even in their own evolution out of fear. This is very common and yet the evolution still moves forward. There are many of you who will hold the light in that darkness. There are many of you who stood in line to reserve your position on planet Earth during these special times so that you could be there and be part of this change. Look at these steps backwards as loading the spring that can throw all humans forward.

Humanity now lives fully in the 5th dimension collectively. When the majority of humans learn to stop attempting to use old 3rd dimensional rules the big steps will start in the collective.   We tell you, it was only magical people before that could have that deep connection to spirit.  You called them gifted and special masters. You are moving to a time very soon when all of you can have that connection. Now what you will find is that channeling is not nearly as mysterious as it used to be. You will all find that you all have a part of that. You call it by different names but it is there for all to claim. New energies are opening for all of you to connect deeper to yourselves, to start listening to your own spirits and your own guides.

Many of you will have new guides that will step in place and start to speak to you in new ways. They will remind you of information that somewhere in your heart you have known and you can validate through your own experience and even pass on to others. Many of you have come in to hold the door open for others in the wake of tragedy. It is no secret to tell you that much more of this is ahead for humanity. Send energy and consciousness to all of these situations, dear ones. Know that every tragedy brings the heart of humanity closer together. For that short time it creates a common problem to solve and in that moment you stop fighting each other. It creates opportunities for heroes to emerge and show the true nature of humanity. If you are not one of the people who have experienced tragedy, your task is to receive. Send energy to the first responders and all that want to help in these times. They are gifts: gifts of light to everyone no matter what political stance they have, no matter what religious or spiritual beliefs they have, no matter the color of their skin. Assisting other humans unconditionally can be one of the greatest gifts that all can give to each other.

You can make a difference

You are Lightworkers, each and every one of you. Many of you have come in with specific information and some of you have hidden it from yourselves because of past lives. Some of you have come in with empathic abilities and found it necessary to hold your own energies very tight so that you are not harmed or misused in some way. Now is the time to start opening that heart energy, to start loving freely. You will find that your vulnerabilities are the base of the greatest strengths.  Do this and you will start to remember the gifts you had in Lemuria. Here you could feel each other’s pain and do whatever you could to ease that pressure. This was the ultimate of empathy and it led to harmony that has yet to be revisited on Earth.

Yes, there is much of this taking place right now on this planet and all of you hold a key and every one of you holds the opportunity to make a huge difference during these times. Yes, there will be new technologies available. You are becoming aware that there are no more secrets, especially with your technologies. Expect hacking to be commonplace and you will not be taken by surprise. Are any of these technologies evil to watch out for?  No, of course not. There is no evil. That is an illusion of polarity that all of you have created and bought into. We tell you there is no hell. Yes, that was a wonderful concept that humans invented so that they could project polarity into spirit where it does not exist. That illusion is not needed any longer. You can step forward into your own creations and that is what we are going to challenge all of you to do. Yes, many of you are reeling from the tragedies that have happened and continue to happen. We did tell you that a line has been crossed.  Many of you are tapped into the collective where you feel the pain of the changes and what you call PTSD. This can be seen as a shock wave that shoots through every heart. Know that you hold answers and that is what we have come to share with you today.

Technologies of the Heart

Technologies of the Heart are 5th dimensional attributes that give you the ability to use the heart in new ways. We ask each of you to take special care of yourself as you will need your strength, support and balance in the days ahead. This is a balance that you came with. You came with a special energy and contracts to use that energy during these times of transition. Does it mean you are going to write a book? Does it mean you are going to change your life? Does it mean you are going to step into a whole new spiritual aspect? Does it mean you will move? It means you must be ready to do all of those things if spirit aligns them for you. Many times it will be the small things that really make a difference. Touching one heart to another sometimes even offering a smile in the face of adversity will remind people that they are spirit first and human second. Reminders people of their spirit will make life in these times of transition much easier for all.

You can make a huge difference here on planet Earth right now. Do not wait for changes to come for they are here. You will see more over time and we tell you, you play a part in all of this no matter where you are. There is no one on the Earth just taking up space. You may feel like you have completed most of your contracts but we tell you that you are not done or you would not be here. Many of you have diversified yourselves and in doing so find that you have very few friend around you. Just know that if this has happened it is because those friendships were built on one level and then you moved to a new level. Do not judge yourselves as you are never really alone and many of your old friends will find you again in time. Do not feel like you have lost, you are just getting started and the connections you make and the things you start bringing forward will open the door for the next stage of humanity. You are stepping into a body of light, losing some of the density that has caused you so much polarity and so many challenges over such a long time.

I am the Scientist of the Heart and I tell you, there is so much more coming. You have had dreams where your thoughts can become reality in an instant. That reality is closer than you think. That which you balance between your head and your heart suddenly manifests in front of you right now. We tell you, it is coming. Practice it. Step into it and yes, if you do it and it seems to fail, do it again. Do not stop there; you are much stronger than you can possibly imagine and we are right behind you every step of the way.

Enemies are only an illusion

We love you more than you could possibly know for you are the angels that have taken off your wings, put on a dense bubble of biology to play this game. Many of you have even completed the game of pretending to be a human, able to step into another reality but here you are one more time to help everyone make these transitions into light. We call upon you now to join hands. Send out your energy and your unconditional love into the world. Find ways of loving those who you abhor. Know that no one is good or bad, they are only moving in different directions looking for the same light. Your enemies are only an illusion. Start breaking down those barriers now and you will lose the polarity that is left on planet Earth, This will help you to live a full life in the 5th dimension right now. That makes the next steps of humanity so incredibly easy. Enjoy the journey, dear ones, and know that we are right behind you every step of the way.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and hold those doors open whenever possible and play the new game well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart.



From Merlia

Greetings, dear ones.

Welcome. Today I, Merlia, greet you to help you change during some of these massive shifts on your planet. You are carrying an energy that has never before been seen on this planet. It is absolutely amazing for us to watch as each of you now holds that light in a new way.

The Wholeness of Who You Are

You have been living in a field of duality for so incredibly long that you have forgotten that you are, in fact, whole. You have been playing this game, moving back and forth between dualities. Those dual expressions have included masculine and feminine. We tell you that human experience is starting to move toward the feminine aspect. Oh yes, if you watch your news, if you look at the things that are taking place you can become very discouraged. What you see in world events are literally the precipice and the tilting point.

The actions of “world leaders” are now taking you so far into the masculine that it is calling for a balance. It is not that the feminine will take over as that is not our way, rather it is a new balance that the rising feminine will bring. That is what we are asking you to do, balance. There is a huge pendulum of human advancement moving back and forth and when it is pulled so far one way, it jumps the track and starts a new swing. That is possible as humans now if the feminine holds her power.

The Strength of the Quiet Feminine Energy

You will have many people who are starting to re-evaluate their positions. They are starting to see what they really want to do and how they wish to work with everything going forward. These are the times in which all of you can now find a new balance. This is what you are looking for and we tell you, the feminine aspect has been quiet for so long that many think that being quiet is a weakness. It is part of the actual strength of the feminine; it is a very quiet energy. Feminine energy often lays beneath and is incredibly flexible. Masculine feminine can be compared to force vs. harmony and we tell you, that is what true power is. Feminine power works in different ways. You are starting to work with that now, you are starting to see that you have a quiet energy that every one of you can start to use. These are the times to bring it forward.  Whether you hold a feminine or masculine body all can find a new balance giving the quiet feminine a new place in your world. Men who master this balance will become very magnetic and bright lights. During these times you will also see that you have new tools and we tell you the Scientist will talk about that later. Once the new balance is attained you will start to hear a new connection to spirit.  You are in a huge stage of evolution; everything is changing and that is absolutely magical from our perspective.

A Wonderful Reset of Energy

The magic has begun, dear ones. This is a wonderful reset of energy. This is also a time when many will start to emerge as the new teachers. You will start to see new thought patterns take hold. You will start to see new opportunities for you to hear your own message in a different way and we ask you only to start listening carefully because it is time to awaken from the dream. During this time of rebalance there will be many trying to stretch further in the old ways, trying to move in the opposite directions, trying to reclaim the masculine power that once dominated this planet. We also tell you that it will not work this time as the quiet feminine will not allow it. That is the magic of these times and what is in front of you now. Each and every one of you has a piece of this puzzle that you have brought from Home. So, get ready to bring it forward. The times are right in front of you.

We honor you, dear ones, more than you could possibly know.  Wait until you see what is coming. You are building a whole new reality much the way that you built the planet Earth. You originally showed up on Earth well before it could support life to make the opportunities that you did. Now you are returning to those bodies of light. You are starting to evolve faster than you ever thought possible and the Earth is also evolving.

It is with the greatest honor that we greet you in these ways and that I have come forward to teach in the feminine aspect as well. Because now, humans are ready…it is time and we welcome you Home, the spirit within can now come out in all new ways in a beautiful balanced energy from Home.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another whenever possible and play well together.

I am Merlia. Come up and see me sometime.



The Stories of Amor

Amor Learn Balancing with Responsibility

Greetings, dear ones.

We join you this day with your game well in progress and yet, as you move through circular time, many things are repeating. That is the reason we have brought you back to listen to Amor. We have told a story over many years, over many lifetimes to help you re-member times when you have been on Earth. Many of you re-member Atlantis and the wonderful times you had and the great powers that seemed to emerge even out of your technologies but very few of you re-member Lemuria even though many of you were there. We wish to help you remember.

We will pick up this story when Amor is 15 years old and has already had his walk into life. This is a tradition of Lemurians not having to do with a birthdate or time, but whenever a person is ready to take the responsibility of being an active participant in society. When one decides to take this step they study the traditions of Lemuria that have gone before them.  Choosing specific ones that they wish to work with they then stand in front of many to make a commitment to step into the society of Lemuria and take the responsibilities that go with that step. Many are still very young at 13,14 or 15 years old when they take this step. As such most still have things to do as children and that is where we pick up Amor today…wanting to play.

Amor has studied so much and has gone through so much with his friends, his mentor, his parents and those that have helped him take this walk into life. He has even assisted his charge and dear friend, Etu, to move to the other side of the veil as his transition team member. It was a serious task. Today Amor just wanted to play. This brings us to Amor as he meets a new friend, someone fairly new to his area. The young man’s name is Tor and he is a few years older than Amor so Amor naturally looked up to him and naturally wanted to be like him and kind of emulate him in some ways. Very interesting that Tor also had some challenges, as you would say. Growing up he had a very difficult life at times. He had some scar tissue about life thus far and was trying hard not to overreact to things. Tor was learning quite a bit about himself as he moved through this difficult phase of life. He readily made friends with Amor and what Amor did not know is that Tor actually looked up to him and that is what brought the two together in friendship.

It was fascinating that these two boys met and they started to bring out fun in each other which both of them sorely needed. They played together and had fun and that was critical for both of them to reset the energy and take a break from taking life so seriously. Tor decided to do a few things and set up an opportunity for them to have an adventure. Tor lived with his mother, as his father had passed in a tragic accident a couple of years earlier. Tor asked his mother if he could go away for a couple of days and go camping, which is what you would call it today. Even though there were no elephants on the planet at that time, these are what you would call elephant rocks today. These were very large rocks mostly made of granite, some the size of a house. It was a special place in nature and an energy vortex that many visited to reconnect with nature.

Amor asked his parents if he could go and spend a couple of days playing amongst the elephant rocks. His parents looked forward to that. They were thrilled that once again he was enjoying some of his childhood. His parents packed food and water for him for the boys adventure. The day finally came and the two boys started on their journey, saying goodbye to their parents and their friends and they ventured out into the elephant rocks looking for an adventure. This was a small reset of energy that Amor was very looking forward to. He was not necessarily looking to reset his spirit, but to simply have an adventure.

The two boys found the perfect spot in an opening between several elephant rocks to set up their camp. Even the food they ate that evening somehow tasted better than usual.  The first night, the boys watched the sun go down laying atop the large elephant rocks. The heat collected in the rocks during the day warmed them as they watched the sunset. They told jokes, shared stories and their laughter filled the forest. They built a fire and watched it burn intently. It was not long before they heard animal sounds from the forest and that gave them a reason to make up scary stories about what it was. Oh! This fun to be scared.  The elephant rocks were rather large and they provided the boys a modicum of safety just by their size. They had made their way to the top, they made a ladder out of rope which kept many of the forest animals away. The boys bonded and in a short time their age difference was no longer relevant.  They were just two young men having an adventure…and all was good in Mu.

Later, as the fire burned down Tor started to tell Amor some of his truths and his history.  He spoke of many of the adventures he had been through and even started sharing some of the more difficult times about when his father passed rather suddenly. You see, dear ones, some things in Lemuria were a bit different. Humans were quite different. They had evolved to such a state where they could feel each other’s energy and there was no reason for many of the technologies that you have today to talk to one another. Lemurians were hugely empathic and all one had to do was think about another and they would pick up not only their thoughts, but what was in their hearts. This was the ultimate expression of no more secrets and was an integral part of every Lemurian.

Humanity, today, on Earth, is now entering a stage that we call no more secrets. It is very simple, but you are finding it very difficult to keep those things separate. In Lemuria, that separation never happened. They had learned to live in a different harmony and what Tor shared with Amor that the pain he went through was very beautiful. His father’s death was a result of an accident and his passing was quite unexpected and yet, it was at the hands of another.  The Lemurian custom was that such deaths were investigated to find the cause. Then they tried to figure out if there was a responsibility that must be repaid in some way. Although there was a system in place it fell mostly to those who had been harmed to determine any debt that was to be repaid.  It was also understood that forgiveness of such debts was a gift that benefited to the giver more than the debtor. Many times the debt was forgiven and still a repayment was made by the responsible party out of a need to balance the energy. It was really difficult for Amor to fully understand this because when you are connected to others in this way, a natural balancing occurs. He took it all in and listened intently as Tor told his story.

Feeling Tors pain Amor started sharing stories of his father. Amor’s father was high up in the government of Mu. Unlike what you experience today, those in public office were considered to be public servants, not leaders. There was no need for leadership in the traditional way and even though there were many factions of Lemuria, there was a harmony and because of that deep connection that they had with one another.  So, Amor shared with Tor important things his father had shared with him about creating a harmony in Mu. In your times on Earth now with disputes one would take these to a court of law or you would look at some of the rules that you set up, but there were no rules in those days. You had only customs. These were the same customs that Amor had to study as he made his walk into life. One of the customs was balancing energies and he shared that with Tor that first night when the boys started talking deep from their spirit. Amor had learned much in the 15 years and he felt he was a wise man. He shared that wisdom that night with Tor and he told the stories of how frustrating it was for his father to try and settle energies sometimes when people could not settle them themselves.

Tor shared with Amor that he had an anger problem today and every once in a while he would reach his limits of frustration and he simply had to act. He did not know what it was about or what caused it, but sometimes he felt very powerless that he would reach for power in any way he could. Although he had never done that with Amor, the two youths were fairly new to each other. Amor was listening with great intent for Amor had an idea of where he was going. He knew he had an understanding of all humanity and he knew at some point he would be a teacher or healer himself so he was taking note. And although he looked up to Tor only a couple years older than him, he understood that he even had some answers for him, so he quietly shared them in a non-invasive way. You know, I feel that way myself sometimes. I get completely out of control like the whole world is going one way when I want to go the other way and how frustrating it is. What do I do?

“Sometimes I just have to stop and laugh at myself,” he told Tor, “Everybody starts to take things differently and I can reset my own energy. I can release some of that negativity that has me so frustrated.” The two boys bonded that night in front of the fire.

The next morning, both boys woke up a bit cranky.  After all they had been sleeping on a rock and were a little uncomfortable during the night. They both thought about going home, but they had arranged for 2 days out and they were going to stick it out no matter what it took, so they did. That next day they looked for things to do, for adventures to have, and they made up stories about energies of the forest. At one point, Tor found himself getting frustrated. Some of the food that they brought had already spoiled and he was getting hungry and that was enough to start bringing up some of the anger. So he looked to his young friend and tried to adapt some of the new techniques he had learned from Amor with limited success.

He decided instead to take it out and simply chop down a tree for they had brought tools with them, one of which was similar to what you call an axe. Tor took out some of his frustration and became very physically active as he chopped down a small tree and they were going to try to use that wood for firewood and make a more permanent ladder out of the main stalk. He stripped the tree down to where it was a long pole and he took a little bit of pride in that because he released some of his frustration. They were determined to spend one more night and he found himself working with that pole, he found himself looking for uses for it to try and play with it in some way or another.

Now the elephant rocks they were on had a very high elevation at the top of a mountain. One of the things that Tor decided to do was to take that pole and jam it into one of the smaller rocks and see if he could move it with the leverage of the pole. The boys made up stories about great treasures being beneath this one rock and it had been positioned there to hide those treasures so he tried desperately to move it and it helped to release some of the physical frustration. What happened next happened very quickly. With one big push the rock did move and very quickly started rolling. The boys watched helplessly as the rock gained speed and was soon rolling down the mountain.

There was lady who lived in one of the caves at the base of the mountain. She lived alone with her pet. She lost her dearest friend that day as the rock landed and crushed her pet. When she came outside to see what had happened she saw the rock and her pain sent out a spike in the collective energy. Both boys felt the pain that this woman felt as she discovered her animal beneath the boulder. As it was with any tradition, any harm that you brought upon another, you would present yourself and ask what you could do. Tor was still angry and it was very difficult for him to do that. He simply said that “The animal should have moved. It should have known I was coming.” He found that anger surfacing again.

Amor came to his older friend and put his hand on his chest and he said, “Let me introduce a new rhythm to you, Tor, for you are so angry in this moment that you can only cause more challenges for yourself rather than to release and settle the energy that you have created here.” Now all of it was an accident, of course; none of it was intentional, but the tradition was not being honored so the lady went back into her cave, deep in tears, not quite knowing what to do and not quite able to recover the physical body beneath the fallen rock.

Then the boys got the idea that they would go down to her to try to settle the energy but Tor was still worked up. He was hungry on top of anything else and he was frustrated and wanted to call it a day and return home and pretend the whole did not happen for he rationalized that none of it was intentional.

Yet, the custom was still there to try to settle the energy and to make the balance available at any point in any way that he could. So Tor tried to pick up a new rhythm from his friend as he touched his chest that day. And Amor said, “Take a deep, slow breath with me and I will try to send you energy that can help you shift your rhythm and help you release this frustration that is all around you right now. Then, if you wish, we can return home or we can go and talk to the lady.  It’s your choice Tor and I will honor your decision  Amor reached around touching his front and back, putting his hands on both sides of his heart chakra and said, “Just take a couple of deep breaths with me.” In that moment, Tor began to cry, letting out a deep wailing that he had been holding in for so long.  Tor never had the opportunity to grieve his father who died several years before. He never had the chance to really be the young man that he was because he had already taken his step into life and he had pretended to become this strong adult when in reality, his spirit was crying out from pain inside. Even though many people around him could feel it, none could quite settle the energy quite like Amor could that day.

Amor reset his rhythms, took a deep breath and just laid on the elephant rocks for a moment, looked up in the sky for now the day was starting to turn into night and as he did, he suggested that he and Tor go down the mountain and try to recover the body of the animal that had died. Although they could not see it, they could feel the tragedy that happened; they could feel the imbalance.

The very wise Amor was able to help his older friend that day. Before it became dark, the two boys ventured down to the bottom of that mountain. They summoned the woman inside and told her what had happened. Even though Amor had very little to do with it, he felt responsible as well and he took part of that responsibility and that made Tor feel wonderful and like he was not alone. Then Tor stepped forward and said, “What can we do? How can we help you?” Through the tears she was able to say, “If you could help me move that boulder, I could at least recover the body and release it in a way that I would feel more comfortable.” The lady lived by herself and this was truly her family. So the boys made it back up the mountain and they found that long pole that Tor made from the tree he chopped down. They brought it down and used it once again to move that boulder out of her sight. It took both of them this time and they recovered the body of that animal and she thanked them both endlessly. Tor hugged her and asked for her forgiveness. She did not have the need to forgive them for that was not the tradition. She looked deep into his eyes and placed her hands on his heart the same way that Amor did earlier. Once again Tor began to cry.

Amor returned home that night by himself as Tor was asked to stay as the lady fixed him food and invited him to stay as she buried her pet.

They gained something that both of them felt very comfortable with. It is about taking responsibility, about feeling the pain of others and instead of blocking it off. Was it able to be corrected? No, of course not, but it was an accident after all. Tor walked away from that whole experience of learning how to empower people around him and Amor felt very good about himself. Tor went to see the lady at the base of the mountain several times after that. They became friends and the energy was balanced at a higher level than it began.

That night as Amor lay in his own bed he realized that all was good in the times of Mu.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”.


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