Yeshua: Predictions 2018

sanandaBeloved one, as you have been asking to know what may be around the corner in your new year, we will set out for you various parameters of socalled prediction. As I have said to you many times, I do not prophesy, because as soon as I put it out there, you turn around and change it. You are very good at doing that. You look at what has been said or prophesied and you say, “Oh, well, I think I can improve on that.” Then you set about changing things. (Smile)

But meantime we will speak about various patterns. You had a number 2012, which was supposedly the end of the old world, and the new thinking would be coming in. Ones did not know what this was going to look like, because it had not been written. So you have been writing. You have been taking some clues and then working on, “Okay, what would I like to see in what is called my life and my future?”

You have made great strides, although you are saying, “Well, it looks like everything is topsy-turvy with the geo-political decisions that are being made. It looks like everything is topsy-turvy with the weather patterns. It looks like everything is topsy-turvy with the personalities on the global front with ones saying, ‘I’m going to disrupt everything you have ever known, because I have the power to do so.’”

You have been surfing. Know you surfing? You are riding the wave, and you are hoping to stay on top of it. You are going to come through some of the exciting waves and some of the energy that seems to be enough that it would throw you off of the surfboard and perhaps let you take a tumble into the water. But you are doing well riding the waves. You have been finding in this year that the energy is stronger. The waves, the currents are stronger, and you are balancing as best you know how and wondering, “Where are we all going?”

I am riding this wave. You are joining me on the wave, and we are keeping our head above the water—preferably the whole body and the surfboard— balancing throughout all of it. And you will balance. You will keep riding the wave. However, you are in for quite a ride.

I would suggest certain methodologies, certain things that you will want to be doing starting on the morrow. Yes, that soon, in the morning, to take five minutes and go out of doors with the bare feet.

Even if you feel the water droplets coming down, five minutes; the rain will not hurt you, you will not shrink. It will work in your favor. Go out of doors and stand on the grass. Allow yourself to draw in the energy of holy Mother Earth. It will make a difference in the whole day.

Now, I know that some of you are already doing this. Make it a practice for every day, starting on the morrow. I know you have things that you have to do tomorrow. It is going to be a busy day. There is a lot you have to get up and do. You are accountable, supposedly, to ones to be in certain places at certain times and to do certain tasks. You can fit it in. I guarantee that you are going to wake up five minutes before you usually wake up. It is guaranteed. I am going to come around and tap you on the shoulder or on the head, perhaps.

Go out of doors for five minutes, breathing deep breaths, exhaling old energy; five minutes by the clock. Take a clock with you. Do not just go out and say, “Okay, three breaths, five minutes,” and then back into the house. Five minutes by the clock. Breathe. Feel the energy of Mother Earth. Feel your energy as One with Mother Earth.

You will enjoy it, and it will bring to you remembrance of lifetimes when you were in the monastery, or when you were in the cave on your own, times when you knew your Oneness with holy Mother Earth.

Then if you want to come back in and switch on the news—which is not really new—you will have a different perspective. Between you and me, I would suggest that you put only five minutes into the news, and that is all. Make it equal. Now, I know your newscasters like to go on and on; however, you can get enough in five minutes, and then go about your daily activity, what you need to be doing.

On your geo-political front you are going to see a most wonderful drama playing out in the next year. 2018 is going to be a year of changes; you have already seen this. You have seen the handwriting on the wall. So have the ones involved in it; they have seen the handwriting on the wall and are wondering, “What do I do about this? How do I do about this?” And it will come to pass. It will come, and it will pass.

Truly, the energies right now are bouncing around. You have felt that. There has been a time of wonderment, “How are we going to put the divisive factors into a place of love, a place of acceptance? How are we going to heal what seems to be a great rift opening up?”

You are going to heal it by seeing it differently. You are going to heal it because you are healers. You are healers because you are open and willing to see things differently, to see things in a healing light. And then, beloved one, because you are seeing things in a different light and you are understanding that all of this is working to clear out what needs to be cleared out, you are going to feel a rush of energy which allows you to smile, which allows you to speak to the brothers and sisters who have not spent their five minutes out of doors, the ones who are caught up in all the activities and the woes of the world, to say to them what you know to be true, what you know with the mind and especially the heart, that truly everything is in order, in its divine order of atonement, at-One-ment.

That is the underlying message that I want to give to you every time we speak: to know the Awakening, to be in joy with your life. You are living it. No one else is living it. No one else truly dictates to you. They may make suggestions, and they may make those suggestions in a way that it sounds like you do not have choice. But you do. In every moment you have choice.

This next year, what is called 2018, is going to be a year of choices. It is going to be a year of changes. It’s going to be a year of riding the wave.

That is why I have used that example of being on the surfboard and riding the wave. You are going to be experiencing more of what you are beginning to see with the weather patterns. Yes, the climate has been changing. Yes, you have brought about changes, more energy in the weather patterns.

You have brought this about in order to see your creative power, and it is right there in front of your face, a Category 5 storm. Pretty soon you are going to have Category 6 and 7, perhaps even more, because you have set in motion an energy to prove to yourself how creative you are, how creative the brothers and sisters, as the One, can be.

Do not worry about the bodies. Some will be let go, but very soon there will be the reincarnation of ones coming back.

As I said to the disciples when you were with me before, “What is that to thee?” The body—what is that to thee? “Follow thou me,” the Christ. Find the Christ of your being. That is what you are going to be doing in those five minutes. Can it be done in five minutes? Yes, if you believe it. Don’t Forget!

Ask of me when you are out of doors standing on the grass for your five minutes; ask of me, “Be with me. Let me know the Christ of my being. Let me know the upliftment of the Christ of my being. Let me feel the Energy; not the energy of the world which speaks of all the troubles and the problems and the things that have to be overcome, but let me feel the power of the Christ.”

Know you how you will know that feeling? It will be because there will be great laughter. It will start with a small rumble of a chuckle, and then there will be the open mouth, open heart, belly laugh, like, “Oh, my God, I thought this life was serious. It’s actually humor, it’s joy, it’s creative joy. Wow! And I was missing it all.”

I want to see you doing that. I want to see you coming truly alive. You have for many incarnations been alive in the mind. You have known all the right things to contemplate, all the right things to say, all the right things to perhaps try to feel. Now, this lifetime I want to see you return once again to the Christ of you, the Christ that is the little child who says, “What is this all about? Wow! I can play with the rainbow. I can play with the drops of water. I know that the water is H2O; isn’t that great? I know. But heck, how does it feel? Okay, it feels great.”

Allow yourself to get really in love with life. Then you are going to find that more and more of the brothers and sisters are coming to you, because they want to know, “What secret have you found? How come you’re so happy? You are surrounded by this Light, and I feel you are light-hearted. What happened? What kind of diet are you on?”

And you will say, “I’m on the diet of joy. I’m on the diet of innocence. I’m on the diet of being in love with life.”

Know you how great it feels to be in love with life? And you are going to make the love energy grow even more, to the place where it cannot be contained. You are going to find yourself laughing, and ones are going to say, “Well, haven’t you heard the news? Everything is going to youknow- where in a hand-basket.”

And you are going to say to them, “That’s not how I see it. In fact, I don’t see it at all. I feel it; I feel alive. Look at this. Look at me. I’m alive, yes, and I’m having a whale of a time riding the surf. I am alive, alert, joyous, and enthusiastic about life.” That is a good mantra.

“I want to know how it feels to be truly alive.” This is what you are going to be saying in the five minutes outside. You can ask of the clouds, ask of the sky, “How does it feel to be truly alive? Wow!” I will be watching. I will be cheering you on, and I will be waiting for the laughter that comes when you realize, “This is all for my enjoyment.”

You are going to see most wondrous advances in your technology, because, again, this is part of your creativity. You have asked that you want to feel right away the ease of being One with another one, so you have brought forth the technology that you hold in your hand, and you can be connected with ones.

You are going to come to the place where the technology—now it is small enough to fit into your pocket—in this next year there are going to be devices that are maybe one-tenth the size, that you do not have to have the heavy purse to carry around, or the big pocket. And the miniaturization of your technology is going to impact your medical field.

On the physical front, the bodies are going to be larger. You have had the quite tall mammoth bodies; you have had smaller bodies which were like the small ants now. You have tried out all the various sizes, shapes, contours, colors. You have played with, “How creative can I be?”

This next year is going to be one of changes—on the world front, and also for you if you want to make changes. As there are things in your life that you would change, you will change, because you are free to change.

You have lived by someone else’s rule up to this point. Now, in the five minutes that you spend out of doors each morning, you are going to be connecting with the true Self of you.

When you go out of doors for the five minutes, clear the mind. You can do it. Focus on the breath. Focus on a blade of grass. Ask of the grass, “How does it feel to breathe of the morning air?” Does grass breathe? Yes, it does breathe. Ask of the tree, “How does the warmth of the sun feel on your leaves?”

Have fun with it. After a while, when you give yourself permission, you may decide that you want to feel the expression on one foot. “Aha, I’m going to do it on one foot.” Or you may do this back and forth from one foot to the other foot fifty times.

Play; that is the bottom line. Allow yourself to be as the small child once again. The world does not tell you that. The world says you have to shape up, you have to be the adult from the time that you are little. All of you have been squeezed into a mold by what the world says you have to be.

Allow yourself to feel in the rhythm of holy Mother Earth. You are going to find—I guarantee this; maybe not the first day, maybe not the fifth day, but at some point not far into it, you are going to have this idea. “I am really, really happy. And I don’t know why I’m happy. This is so great. I have to go tell somebody about this.”

So be ready for ones to be calling you as they feel changes and saying, “Guess what happened this morning. I was out there looking at the tree, and this leaf spoke to me.” You will know. The rose bush spoke to you. It bloomed for you, and you admired the color and the shape. Everything that you create, everything is for your enjoyment, to be in joy with it.

I tell you this now, ahead of whenever the New Year comes in, so that you can start preparing to keep your balance, your Christ self, your equanimity when everything goes crashing down around you; not you, but what the news is telling you. The world, everything you thought was for real…for real? The Christ of you, the joy of you, the innocence of you, that is for real. The world, that is not real. That is drama. Enjoy it as drama.

If ones are suffering and there is something you can do about it, do it. If you have the golden coins and you want to send it to ones who are needing to purchase something to make their life come back together again, do it. If ones come knocking on your door and they need something that you have, give it to them. It will be replaced in your life. You do not need to worry about, “Oh, then I won’t have enough.” Yes, you will. You have already experienced having more than you knew what to do with, so that you have boxes of stuff that, “I just might need some day,” but you do not.

Give. You have more than what you need. Even if you only own a small bit according to what you think you are owning, I guarantee that if you take the shirt off your back and give it to someone, very soon you will find another shirt. It will be by the roadside, a friend will give it to you; it will be replaced.

Do not worry about the foodstuff. “Well, I have to store up food, because….” Store a small bit, if it makes you feel better, but store it up so that you can give it. Allow it to be in circulation. Allow it to move. Give. And when you have given everything you can give, give more, and more will be replaced.

Remember these words when your New Year comes in and the world says how bad everything is. That is what you will be hearing in the next year, how bad everything is. It is not true. How creative everything is, yes. How powerful you are in making drama and having it reported back to you, but that is not where you live. You live with the creative being inside of you that beholds everything that you bring forth and calls it good, because everything that you call forth is good, has a good side to it.

Your world, your news has, out of habitual training, focused mainly on what is wrong with everything; the, “Oh, my, how bad it is.” But you, because you are awakening, you say, “No, that’s not really the truth of it. The truth of it is, I am powerful. I am the creator of love, of goodness, of giving. I am the one who surfs all of the world’s ups and downs. I do not fall off my surfboard,” because you are making that surfboard, and you say, “Well, what happens if I lose my surfboard?” You look to the feet, and you see that they are big, and they become your surfboard. What else? You know? Get creative. Think, how can this be better?

You will not go under. I know the world says to you, “You have to watch out for everything. There’s going to be a financial crisis. The gasoline is going to be in short supply. Because climate change is happening, the foodstuff is not growing the way it normally would. Prices are going to be really, really high for things. This kind of disease is going around; watch out, you may catch it.”

You have—the collective; not just you, the collective—you have come to the brink many, many times. You have gone over the brink sometimes, and there is the remembrance deep within the recesses of the mind of how it feels to destroy what you were walking upon just a few moments before. We have spoken earlier about Maldek, the planet that is now the asteroid belt, because you said, “Let’s see what happens when we mix this and that together,” and poof: asteroids.

I will share with you something that is not written in your history. After you did the great experiment—and there have been many of those—with the asteroid belt, you asked, “How would it feel to live upon an asteroid?” And you did. That is not written in your books, but it has been part of your history.

I want you to awaken to how great you are, how creative you are, and to call everything good, because everything is in process, process of being established to know its fruition and to return once again to the dust of an idea; not with sorrow, but with joy. Our Father looks upon everything with joy. He does not see anything to be sorrowful about. He, by the way, is not a He. She is not a She. It is a most wonderful creative space that flows through you. Even as you sit and worry about something, the creative process is flowing through you.

That is how wonderful you are. That was my message two thousand years ago. I knew, I proved it to myself that this reality—lower case “r”—is of my creation. I knew that I could change it. There were times when I made the body invisible and slipped from the crowd when it seemed like it might be a good thing to do, to be out of there.

I knew that the body is energy. I knew that it could be changed and reformed, and I did that, because I grasped hold of looking through the window. This is what I want you to think about, feel, in the five minutes that you are out of doors, to know that truly you have before you a window. Look through it. Do not just look at the glass and say, “Oh, well, this is only as far as I can go.”

Look through it. Know that you are creating it moment by moment. Know that you can re-create, moment by moment, and that everything is in your experience to be accepted and played with in innocent joy.

If someone comes up to you and says, “You know, you are just so stupid. You believe that this table is not real. Look. When I knock on the table, it’s hard.” And you say, “Yes, right now it is, but in my knowing, I can change that. I can walk through a wall.” What is a wall? It is energy that has been brought together. What are you? You are energy. Okay, you make the energies compatible and walk through the wall. You expand the molecules.

So, you will find ones who will come up to you and say, “You’re crazy.” And you will say, “Yes, but I’m having fun with it.” That is the answer. “Yes, but I am having fun with it.”

Choose you this day whom you will serve. That is why I am suggesting the five minutes every morning, so that you can choose anew, so that you can go out and play with the deer, you can play with the squirrels, you can play with the hummingbirds, you can allow yourself to know, “I am One with everything I create.”

So, choose you well. Create happy.

Good motto; I like that: Create happy. Predictions: Change, creative change in all fields. Look for the Light. You are the Light of a thousand sunrises.

So be it.


» – Shared per request via email – Channel: Judith Coates