HeavenLetters: Open the Eyes of the Universe

heavenlettersGod said:

Of course, it does matter how you feel and what you say. Your desire to be heard, really heard, is great. What matters more is Who you are and what you consider yourself to be. What worth do you set on yourself?

There is nothing you have to be but Who you are. Words go only so far. Words are a lot, yet they are not everything. You are everything. The world view is nothing next to Who you are. You may demerit yourself.

In Truth, you are a different matter altogether from what someone may suppose. You are supposed to be you, not someone else’s estimate of you. To say you are worth gold doesn’t begin to state your value. You, the concept of you as you are purported to be in the world, may be a falsehood perpetrated upon you. Do not believe for one minute the world’s estimate of you, nor the world’s estimate of itself.

No one sees you clearly enough. Doubt is an epidemic in the world passed on from one to another. No one begins to know your worth. No one begins to know your legacy, not even your mother, and least of all you. Nor do so-called others, even those with the most bravado, know who they are.

I know what I wrought, and I know your worth. What am I worth? You are worth the same. No matter what the Earth ascribes to you, you are Heaven-borne and distributed on Earth as a Lighted Star.

You are here in the big wide world for something, not for nothing. No one is good for nothing. No one is missing his or her reason for Being. Your reason for Being has been noted. You haven’t woken up to it. What you or anyone makes of you is not the making of you. You and the world are too careless and vague. A huge error has been made. Don’t perpetuate this error. Accept the worth I put upon you, and be done.

There is no scale fine enough upon which to weigh you. At this point in the world at large, you have to take My Word for it. No matter how the world may sully you, you are My Magnificence. And, Beloveds, those who underestimate you are also My Magnificence.

Return to Innocence.

Scoff not at anyone, least of all at yourself. If you had more regard for yourself, you would waken others to themselves. If you regarded others more, you would also regard yourself more. Awaken to the Beauty of the Universe. You and so-called others in the Universe, are One and the Same, except I know your worth which you may well have sidestepped all your Life, this very Life which I bestowed upon you at your request!

An error in Life has been made. You may have carried the error on as a banner before you. The legs of High Hopes have been cut down. No longer cut yourself down to the world’s accounting of you.

Turn over a new leaf.

Light a fire under you.

Open the eyes of the Universe.

What is the world waiting for? It has been waiting for you, and you have been waiting for someone else as well. Everyone has been waiting for someone else to breathe Life into Life.

Wait for no man.

Knock on your own door.

Wait not, want not.

For whom do the bells toll?

Why, they toll for you.

Who is the bell-ringer?

Why, it is you. You are the bell-ringer as well.

Pull up the shades.

Let the Sun in.

You have been foretold.

Now foretell yourself.

Tell yourself what you are to do, and do it.

Don’t just sit there biding your time.

Get right on it. The time is now.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff