HeavenLetters: Ride Two Horses

heavenlettersGod said:

Well, Beloveds, you have bet most of all your pennies in one direction when, all the while, there is another direction for you to go in – a direction that will take you to Greater Heights and Greater Depths for the Ride of Your Life. You will reach all these only so long as it takes you.

In your possession, you have one horse to pull you in your carriage and another horse for you to ride bareback. The first horse is named Earthbound. The other horse is known by many names familiar to you, one of which is Higher Awareness of Magnificent Love.

Somehow, in a flash in the middle of the night that you have no recollection of, you leap out of the carriage that Earthbound pulls and you ride on the bare back of Higher Awareness of Magnificent Love. You ride under the Stars! You race through the Bright Heavens until morning when you find yourself riding along once again in the carriage pulled by Earthbound in the dark forests.

You may blank out altogether on the idea that you have ridden anywhere at all, or you may feel vaguely that you have been somewhere without knowing where, and you leave it at that.

Of the two good horses you are engaged with, you realize you will reach your destination faster with Higher Awareness of Magnificent Love. Earthbound is more familiar to you, for he roams your daily habitat. Whereas you are no stranger to Higher Awareness of Magnificent Love, Higher Awareness of Magnificent Love is not so directly memorable to you.

You are also aware that this Second Steed has Infinite Horsepower. Nevertheless, you may prefer to ride in the comfort of the carriage that Earthbound pulls. Yes, it is easier for you to take out Earthbound, for you grew up with Earthbound. He takes center stage and is talked about the most in your circles.

No matter how much you may hear about the Dynamism of the Bareback Steed, no matter that you are sitting with Me, God, knee to knee, Earthbound is uppermost in your mind. Stories of Life and Earthly Surprises stay fresh in your mind and lure you to stay with them. Stories and Earthly surprises keep you where you think you are anyway, even when Higher Awareness of Magnificent Love is guaranteed to take you closer to Me sooner.

You may still believe in the power of ego and the overt riding of your loyal horse, Earthbound.

No matter how many times ego and the surface of Life have let you down, you keep thinking that ego will change your Life on Earth and rescue you and/or introduce you to something else that could be above the world. Anyway, you tell yourself that there is time to wait.

Nevertheless, ego can certainly keep you in bondage and in sufferance due to its tomfoolery. Ego’s wiles are as attractive as can be.

I do not tell you to abandon the world. I tell you to leave your attachment to the Earth world, no offense to the Earth. To be sure, the Earth is sparkling and has bright lights and wheels that spin. Even babies reach toward bright lights and rattles.

There are Brighter Lights and Greater yet to reach for. From My hand I hold out the Greatest of All to you Who may still believe in riding Earthbound to distraction. Take My Hand now. I will lead you to where you have always been which is right Here with Me. I will lead you to True Reality of Our Oneness. Ride both horses, Beloveds.

Heaven is where you have come from and where you are and have been all this mythical time I offer you Freedom. Walk right in. Here I AM waiting for you. Here I AM, holding My hand out to you. Come. Come now. Enter. Dare. Dare now.

Yes, you will lose the old photo of yourself and that old paraphernalia as if clutter could really be your natural habitat.

Beloveds, wake up. I AM your Natural Habitat.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff