Energy Shift Report, It’s Time to Push the Reset Button

thebluerayDear Beautiful Souls!

Are you ready for when the clock strikes midnight this upcoming New Year’s Eve on December 31st? The Universal energetic wave will shift again, and everything will change towards a new energetic pulse. The time we are in now is a zero point. A time of rest, contemplation, and introspection.

As you’ve probably discovered, it’s much easier to go “with” the Universal flow of energies, rather than fighting against it. Things just seem to flow so much easier, and for your highest good as you’ve diligently followed the synchronisities given to you. Some doors have slammed shut, while others have opened wide inviting new experiences, and a new path to grow and evolve into. 2018 will be that time!

The watery sign of Scorpio brings us to this introspective phase with the upcoming New Moon on November 18th. Over the 2017 year, as it comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the many decisions you’ve made in 2017 that created rapid change in your life; professions, residential moves, relationships. The many challenges, or obstacles you’ve faced in 2017 have shown you your tenacity to adapt quickly to rapidly changing energetic signatures. To disengage and unconditionally love without attachment. You’ve worked very hard this year in clearing karma held from many ancient past lifetimes. You have integrated those lost fragments of your soul to your here and now physical light body.

You may have even begun important projects you’ve invested tireless hours and/or resources in with failed partnerships, and stalled project deadlines you set for yourself. All has come to a screeching halt…for now. And even your relationships have shifted in preparation to the upcoming harmonizing energies of a new Universal 2018 Year, an 11 year!

2018 will be the perfect energetic year to reunite twin flames, and soul mates with the loving energy 2 carries, (1+1=2). You will see more and more of the Divine feminine playing out in politics, music and the film industry. You will see more truths, and transparency being brought to the surface as telepathy is becoming more prevalent than ever before. Lies are soon to become a thing of the past as telepathic abilities come back online for many souls in 2018. More Metaphysical abilities will be brought on line with the synchrnonizing energy of 11 mirroring the DNA strands.

This period of introspection begins now with this upcoming New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th. The energy will carry through the end of this 2017 year to bring you to a RESET POINT in December 2017. This is in preparation for the upcoming shift in Universal flow of the Master 11 year! Be prepared for big things to happen in 2018 to completely shift your reality in new and miraculous ways! Mastering multi-dimensionality in the physical body will be at the forefront of the entire 2018 year.

2018= 11.

11 is the number of creation, expression and manifestation. This Master Number in numerology, 11, represents two pillars, a gateway, creating a direct portal between inspiration (1 energy) and manifestation (11 energy). As mentioned above, it also mirrors the DNA strands.

But in this coming year, it’s not just manifesting energies of the Number 1, which was the energy of 2017, it will be doubled! Instead, this 2018 is backed by the energetic vibration of 2. Two represents partnership and cooperation, (1+1=2). So, if in 2017 you’ve worked towards collaboration goals with partners, you may see this to fruition in 2018 behind the cooperative and supportive energy of 2. Those projects that came to a screeching halt in 2017 may now begin again with a renewed, creative energy. A whole new focus, and a whole new outcome! Be prepared to accept any change that comes your way. Be prepared to accept new perspectives and creative ideas. Be prepared to have successful partnerships, and collaborations that will propel your success in your “service to others” profession in 2018!

The way we communicate with one another will shift in 2018 as well. You will see more open mindedness. You will see many sharing and accepting new perspectives. You will see a complete lack of judging from others, and air of acceptance will ensue. You can imagine the magic of this energy; how quickly it will manifest co-created realities! More, and more souls are being responsible for their energetic output, as they can see their own realities manifested much quicker now than ever before, as well as how it affects the collective consciousness.

December 2017 is the time to hit your RESET BUTTON in preparation for the new pulse of Universal 11 energy! You are now at your zero point! This is the most auspicious time to reinvent yourself in the direction of your soul purpose and life mission! By harmonizing your personal energetic vibration to that of the Universal energies of 11, the number of creation, expression and manifestation you are tapping into the unlimited energy of abundance! I’m so excited, I can’t wait for 2018 to get here!

As always, please share your experiences and comments in the comments section.


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