Heavenletters: Invite the Sun

heavenlettersGod said:

Better to be a friend than not a friend. Better to love than not to love. Better to be at Peace than in turmoil. You may have learned otherwise – you may have learned the opposite.

Perhaps, in childhood, you learned that Life was to be turmoil and that the littlest disturbance was better than Peace at all costs. You perhaps learned to prefer commotion as a way of Life. Life interfaced, and wildfire was preferred to a field of daisies. Perhaps Peace and Silence are the last wishes you place high on your wish list.

You may forsake Peace, for, in peace, you can hear your own thoughts. Frankly, you may not choose to hear your own thoughts.

Fighting whatever you fight in Life may seem preferable to absence of fighting. Skirmishes may be welcome. Disbarment from Peace may be a safer project, perhaps healthier for you as things are. With uproar, at least, you know that you exist, and, so, you grow accustomed to furor. You may have learned at an early age that Peace and Quiet are not what they are cracked up to be.

No matter what engages your early Life, regroup your preferences now. Now Life is your choice, and now you are aware that you have choices to make that can free you from the past. Undo the bolts that lock you up in a fervor of activity called despair and other forms and shapes of unhappiness. Change the cycle you may have stuck to through thick and thin.

Invite the Sun in. It is up to you to dance to a new cadence in Life. Allow the world to be your oyster. Indulge in a New Cup of Tea. Pull open the curtains.

Because you may have lived with tight shoes all your Life doesn’t mean that now you can’t try on new shoes to fit.

Release yourself from bondage. Bondage can only be a limit you have set when, all the while, Paradise is within your reach. I am within your reach. Reach further. Reach Higher. Extend your hand.

You can revolutionize your whole Life, as you know it in this very day before you. Dare. Leave the past behind once and for all. Start anew.

We are talking about something more than fortuitous. We are talking about your stretching out a stringy repertoire that lies before you. Leap out of the past. A new world lies before you. You are invited. Jump in.

Your Life is to be new. You can be all new, refreshing, and lighted up even when it is dark outside. Come inside then. Go deeper into the Light. No longer wait for someone else to turn on the Lights for you. Up-light yourself. Turn on the Sun and dance to a New Tune. All the notes in the Universe are available to you for the asking. Beloveds, for the asking. Make your new Life happen today.

If the water is freezing cold, enter warmer waters. Be your own motivator. If the waters are too warm, enter the cooler waters. There are choices for you to make. Open your eyes wide. Widen your swath. Leap.

Discover discoveries. Use finger paint. Emerge from your cocoon. No longer paint yourself into a corner, or allow anyone else to. No matter how Life may seem to you, see it otherwise now, no matter. Paint yourself out of a corner right this very minute.

Arise from the past. A new Present awaits you, the former one is leaving.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff