Lord Melchizedek: Shifting Energy

lord melchizedekSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, Mother Sekhmet-Durga, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am embraced with the presence of Lord Melchizedek once more and he has asked for his message of Love Light and Peace to be shared once more given updates to the Children of Gaia.

Blessings Dear Children of the Gaia,

I come forth this day to impart upon you all a message of love guidance and assurance. We delight in the progress that many of you are making at this time.

The Ascension of the Planet Earth has truly anchored in 5th Dimension and many Ascended and Ascending Souls have as per agreement to come forth to the Earth to assist in this Planet’s Ascension and vibration.

We are working through many Souls at this time to anchor these frequencies from the Great Central Sun – These Emissaries of the Light hath come forth to assist with the Energies of the Earth anchoring the Diamond Light Codes through the Leylines Grids and Vortices. The Earth hath been uplifted and needed to shift in order for the Awakening and Elevation of Consciousness of the many Souls upon your Earth.

The 144,000 Emissaries of Light are working multi-dimensionally to uplift many Planets and Star Nations upon this hour to shift and connect all to the Cosmic Unified Consciousness once more…

Many of you are now connecting with Timelines and are Shifting Energy and Vibration. We are awakening and activating many Souls at this time. Let me share with you the Journey of the Order…

For it is my Divine Pleasure to step into awareness of this moment and share with you my essence. My goal is to help every individual person to understand their ability to be gifted in your world by the ideas that have been brought to them on a soul level. Acceleration of this Earth is now moving at a light-speed pace and it is our desire from the God Force to not only assist each human to know and breathe the Light that they are.

First, let me share what the Priesthood represents to initiates of all levels. Every person that awakens in the light within their physical essence is brought to the Order of Melchizedek. As a soul, they are given the opportunity to allow their essence to shine for mastery. This doorway is always open but not all will choose to walk through it. As an initiate, you open your energy centers up to all the timelines within your Etheric body to be activated. As a person, many choose not to accept those realities within their physical body. There is always the opportunity to do so.

We work with every individual initiate no matter how far they take their pathway. Some choose to work more deeply within this pathway and become a Priest or Priestess. Many of you have already done so and step into the roles more easily this time around. It depends upon your soul’s growth and what you want to achieve this lifetime.

The work that we do with each other is to help bring the light formations into the physical world. As you go further into your initiation phases, your body accepts more of this light along with the knowledge that is necessary to understand the process of your Divinity.

We, in the Order of Melchizedek, are very careful in how we select individuals to step forward with their knowledge and wisdom to the world due to many souls that have not stepped into the Light of the Hierarchy within the heavens that appear within your world. If we feel someone is not fully acting within the interest of the Order, than we will help them to find that Light within them to assist in their progression upon the Earth. This means that we are working within the Greater Whole to help all lightworkers to acknowledge the power of their soul’s essence.

We have many priests/priestesses that are working within the Earth plane level now but not all are on the same level of awareness or accessibility of their Light. There are stages of acceleration with the Order to assist earth’s evolution into the higher vibrational light essence.

I share this information as it is important to realize that working within the Order of Melchizedek is a golden opportunity to aspire to the heights of desirability of the heavenly realm. I want to express that as an initiate we will scrutinize your progress and help you to overcome any difficulties that arise within the pathway of mastery. We have many souls that are on the ground floor level, so to speak and we hope they will aspire to higher heights of acceleration, but this is not always the case. Many souls truly just want to stay in their chosen field as an initiate and are not ready to feel the accelerated phases within the body.

I, as Lord Melchizedek, oversee this Order of Light but I am much more to many. I have lived upon the Earth in Lemurian and Atlantean times. I knew many of you but I was not who I am today. I also had to move up the ranks of the priesthood to show my worth. I have been gifted with the Light of God within me and share this with all perspective initiates in order that they may ascend into the Light with all of their faculties intact.

We work together, You and I; even if you do not realize it. I watch and observe the changes that are occurring and am very excited to acknowledge each of you personally and globally. The work that you are doing is amazingly powerful and is assisting with the transition of the New Earth.

My role to you is to assist you the best way that I can whether you want to stay where you are in your transitional phases or to accelerate further. I will tell you that the New Earth needs to be actualized with the light frequencies of the 5th dimension and this is why you are having such an intense time of accepting these light changes within your bodily structure. I need to share that the work needs to be done; the light will not do it for you. If you think that is the way, then you are in for some very rough moments of integration.

This is where I step into your world. Let me help you know how to change, we will look at the aspects in your timelines so that they can be changed and ignited. The power and source of your energy is in the purity of God’s Light. All individuals that awaken need to find this light. It is not given to you freely but earned through trial and error. Your challenges are molded by your Higher Self integrating within the physical self and they need to agree. It is when things do not go well, that there needs to be a realignment of energies and your physical self needs to know they are not the deciding factor any longer. It is as simple as that and also as complicated.

Working within the framework of the light frequencies of this planet is something that is a challenge in itself. But you are here for a good reason and we need you to accept your Divine Essence. As they say, “the more the merrier.” I love to lighten up the load that you are taking on although the seriousness of this time is always the strongest aspect to consider. I see such a great future for all of us in the new Earth, but we need you to understand your spiritual essence within your physical essence even if you are unsure of what you are doing. The best master is one that says “I do not have a clue of what I am doing, but I am doing it.” That is all we can ask for together as a team of Qualified Individuals to share the light of the heavens into the earth.

It is my pleasure to connect with each of you in service to the Light.

I AM Lord Melchizedek and I speak through Elaine this day.

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