Archangel Gabriel: The Blessings of your Highest Self

aa gabrielDear Ones,

Your message today is brought to you through the auspices of your Highest Self. This is the place of your inspiration and guidance. Your Highest Self knows your Soul’s gifts and how to bring them into your life. Your Highest Self knows your heart’s longings and the requirements of your Soul’s Destiny for its fulfillment in this very lifetime.

Your Highest Self is an aspect of your Light Body Field. It is a witness to your life on Earth. Your Higher Self can give you access to your divine partners. it can bring you those Angels, masters and guides that you most need for every area of your life that is challenging to you. The Force behind your Higher Self is your Soul.

All that you need comes from this place of your Highest Self, and when those needs are met, there is a sense of Fulfillment. When your needs are met from the power of your ego, you may have noticed that you do not feel fulfilled. In fact you may barely pay any attention to its completion before you are on to the next desire of your ego. But when the requirements of your Soul are fulfilled, your heart feels at peace.

Your Divinity was seeded into the spark of consciousness that is your Highest Self. When you offer your life to this Divine Presence, it is creating the support necessary to fulfill you in the ways your Soul most needs. When you offer a question, your Higher Self can provide the answer.

You are never alone when you have the awareness of your Higher Self working in your life. Creative Solutions are at hand when you offer every challenge, in any aspect of your life, to your Higher Self.

What would it feel like to let go of the burdens in your life? The lightness you may notice when you contemplate this question contains a certain amount of relief. There is power in knowing you are not carrying these burdens alone. There is relief in knowing you are being supported through life.

As you lighten up, it allows you to be more open and receptive to all that you require for your burdens to be lifted. A sense of freedom ensues. Connections are made energetically and resources, opportunities and people come to you that allow all your needs to be met gracefully; simply fulfilled in ways you may not have imagined.

Turn over the details of your life, all the challenges and effort to your highest, most Divine Self. When you do this, you will be free. And so it is.


» Source – Channel: Shanta Gabriel