Ashtar: Lightworkers Must Take Action

ashtarI AM Ashtar.

Always wonderful to be able to be here with you and share with you, and share with you all that is in the process now of occurring. At this point you yet have no idea of all that is about to happen, all that is coming forth.

We, those of you that have, we that have mentored to those of you, have been sharing these things with you for some time. We have been preparing you. But no preparation can be enough to have you be ready for all that is about to occur. I do not speak now in terms of when it is going to be, when the Pulse is going to enter for no one yet knows that. But based on those probabilities and possibilities of what can and will occur, we can say that you are in the midst of a great change, a great change that is coming over the planet, a great change that is coming within each of you.

Each of you now are feeling it more and more. You feel the energies building. You feel them building within you. You feel the energies building outside of you to all that is happening.

You see all of the old … you see all of the old that has been crumbling around you, all of the old paradigms that no longer can work with these new higher energies. And as the energies continue to rise the old will continue to crumble, because it cannot withstand, it cannot be within these new energies.

You cannot have fear and hatred in these new higher frequencies and vibrations. It is not possible. So all that is of fear and of hatred is crumbling. And all of those that continue to hold on to the old ways will not be able to much longer.

The times have nearly arrived; the times that you have been hoping for and waiting for as have we. For we wait in our ships preparing to be there in a moment as needed. Not in the terms of rescue, for that will not be needed, but in terms of stepping forth and offering our continued assistance wherever it will be needed, where ever it will be asked for. Those times have nearly arrived.

You have heard in several ways and from several different sources now that this year, your 2018, is to be a miraculous year. And that is indeed true. Just as your 2017 prepared you and in many ways fulfilled much of what was said would happen it has not been completed yet. This is the year that there will be completion in many respects.

And as Sananda has asked it is time for all of you, now, as the light warriors, to go forward and speak out what you know. Speak out with power, with understanding, with love, and assist all those that are in the process of their awakening. For if they are not awakened when the Pulse arrives, it will be much more difficult for them. This is why it is an urgent calling now to all of you to do your part — whatever that might be, whatever that is that’s guiding within you — to do your part to bring this all about. It is up to all of you and all of us.

I AM Ashtar. And I send you greetings from the Highest of the High and all of our love and peace.


» Source 1 2   – Channel: James McConnell