Heavenletters: Be God’s Love

heavenlettersGod said:

God first.

This is not from My ego, for I have none.

This is setting you straight.

What is first comes first. Anything else is faking it. Only Truth satisfies.

Satiate yourself with Me.

I cannot do it for you, though I do everything else.

That is the free choice of which you are made.

You can make anything first that you choose.

You can make anything last as you choose.

And you have chosen illusion over Me.

You have put everything else first.

Think a little of Me.

Cast Me a role in your life.

Acknowledge My role in your life.

Acknowledge My love.

Let My love be the plank in your eye.

I offer you My vision.

Take it.

What more could you want?

What less do you?

You have one choice. All or some.

Choose All.

Choose something.

Stop letting choices choose you.

Stop being by default.

You have your life to choose today. You can make it what you will. You can make it great or small or in between. Life is a choice you make. It is not, contrary to popular opinion, something foisted on you. You pick it. You may pick it out of a hat, but you are the one who picks it.

Choose number one. That is your lucky number. It stands for the One of Us.

Associate yourself with Me. Is that too much to do for happiness?

You who give yourself over to so many things need only give yourself over to Me. Tip your hat to Me. Offer Me your hand. Accept Mine. Just look at Me for a moment. Let Me look into your eyes, for love is there. Love is there when you look at Me. There is nothing you can see but love when you look at Me.

Come, it is time for you to know love. Not what has passed for love, but love. Love that is a tending, a leaning. Love is not a yearning. Love is a receiving from the One Who created you. Once you accept My proffered love, you can only give it as radiance from the One Who gave it to you.

Of yourself, you cannot possess love. But you can have all of Mine. I give it to you gladly. I can do nothing else but give you My love, for My love was made for you. Thus, you are My love, made for reception of My love. When you acknowledge the receipt of My love, then you know your rightful place as a Giver of God’s Love. No longer are you loveless.

Will you accept My love? Will you honor Me with your acceptance? Will you accept the Gift that goes to you from the Giver of All to all? You are the only one who can exclude yourself. I include. I welcome. I persist. I maintain. I follow you wherever you go, and I offer you Myself. I am the Love I offer you. What am I if not love? And what are you if not My love?

You are My love.

I love you. No matter what you do, My love is intact. There is no withholding of My love. Only you can refuse it.

You who are made of My love can refuse to accept it.

This one thing, your little willingness to accept My love, will turn the world on its axis. And it will certainly turn you. It will turn you to Heaven. You will look up, and My love will cover your face like mist, and your eyes will be gentled with love.

Give Me your eyes so that I may look out through them. You will begin to see the world as I do, and you will begin to be as I am. And you will know the Power and the Glory of God, and you will become a giver of the Glory of God from the light in your eyes. Wherever your eyes look, they will be placing My light, My light that was given to you to shine. Shine My light. Accept it first. Then shine it. And it falls on yourselves, My dear children. It falls on yourselves.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff