Mother Sekhmet: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Balance and Alignments

mother sekhmetAs I connect with my Higher Self My Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all….

Dear Children of Ra,

I Mother Sekhmet-Durga, come forth at this hour with much love for you all. Many blessings of the Cosmos is pouring forth upon your Earth in this now time as you embrace many Divine Energies pouring forth.

You will be experiencing many shifts at this time – right now I would like to focus on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Balance and Alignments that many will be experiencing at this time.

Many of you are indeed connecting with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within. There are many shifts taking place within the System of Worlds at this time that is truly reflecting the current shifts upon your Earth.

The energy of The Orion and the Saturn Energy is making a shift at this time in this now time as I bring forth this message to you all. Both represent the Divine Masculine Energy. And as these systems are aligning and shifting the Masculine Energy shall see a shift. Many Stars are being born at this time from the Nebula and grand works are underway with The Orion.

In this year of 2018/11 upon your Earth, focus dear children is upon the Star Gates of Light and what a joy it gives me anchoring the Divine Energy of the Star Gates to your Earth.

The message that I bring to you at this time is for Souls Ancient and New. As we bridge the Timelines I speak of is of Collective timelines and individual timelines.

As you experience these increased Solar Light frequencies and New Earth Templates of Divine Love being activated at a cellular level within the body, you are invited to experience all timelines of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects through the Overlighting of the Divine Mother/Divine Father Energy.

Additionally you activate this Blue-Green Flame of Highest Potentials and Divine Love by creating a bridge of Light into the timeline of Lemuria and through our Lemurian Higher Selves, bring into this Now the etheric wisdom crystals of our many gifts as healers, teachers, artists, Priests and Priestesses, scientists and metaphysicians, to name a few. As these etheric wisdom crystals further activate your dormant DNA, you come into the knowing that you have already achieved Self Mastery.

Furthermore, as you experience this timeline, you open our hearts to receive the sacred flames of unity, justice, peace, wisdom, creativity, joy, mercy, unconditional Love, splendor, compassion and Divine guidance. We further anchor and activate these celestial Blue-Green Flames of Highest Potential within and around the 144 Crystalline Grid of Unity Consciousness, assisting all Life to truly know themselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

As you flow now through the our Divine Timelines and receive the flow of activations at this time you will receive codes and symbols resonating to your mission and purpose that you have agreed to come to this Earth in this now.

Connecting now with the 33 Holographic discs of your Spinal Column – connecting now and activating each and everyone of them to the Divine Light of the Great Central Sun – To the Christ Energy. As you ascend through the overlighting of the 33 Holographic Discs of your Spinal Column you enter truly an expansion of consciousness.

From here you are invited into the Ascension Seat within Sirius to activate your Light Bodies to the recalibrated New Earth Template geometries of Light and experience a deeper alignment into our original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint through the merging of your future Selves in this Now. Additionally, you anchor the ninth Silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc and two minor discs along the spinal column.

In this now you have experienced the Equinox energies of the last few days bringing you into a greater sense of Divine Balance and Harmony. You are now embracing the new. Many shifts are indeed underway as we now prepare for Solstice Energies and the Opening of the Lions Gates Portals from the Great Central Sun once more. In my last message to you all I informed you of the delight of the Total Lunar Eclipse the day after the opening of the Lions Gate and the Partial Lunar Eclipse the day before its closure. This is a Divine time of great balance for your Earth as at this time much focus is indeed on the Solar-Sun.

Dear children of the Sun, I now bath in the Solar Light frequencies of Divine Love and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. As you align to the inner Earth Sun, the Golden Solar Sun disc of Light within your hearts, the Sun, the Central Sun and Great Central Sun, allow yourselves now to open your hearts to receive the Crystalline based Solar frequencies of our Highest Potential through the Patterns of Perfection and the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light.

As your Light Frequencies and thresholds increase over the coming months leading up to the Solstice and Lions Gate Events, find yourself surrounded in your vibrant blue-green cloaks of Self Mastery, we use this Divine Light to bring balance and equilibrium into all areas of your lives.

Aligning you all now, find yourselves balancing now as you approach now towards the Solstice as the Orion and Sirius makes momentum shifts and align once more….

The rising of the Sun and activations and shifts are due to take place as many Ascending Souls activate to the new frequencies coming forth aligning with the many recalibrated Sacred Geometric Shapes Light and Frequencies.

I now leave you my love and blessing and with the love and blessings of the Company of Heaven the many Councils of Light and the Guides and Angels from the Higher Realms that are assisting you all at this time.

I AM Mother Sekhmet-Durga and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio