Archangel Raphael: The Event is Now Underway

aa raphael eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am graced with the presence loving energy of Archangel Raphael.

I, Archangel Raphael, come forth at this hour with great love and compassion for you all at this time. I Archangel Raphael, represent the Emerald Ray of Healing and of connection and come forth at this hour to activate your Sacred Hearts.

As you evolve upon your Ascension Journey, you may feel amidst of greater challenges faced in your daily lives.

Many Souls are still shifting their old consciousness and their old ways of doing. Many Souls still feel the fears of the greater changes faced in their lives upon their awakening.

I Raphael, comes forth at this hour to work with your Heart Chakra. There is much conflict on Gaia at this time in terms of your governments and institutions, we, the legions of light are working very hard at this time to shift many energies through heightened vibrations being poured in from the Cosmos. We have heard the cries of many people, we have heard the cries of humanity and we have heard your Clarion Calls. We know that many of you have suffered greatly. I work with many of you with Healing and Earth Healing.

Humanity is shifting, Gaia is shifting, the Event is now taking place upon your Earth and Ascension of Humanity is now underway.

We understand the extent of the need of healing and balance at this time for many awakening Souls, thus the reason I have come forth at this hour to give address.

When I speak to you of healing, I speak to you of the healing of your heart, of your mind, of your emotional field, yes, of your life.

And how do we do this? We do this by you recognizing and coming to understand your worthiness, your wholeness, how deeply you are loved, not only by me but by Mother-Father-One, by entire legions of angels. None of you, none of you have any idea how profoundly you are loved and when you come to know this, you are instantaneously healed. Yes, it is that simple and it is that complex; for has this not been the dis-ease of your planet of Earth, of the collective?

It is that you have forgotten this very straightforward fact, that you are cherished. So it is this that I wish to remedy tonight; it is this that I wish to talk to you about, it is this that I wish to embed within you.

I am of the Emerald Ray and what does this mean in your terms and practical terms? It means that I am of the ray of your heart, I am of the ray of love and love is the fuel, the fiber, the material, the essence of One, and of the entire universe. It has taken millions and millions and millions of forms. But the Emerald Ray is Love.

When you connect with this Love you will connect with all that there is. You will connect with your Divine. And in doing this you will truly connect with your Essence. And in connecting with your Essence you will become ONE with all that there is of you.

A greater balance is served through this connection of Divine Love that is within your Sacred Chamber.

Many of you are now entering the Divine Gates of Love – the Divine Gates of the Emerald Order. And in doing this….connect with the Timelines of the Collective and your individual Timelines.

We delight in the healing of Timelines at a Collective Level and at a personal level. As these timelines are being healed you will see a greater shift in consciousness at a collective Level and at a personal level.

In order, for you to connect and to expand your consciousness, we ask you to release, to let go of all the given hurt, all the given pain, and all the vices that will lower your vibration.

Connection with Love is the key to the elevation of the Soul. Connection to Love is the key to the elevation of vibration. Connection to Love is the key to the elevation of consciousness. Connection to Love is the key to the Universe.

As the Energy upon your Earth is now moving forward into a shift in the elevation of consciousness, we ask of you all at this time to detox, to rejuvenate, to take rest whilst you receive the upgrades that is being downloaded and received from the Galactical Centre and the Great Central Sun.

We are also asking you all to connect with your Inner Child now and in doing this focus upon the healing and releasing of your inner child traumas – focus the healing energy being given to you all at this time shifting and transmuting energy from your lower chakras.

Connect with the joy, connect with laughter, connect with creativity, connect with the child within you – as you do you connect with the innocence once more… you connect with the true qualities of your Soul.

Connect now dear children to the Sacred Chamber of your Hearts for it is there you shall find the key to unlock all the greater possibilities that is being given to you at this time from the Cosmos.

I leave you know with every Love and greater healing.

I AM Archangel Raphael and I speak through Elaine this day.