The Border Guards

light_speedWe live during a time on the planet when the language used for public discourse, attempting to give some kind of expression to the existence, nature and experience of the Soul, Spirit or God, is being used to twist, manipulate and control what is actually said in order to distort and confuse its true meaning. We live in tumultuous times where there is a type of covert psychological warfare being waged towards the mainstream’s access to information, while blurring the lines of free speech expression.

When any kind of consciousness perception of higher sensory experiences are described, anywhere in the mass media, the content is immediately discredited, labeled as delusions in order to be discredited, or quickly defined and moved into the category of religion. Those behind Global Mind Control do not want humanity to have the clarity, strength or personal peace that is gained from developing consciousness through exploring the inner spiritual relationship that comes with the Soul. They want to lull humanity into the great sleep of unconsciousness and to be preoccupied with the forces of chaos in the 3D reality programming that is used for social engineering the death culture.

The main Controller Pillars of Society expend tremendous amounts of resources to keep the human mind occupied on external and material things that keep us distracted and unable to look within. Distracting our mind with intense fears of survival, circular debates, never-ending wars, gaslighting tactics and mindless entertainment removes the creative potential for discovering our direct consciousness relationship with God, Soul and Spirit. It disconnects us from each other.

To advance survival fears and poverty consciousness, the masses are brainwashed with very specific and limiting belief systems, which conveniently act as the self-enforcement policy for the consciousness enslavement of others. Humans in all cultures and walks of life, are mostly taught to victimize and ridicule people that want to explore ways to independently think and feel for themselves.

The fields of science and medicine are aggressively monitored and regulated, as these mainstream world establishments are used to reinforce a variety of anti-Soul ideological beliefs into the public to help serve the NAA. The anti-Soul belief system requires terminating progress or credible evidence which could prove that states of Consciousness or Soul exist. This includes the consistent elimination of the acquisition of any evidence-based knowledge that recognizes nature, animals and other life forms as fully sentient beings. There are many areas in scientific investigation that are not approved for public dissemination, and thus “white paper” research in these fields are heavily controlled and compartmentalized.

During and after the World Wars, aggressive social engineering agendas were put into place by the NAA Controller secret societies through the medical and scientific communities that had started to form in the field of Psychology. Consequently, the academic and clinical disciplines of Psychology use the medical model and are therefore pathology oriented, which completely ignores the energetic reality of consciousness, the electromagnetic human body and the nature of the Soul.

The Controller Pillars of Society generate specific archetypes and mind control programs we all should become better educated about when we see them operating in the landscape. When we see the larger picture, we become aware of the negative ego pitfalls that can digress into masks or False Identities. When we have a false sense of identity, handed over to us from social obligation, family of origin and mind control, the archetypal forces that power up that identity can spin us out and take us out of our true center and authentic self. When we play out false identities in the external world, we do not know who we really are, we are disconnected from within and have not made the effort to build the relationship with our true inner self. In order to build the inner relationship, we must be willing to be extremely honest with ourselves, do self assessments and create the conditions that allow us to stop running away from feeling pain or emotional conflicts. Below, are some of the most common false identities and their archetypal programming that can be seen quite easily, if you pay attention around you.

Some of the most common archetypes produce distractions that derail us into getting caught up playing into these dramas in repeated patterns. When we keep repeating patterns it means we’re not learning the lesson, we are not expanding and growing but potentially remaining stuck in certain mind sets and limiting situations. These repeated patterns can show up in the people, places and things in the environment, and when we automatically feed into these archetypal dramas by reacting through false identities, they take us out of our core self.

*False King of Tyranny and Dark Mother, False Parent.

*Victim Victimizer, Sexual Misery and Armageddon Software.

*False Light, Archontic Deception, Soul Capture.

*Spiritual Betrayal, rejection of the core spiritual self and rejection of God.

*Blood Covenant (formed in agreements and inherited genetics).

*Path of horizontal distractions that trap us in time loops, repeating things over and over.

What may be some of the early life situations that have led to ongoing distractions for many people that have been unable to find their core self within?  Who and what acts as the Border Guards that keep us disconnected and locked down in the 3D matrix?


The process of becoming aware of our Emotional Triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the core self. The still point of which the core self connects into is the parts of our mind that forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life. Through observation and self-inquiry, we become aware of the contents of our psychological and emotional patterns of behavior. This connects us deeper and deeper into knowing our core self.

When we do not have a connection with our core self, which takes some willingness and effort to discover, we lose our inner compass. The point of knowing our core selfis getting deeply connected within so that we know who we are, and we consciously participate with who we really want to be in life. Without developing the connection with our core self, we get lost and confused very easily. When we feel lost and confused, other people, especially dominating people, can take control over our direction and push us to do things that actually make us feel very unhappy in the longer term. This means we have lost our way because we do not have an inner compass that helps to guide us forward in our life to make better decisions, that helps us to grow and evolve as a human being. If we are not growing and evolving, many times we feel miserable, because our inner spirit is trying to light a fire under our rump to get us to make internal changes, as any change can be catalytic for personal growth.

All of us must learn to overcome our fears, which dissolves the darkness that exists within the layers of our mind so that we can become free of mental bondage and free of dominating personality influences. When we are no longer controlled by fear based belief systems and reactions we can stop allowing Fear Bondage Loops and the dark spirits they attract to make an internal dwelling inside our body, mind and emotions. When we’ve cleaned out these internal dark dwellings (these are also called Demonic Houses) the spaces where there was darkness are now filled with light. In this state there is a tangible experience of mental and emotional freedom from fear. There are no more automatic impulses that internalize the Frequency of Fear or that darkness. This creates the conditions to build a strong foundation for the core self, which in turn, will bring online a strong spiritual guidance system.

All of us have an inner compass that is our Spiritual Guidance System. It will lead us to safety and it will make the best choice for us at all times if we can indeed listen to it. But we have to remove the fear and we have to remove Lack of Trust in our relationship with our higher spirit and God, and be willing to connect with our core self. At the same time we must make the effort to not become stuck in magical thinking as God and Spirit helps those who are willing to help themselves and put forth the effort. We are here on this Earth to learn Spiritual Lessons as well as help support the Ascension process.

Now is the time to dedicate effort to the self-inquiry process, in order to clearly define personal truth in regard to your value system, ethics and the standard of behavior, that which you are committed to follow to be authentic. As you gain deeper clarity on your own personal truth then it is critical to take conscious steps to behave in ways that are consistent and coherent with your Personal Value System. This is how you build Personal Integrity and connect into your core self. This gives you more strength to remain strong, stable and clear, especially when you are faced with decisions that you must make while enduring adversity or challenges.

To maintain core stability when exposed to the chaotic forces of bi-wave and reversal energies that are producing potent collisions in the surface field, we must know how to be true to ourselves and to maintain our connection with our core self when dealing with the challenges that may come our way. Our personal integrity, ethics and Virtues are powerful forces, which stabilize us and keep us firmly grounded within our spiritual center, our core self. This is what keeps us strong, protected and transparent when facing intense oppositional forces.



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