Energize a Breakthrough – Living as Soul

energy updateDid you know you have the potential to rewrite your life script with more ease now? This means that you can create a new path forward and energize breakthroughs involving your life purpose. Most likely, this involves relationships, naturally interconnected with everything you manifest here on Earth. Continue reading to better understand these energies and how they apply in your life.

Rebirth Energies

In some ways, you are always in some stages of rebirth, given the eternal nature of your soul and ceaselessly evolving from one thing to another. Change indeed is the only constant of your human existence. That said, there are times when the pace of change escalates, even morphing into a super-charged rate that takes you into quantum shifting. We are sitting in that sort of energy now.

If you don’t already feel it, one reason could be the 3-week Mercury Retrograde that ends on April 15. Those cycles tend to create a feeling of slowness, disconnect, and sometimes confusion. What’s helpful to remember, though, is that energies already in play continue to percolate in the background. Example: a relationship or project you envisioned as 2018 began could be shifting on subtle levels outside your awareness.

One reason I offer global meditations tied to key planetary gateways is to help you benefit fully from transformational doorways. New moons are one example. On the weekend at the meditation and in advance, you can connect with powerful rebirth energies that help you change the status quo of your life.

Most likely, spirit has been nudging you about what needs to shift next for you to more fully express your soul in the world. Self-reflect to get in touch with issues, stuck places, resistances, and longings. The more that you live as soul, connected to your heart, the more you will become aware of things that need addressing for you to be more free, more fulfilled, more joyful.

Supercharged Moon Cycle

Indeed, the Aries new moon of April 15 is supercharged for transformation. I’m talking quantum here. It’s more than the moon; we have Uranus in the mix, that planet of sudden revolutionary change. It’s the kind of electric change that turns things upside down, often quickly without notice. This moon cycle, therefore, can catalyze some of the biggest life shifts of 2018.

Keep this in mind throughout the week. What’s unfolding now is personal for all of us alive now. Humanity as a whole benefits too. Some issues playing out on the world stage will get louder and messier. As you are observing these things, do so with a higher view and a long-term perspective. Keep your focus positive and on the final result – which is a loving world. Kindness and compassion are the best tools to apply to yourself and others.

3 Things to Ask

Over the next several days, the following are 3 things to ask on an internal level. The very process of asking sets in motion answers, antidotes, and assistance from the universe.

First, considering a block or obstacle, ask: “What do I need to understand to change things or manifest my desired outcome?”

Second, considering a key relationship, ask: “What is my role in improving the relationship, and specifically what can I do or avoid doing to generate harmony?”

Third, considering your general life path, ask: “What changes in my self-view are required for me to live more fully as soul and have a mega breakthrough now?”

Go gently with yourself as you do self-inquiry like this. Your wise inner voice is not like a judgmental parent telling you what you did wrong. Spirit is loving and kind, showing you the way without harshness or replaying a movie about your past mistakes. From spirit’s perspective, you are a divine being, in a continual process of metamorphosis into a new version of yourself. Treat yourself the same way – focus on the present and how your positive qualities can help you to self-actualize.



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