Heavenletters: Dream the Dream

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved Beloved, where did you get the idea that life is supposed to be all cookies and milk served to you as you recline cozily in bed and sip your morning tea before you begin this day before you?

You know, life is a mixed bag. Life is coming to you in every moment. Dreams do come true, yet dreams are not obligated to come true in the moment you say the exact way you say. Anticipate that all your dreams will come true, yet allow the freedom for your dreams not to have to come true so quickly or just so. Go ahead, it’s okay to wish a while. Grant your dreams free passage. Dreams are free spirits. Dreams are not: “Sign on the line” sorts of left brain thinking. You can request all your dreams to come true, yet dreams are not beer on tap, now are they?

Dreams, by their divine nature, are not iron-clad contracts – even as they already are some kind of contract, you might not have the thought of them ahead of time as you do. Dreams are forward mentions of themselves, as yet, sans commitment. A dream of itself may want to dream on and consider more possibilities to come.

Dreams are rather like hippies who like to go this way and or that in the moment according to how they feel. You can’t quite pin your dreams down, or they wouldn’t be dreams. So, I tell you to dream, anticipate your dreams’ coming true before your very eyes, yet not feel let down when a dream has not yet fully filled your heart. Dreams can always come true. Anticipate and wait. There is no cut-off date for dreams to come true at the instant you would like your dream to arise for public consumption until it is good and ready.

In one sense, We can say that a dream comes true the moment you dream of it. Let’s say that when you dream your dream of a beautiful light blue ball gown with rhinestones, and you feel yourself swinging and swaying in your beautiful dream, you already are wearing the ballgown.

Sooner or later, an invitation to a real-live ball will arrive, and a gentleman in a tux with a supermarket bouquet of flowers will appear at your elbow and a golden VW will await you on the curb around the corner. Then you can breathe, and then you can go on to the next dream and the next.

You are free to dream whatever you wish and whenever you wish.

Cinderella dreamed of a Prince and probably a Fairy Godmother before the carriage appeared to take her to the ball.

Your dreaming the dream means you are well-disposed for the dream to come true. You are ripe for the dream. It is already yours. It may take a while before your dream enters center-stage.

Dreams are not yet facts. Dreams are clearly not racing horses who are to be whipped in order to speed up the process – perish the thought. Dreams are entitled to stay dreams for as long as they want to be dreamy-eyed. Dreams are free to take their own sweet time. This is the nature of dreams. Dreams do not usually fulfill themselves in one sitting.

Enjoy the dreaming of your dream. If you dream of a chocolate bar, there is no law that says you must pull off the foil wrapper and eat up the chocolate right away. Dreams don’t have to be eaten on the go. Let dreams sit for a while. Savor the thought of your dreams for a while longer.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff