El Morya: Initiations, The Heart, and Sacred Timelines

el moryaDear Ones,

I El Morya, come forth this day with great delight for so much is unfolding for you all. I come forth this day bearing the Sacred Blue Flame of Will Power of Knowledge and Protection.

Dear Hearts, many of you are taking the process of ascension in this given hour and as you do you will find yourself being activated and going through the process of initiations.

Connection with your Heart and with your Essence as your Sacred Timelines unfold many of them are unique to your Soul Signature and Essence and many of them are indeed Collective Timelines.

As you travel through the initiations you will find yourself shifting out of the 5th Dimension to the Higher Dimensions and Frequencies of Light and you will enter into a stage of greater consciousness – many of you having expanded will be in tune with your Super Consciousness – Your Higher Self.

This for many of you that have achieved this attainment will find the esoteric truths coming forth into your state of consciousness into your being. Many of you will be attuned to the transmissions unfolding.

Dear Hearts, you will find yourself connecting with timelines of past root races connecting with the Lemurian and Atlantean Energy. This is for a very Divine Reason.

Many Souls, many creatures and yes! Indeed! Mother Nature is working on the transmissions unfolding creating an energy of unfoldment of fine tuning and of expansion.

Just like those days of connection – You are now entering a timeline once more where transmissions will increase through the dimensions of Light and Love reminding you all of the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. You are now in this given time connecting with these Sacred Timelines activating to these timelines once more and as you do you will heal and you will shift and you will transcend through the initiations of greater awareness of expansion of consciousness.

The frequencies of Sacred Timelines are here to expand your Consciousness and to aid your healing. In connecting with these Sacred Timelines, you find yourself with tears in your eyes and if you do, open your heart to heal those pains that have been buried within you for so very long, let it flow, let it flow. Allow the flow of your tears to bring healing to every part of your being. Allow yourself to really feel it, and embrace it in the heart through the breath. Allow all remembrances and pains to be felt fully without suppressing any. This is how you will bring forth your healing, increment by increment. As you inhale it through the breath, your GodSelf will dissolve and heal those imprints forever.

Ask your Higher Self to assist you to uncover those records that are holding you back from unfolding your new glorious reality. In your daily meditation, we ask you to do this work faithfully until you feel a completion. Connect with us and with our Love heart to heart. You may ask for our assistance, and we will be there with you as you do this most important inner work. Gradually, the deep-seated pains will be lifted and you will be much lighter. The clearing of this pain will also assist you in perceiving much more of who you really are. It will allow you to make giant leaps into your full spiritual resurrection.

Many of you will uncover many processes of shifting and many more upon your growth, you will find yourself ascending.

I speak of Seven Gateways Seven Initiations and Seven Halls of Amenti and it is through these given stages that you will transcend as you embrace a higher state of consciousness.

We are now activating the Throat Chakras of many at this time for it is time for the Collective to speak their Truths to enter into a great state of consciousness and with this unfolding many of you will be in a better position to share in your Divine Experiences and your Divine Awareness.

For the Message of today is clear – the Esoteric Truths of this System of Worlds is unfolding and as many Souls are awakening at this time many more Truths shall unfold.

Embrace these wonderful times and experiences… the Collective is now expanding as we are indeed awakening many Souls upon your earth at this time and in your elevated state you will find yourselves assisting in this great work too.

I leave you now with the peace and joy within your hearts… Be of Peace and Be of Love.

I AM EL Morya and I speak through Elaine this day.

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