Goddess of Creation and Yeshua: Ascension

energy updateWe have spoken about and heard about the ascension of the earth for many years.  It is what in many cases has driven people and certain aspects of society. The Ascension is HERE!  Gaia has shifted into the higher dimensions and this is really profound.  There have been many masters upon the earth who have sought to accomplish this and it all comes together.

This channel takes place on the evening of Easter Sunday which is the day of ascension for Jesus. For years we have heard the term ‘he died so we could live’ or ‘he died for our sins’.  In truth, he showed us that each one of us can ascend through the dimensions also.  During this channel he talks about that and our response to this shift in energy.  He speaks of how we all  have the ability to create change, to open to our Soul’s communication and then BE the expression of our soul.

This channel allows you to experience that for yourself and help you to understand where you and how to get where you might want to be.  It is filled with love, compassion and potential.

There was also a surprise party set up for Shelly and all who attend!!  This was filled with the many angels and light beings who have supported Shelly for the last 15 years.  It is always on going, so you can check it out and chat with your guides and friends.


I Greet You beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in our time together.

Indeed, this is the 15th anniversary in earth time of joining together in these channeled meditations.  I am so excited that this is taking place.  I am so excited that Shelly and I found one another.  I am so very pleased that we have this opportunity to be a part of this transformation taking place around your world.

Most likely you realize it, but it is important to also understand that everything happening on your Earth is a direct reflection of what is happening out within the Universe.  There are Stars, and Planets, and Galaxies; there are all these many, many, things where there are other life forms; where there are the non-terrestrials as you may call them; where the angels, the light beings and where all these other energies reside.  They are creating space that balances on the Earth just as the Earth’s transformation balances the Universe.

The crystalline vibration has only been coming into your earth plane since 2002 or 2003.  The crystalline energy is separate from that for which you are attuned upon the Earth.  Duality and Ion based foundation is what makes up the molecules within your body.  It is a reflection of the ways in which your society works, and a reflection of what it is to be upon the Earth.

The 3rd dimension is also a direct expression of that reality.  Everyone is trying within the 3rd dimension to find balance.  Frequently through they have one reaction, then they have the opposite that seems to balance it.  There is a lot of negativity in their life so they find that which is positive.  They spoke harm to another and someone spoke harm to them.  That belief systems of Karma is the direct relationship to that 3rd dimensional reality.

Once you have ascended into the 5th and 6th dimensions you have moved into crystalline reality.  The crystalline vibration is a state of being.  It is no longer about trying to accomplish stuff or trying to balance previous actions.  It’s now about a state of being who you are.  It is also the heart center, which is love.  It is also the reflection of your Divinity shining down upon you and flowing directly within you and being expressed through your heart.  This is you.

Yes, your alignment with the Divine has always been there.  However many, many, people were simply unaware that they had that flow, and they had that movement, with which they could connect. In these channels every single time I take you from the human, to your higher self, and into your divine you may practice it again, and again, and again.  This is here.  It is happening to you.  It is in a continuous ongoing movement.  Once you allow that to be integrated within you in such a way that you are what you are you express yourself as your divinity.  Then you are living that 5th dimensional reality.  For the majority you needed to disconnect from the collective consciousness of the Earth so that you could instead vibrate at this higher level.  We have done that in many, many of these conferences.

The choices that you make in your daily life, or in your ongoing reality, are the choices that affect you.  So too in a very unconscious way, working in the background, there may be other vibrations and other energies that also have an impact upon you.  The more that you are focused on what you do want the least impactful those background energies will be to you.

Feel who you are.  Know that you are a higher vibration of the person that you were born as.  That may sound odd to some of you; because you think I am still the same old person.  Indeed you are.  However, you are a much more expanded individual that is in the flow of love and light and the All that Is.  I see it.  I know it and I invite you to see and know that for yourself.

Phew lots of energy is here with us tonight!  Take a moment and breathe deeply once more grounding your energies.  As you ground into Gaia you feel that essence of the Earth.  Let that flow back up within you and then send your consciousness up; it goes out through the top of your head center.  However, it is also going out to non-physical aspects of you.

As you arrive here within the space of your Higher Self feel and know what that is for you.  As you look around in some regards it is as if you were creating this space.  Sometimes I hear from people that, “Oh I’m just making that up.  I don’t really know what it is.  I don’t see, sense, or feel anything”.  All is well.  Your Higher Self is you the human vibrating at a blend with your Divinity, which therefore shifts the consciousness up into a higher, light vibration.

I would say to you if you feel like it is all just blink, then use your creativity for how you would like to look.  The connection to all of these vibrations comes through your right brain.  As it does so that is your imagination that is your artistic form that is your non-formed non-conformist part of your brain, or your consciousness, so that you may create the space that you would like it to be.  Once you have created that space you will begin to recognize that you receive a great deal of information.

You allow that stream of your consciousness to then flow up into the space of the Soul Plane.  There is a thread that connects you the Human to your Divinity.  Everybody who is alive has that thread.  As you then follow it, it will then just naturally take you into your Soul.  It will take you into your I AM presence.  This is of course your God Source.  It is your blend and alignment with I the Goddess, which is the feminine aspect of God.  It will allow you to be who you are in all of this reality.

If you have zero sense of what this is, of how it looks, or how this feels, then again allow your right brain to open up giving you the information.  If you wonder most everyone has a swirl of energy that represents their various lifetimes.  Sometimes people have snippets of being and those lifetimes.  Sometimes people have a sense of being welcomed home with open arms.

Sometimes people create a space to align that is like their sacred space; perhaps the ocean, or perhaps the forest, or perhaps the mountains, or perhaps the valleys.  Whatever it is that truly resonates with you use that as your stepping stone into creating who you are.  I don’t mean that the way that it came out.  Into creating this alignment into who you are so it is something that you can understand.  Who you are is what it is.  This is the place of unconditional love and acceptance for everything in your life.  Feel that flow through you.  You feel that energy transform.

I the Goddess walk in amongst all you here.  I reach out to each one of you so as to embrace you as the Human that you are, but also you as your Soul Essence.  Feel who you.  Feel your vibration.  Understand the love and the acceptance for what this.

As our energies merge find yourself moving into the All That Is. We will take a moment Shelly’s very emotional.

As we move into the All That Is it was as if we see all these people and as we walk through the door it was a surprise party; that is what we encountered.  As we shifted into the All That Is there was so many people here, including the souls of those who have been a part of this group.  There are all the Angels and all the Light Beings.  There are all the many, many, people that Shelly has channeled for over the years.  There is I the Goddess.  There is that masculine aspect that so many people also work with.  The room is filled so to speak.  What a surprise party this is for her.  There is great love for all who are here.  There is great love for each one of you and you’re part of this process.  Shelly conveys to me as she is speaking just how much she appreciates this and give that love right back to each one of you.

This is a celebration that will be going on for quite some time.  I therefore invite you to come back as often as you would like to join in.  As you know in a celebration there is lots of talk and it is your opportunity to connect with other aspects of yourself; to perhaps connect with some of the Angels or the Light Beings that you have worked with in the past.  Understand that each time you listen to this or come into this space you are in this now moment and this now moment consists of many, many people.  It is beautiful to see. It is our gift to Shelly and all of you, and we thank you for being here and a part of this process.

As I spoke at the very beginning the ascension of the Earth is something that has been attempted multiple times in the past.  One time it created instability that caused the Ice Age.  Another time it created the instability with the flooding.  So too there have been times when Planets, Meteors have either passed closely with the Earth or hit the Earth trying to jar it from that perspective.

Those who are the guardians of the Earth recognize that it needed to come in multiple forms.  Gaia as the soul of the Earth has always maintained many, many, many dimensions.  Therefore, it was about shifting the level of consciousness so that these many layers would become filled and stabilized so as to be utilized in everybody’s life.  Feel who you are and where you are right now.

I know I have spoken of it before, but I will say it again because it creates just such an open flow of love from my heart.  Going back about 100 years of your earthly times Archangel Michael, Metatron, Melchizedek in particular, begin to say, “Send waves out to the universe to the other planets who would like to be a part of the ascension process upon the Earth”.  Of course there were many that got weeded out.  The people in particular that they have requested were those that have lived upon the Earth many, many, times and have moved through the various dimensions until they moved out of the cycle of incarnation and reincarnation that was the earth experience.

Thousands of you said, “I’ll go back”.  If there was anyone that said, “Let me think about it and I will decide”, we gave you that time to do so.  I know that some of you now upon the Earth are thinking what did I do and you have thought that for the last 10 or 15 years.

Here you are living upon the Earth during this very profound time of transformation and we thank you for your gift.  We thank you for your assistance.  So too there are the millions and millions of people that came in a very unconscious way also stabilizing the Earth through this higher level of consciousness and humanity.  We thank you.

Know that everything is working out exactly as we anticipated, and in some regards has gone off on a tangent that was not anticipated.  In other regards that which we set up as support is turning out not to be support.  So even though we do our best everything is being created in the now moment.  There is that that is a reaction and an action, which then reverberate out through the Universe.  There are those that we worked with energetically to put in a position and when they got there it didn’t work out.

We do not control anything.  We work through the energetic pull, or the consciousness of individuals, helping you to remember who you are.  Helping you to know what your mission is in this lifetime.  So, when we say we assist people this is how we do so.  If we could come in and control everything we would be no better than those that are being shifted out of places of authority.

Remember who you are as your soul that you just transition through.  Also, as the person that you are.  You are so very loved.  You are amazing just the way you are!

I’ve been speaking about ascension and what led to today.  However, since it is Easter Sunday when Yeshua ascended, I would like to invite him to come in and speak with each of you also.  Not everybody who participates in this believes in Yeshua and what his job was and that is fine.  May I also say that there were many others before him that did the same thing that he did.  It just didn’t take.  If you want to consider it they laid the seeds energetically.  But then when the Earth shifted with the vibration in which he was born many of those seeds activated.  It was a support for him as he lived upon the Earth.  Therefore, we acknowledge Yeshua and what he did.  We also acknowledge all the many, many, others who planted the seeds that allowed for him to grow.

Jesus Speaks:

Greetings, it is I known as Jesus, as Yeshua, as Yahweh, plus many other names.  The individual speaking to you at this time is the aspect of Sananda that walked the Earth as Jesus. 

It was a very interesting time.  My mother Mary came from the angelic realm.  She was bought into Earth knowing that I would be born to her.  She and Joseph, both, were fully committed to the process.  Although as so many of you are aware once you are born and you move through that Veil you forget, but that is part of what creates the interesting experience of being upon the Earth! 

It is not often discussed that I spent a great deal of my life as I was growing up, what you would say from 10 to 25, in India in the Himalayan mountains studying and remembering and programming my energy with the higher dimensions.  I realize in this time frame reality in which you live that you don’t have that same remembrance, but Mary Magdalene was my wife.  She and my mother both came from similar vibration and we created a triangle so to speak.  As you know a triangle is one of the strongest symbols in Geometry that there is.  We all knew what we were working towards.  We all understood that there was something more that we were doing with our lives. 

I have lived in the mountains and what is known as Tibet.  I worked with Masters learning how to levitate, how to heal, how to understand that we are not this physical form that contains our Soul, but that we are our Soul. 

The physical form only represents this individual lifetime.  Your Soul is the all-powerful, all knowing, realization for everything in your life.  I learned to become my Soul and to set aside the bodily limitation so as to be who I truly am.  As with each one of you I too had the support of my brother’s, my Angels, those that were working within the non-physical form helping to pull me up into that space. 

Within the Himalayan mountains there was a massive open Vortex that allowed for that movement between dimensions to take place.  It is no longer as open as what it was.  It was there for the purpose of not only my growth, but all who were a part of that process.  

I was human so I’ll delayed as long as possible going back to what I knew what was to be the true challenge of my life.  In truth I’m a scholar.  In truth I loved to learn.  In truth I realized that it was the pure love from the divine vibration that could transform everything upon the Earth.  What I then realized was the more that I got down from that vibration, the more that I walked back into the reality of that time space, the more I understand just how disconnected humanity had become from Source.  

I ask you in your lifetime right now would you say you are disconnected from Source?  I ask you in this lifetime right now when you hear that inner voice speaking to you, either about your life or just about love, do you listen? 

Those who were known as the Apostles were of great support for me.  I learned through my relationships with them.  They reflected human awareness with all the doubt, the guilt that is so much a part of humanity, and the high density of the 3rd Dimension, or shall I say the deep density of the 3rd dimension.  I know that the Bible and other writings reflect betrayal and dishonesty.  Everything that took place did so for the specific intention of transforming the vibration of the Earth.  

I ask you to walk with me as I went to the end of the lifetime.  Once I was walking amongst the people it became very challenging for me to go back into the high dimensions that I experienced in the Himalayas.  I would meditate for hours.  I would take time for myself away from everybody.  Sometimes things would work easily and sometimes not so much.  It sounds familiar does it not?

Every one of you are doing exactly what I did at that time.  You have the moments when you feel the great clarity and the knowledge of who you are.  Then you have the times when you pulled so far apart from Source that you feel disengaged, separated, isolated, alone and lonely. 

You seek ways in your everyday life to fix this.   Any fix that you have is temporary.  Any fix that you have is working through the Ego.  It is always the Soul that truly anchors and aligns everything within you.  Be open and know what that feels right now.  Know yourself as Soul.  Know yourself as Divine.  Know yourself as having amazing abilities.  Be yourself. 

People spoke of seeing a Halo above me.  That was the Chakra above my head that was activated as I bought in that higher vibration.  Each one of you have that right now.  Frequently it’s just seen as a light around you.  The rift in the vibration of time that took place as I worked upon the Earth was repeated again, and again, and again with others; some before me, some after me.

When you think of the mediaeval days, as you call them, with the black plague.  It was a cleansing if you want to call it that, or it was a clearing out of a particular vibration.  It wasn’t just that the black plague took those of lower vibration, but as with any transformation when there’s a group of people that transition in a particular frame of time it creates its own vortex and it is always done with an agreement between them prior to coming into the light. 

That clearing out allowed for what you call your Renaissance time when new thoughts, new believes, new potentials came into the Earth, which then led to the Industrial Revolution, which then lead to your current time.  So, you can see how everything happens for a reason and things that took hundreds of years now in this higher vibration transition in an instant. 

Where are you in your ascension process?  I laugh because I heard a large number of people that said I could care less about the ascension process.  Okay, where are you in your personal growth in this life?  Are you manifesting what you seek to have?  Are you feeling the love of Source and the support of Source?  Are you saddened by things in your life?  If the answer is no then I would say to you open up your heart and find that which may be the simplest of things knowing that it is the spark that sets the foundation from which everything grows, and grows, and grows.  

Ascension is transformation of consciousness.  Ascension is living in a higher vibration.  The foundation for all of this is the heart center opening up.  It is everybody feeling the love, the light, the energy of who they are.  The Earth will get to that space where love is the foundation.  It will move past the warfare.  It will move past the control and manipulation.  For now, that is what many call the new Earth and that is simply they ascend and they will go to that space, because they’re done with the 3rd dimensional reality.

In part as this ascension process continues we are bringing that higher vibrational Earth into the current Earth and weaving the energies together.  It is but one way for doing this.  When you open your heart you have taken that first step upon this pathway.  Through that open heart you look at life with compassion and where does that compassion begin with but yourself.  Are you passionate about yourself or are you harsh and judgmental?  What I would like to say for anyone who is harsh and judgmental, ~whew~ let it go.  Let it go.  It serves no one.  Feel love and compassion within yourself. 

As the earth lives in a heart centered reality when you look around can you see, sense, feel, know the good within you and within those around you.  What happens is that it is very, very, subtle and it takes quite some time.  However, you’ve had 5000 years of this transition taking place, and what happens is the more that you focus on the love; the more that you focus on the compassion; the more that you focus on seeing the good potentials all around you; the more that strengthens it so as to release or clear out anything that is outside of love.  I understand it is rampant upon the Earth right now the outside of love.  This is the opportunity for all of that to transition.   Could it happen in a day? Absolutely, will it, no. 

Listen to the changes taking place.  Read about, sing about, experience, share anything that comes from the heart that is filled with love and it settles you within that 5th Dimension.  The thing is you are already there.  It is just there are times when you dip back down into the 3rd dimension.  The more that you vibrate at that 5th dimensional level the more you have access to the 6th dimension. 

The lower the number (of the dimension) the thicker, the heavier, the denser the reality.  The more the Earth itself is shifting, even from the 1980’s to now there is a tremendous, tremendous difference that has taken place.  You can feel it, know it, accept it and sense it.  

Here you are in this time space reality.  Ascension is transformation and you are doing it.  Know that you have all of the many, many, many, people in the space that are here with you supporting you.  Understand that you and your divinity are already there.  You have already done this.  You’ve got the tools.  Open up and receive, and beloved know that I am with you anytime you seek for me to be.


The Goddess of Creation returns:

The love and the depth and the compassion that radiates from him is truly amazing.  Know that that is for you and it is from within you.  You are that loving and compassionate yourself.  You have done amazing things upon the Earth and out in the Universe.  Accept all of what that is because it is beautiful, it is you.

I invite you all to come together as a group.  Yes, yes you may come back for this party at any time.  There are those that question do we still need to use the Hologram?  I believe it is still beneficial.  I therefore appreciate if you come together as a group creating this column of light through which the Hologram may ascend.

Look at Earth.  I will show you what it looks like 15 years ago as we begin this process.  As you can see it has this illusion of being smaller.  It moves more slowly.  It was as if it was a solid mass with all the colors of all the grass, the rocks, the water, and each time that you would infuse it with light and energy bits and pieces of that would break off.

Now 15 years later after the hundreds of gatherings that you have done, and not only this group but many all the many other groups that work with the Earth, look at it now the columns are such a bigger; the Earth itself as transparent.  You can still see the water, the grass, the rocks, the trees.  However, it is now the light body of the earth that you continuously infuse the higher vibrations into.  Was it there in 2003?  Yes, however it was virtually not discernible.  So thank you for what you have done.

Infuse this hologram with this your own process, your own acceptance of who you are.  Let that flow into this Hologram, and the many that are gathered that are part of this celebration are also infusing their light and their energy into this space.  As they do so the Hologram itself begins to integrate that vibration as it rotates.  As if you let it go and it moves down through the column.  There is a space where it goes out and moves into the Milky Way, and out connecting to the Universe, and out to the Omniverse.  The rest of it then it goes down into the Earth.

As that Hologram moves into the Earth it goes through the magnetic force.  It clears out the collective consciousness moving out through this to the center of the earth.  As you are there within the center it anchors once more.  There are many Light Beings that live within the Earth and they helped anchor this energy through it and integrate it.

From there it moves outwards.  It comes up through the ground, through the grass, through the rocks and through the trees; your own anchor that is placed into Gaia.  Your own experience comes up within you anchoring within your heart center.  This energy as it comes up from the earth it again clears out the Collective Consciousness, from the earthly perspective and then from the universal perspective, ~whew~  Letting go of that old energy, letting go of their density and infusing only the high, light vibration.

As you are integrating this within you bring down the rest of your consciousness.  It comes back from the All That Is, from your divinity, and from your higher self.  It comes back integrating within you.  I invite you to take a moment to just feel yourself as you are.  Understand that you vibrate and emanate and energy that is of that high, light essence of your Soul.  It is here.  You are doing it.  Accept it.  We can just feel a deeper integration going into many, many, of you.

As you continue to anchor within the space recognize that you have many guides.  You have Jesus who just spoke with you.  You have all these other energies that walk with you in your daily life.  Ask for their assistance.  They remember what you have forgotten.  Let that flow, weave, and move through you.

Beloved family may I say to you once more that I thank you for being with us upon this journey for this past 15 years.  May I say to you that you are always welcome to come to the All That Is for the celebration of this group of people who choose to come together from a heart to heart connection, and who choose to find a way to have peace, love, balance within their lives, who support Shelly as she supports you.  Everyone is a part of the group.  Everyone assists on so many different ways.  We love you dearly and we appreciate you.

The ascension is here.  The ascension has occurred.  Gaia has ascended so may that proof and that reality become your truth and reality.  You are always here and I am always with you.




» Source » Channel: Shelly Dressel