The Sun visits Taurus Now Through May 20, 2018

horoscope planetary energies eraoflightdotcom2018 The Sun visits Taurus- April 19- 11.15 pm EDT to May 20- 10.15 pm EDT

On April 18 the day the Sun and Uranus aligned in Aries our 2 year old dog Prince really reacted to the energy. He usually naps in the morning but yesterday he was full of vim and vigor. By 10.00 am (the time of the alignment) he was in the backyard barking at anything and nothing. Maybe he was talking to the planets letting them know he was excited to be alive at this extraordinary time. Animals are so in tune with Cosmic Energies. They can be wonderful messengers if we learn to listen.

The astrological connections this day (April 19) before the Sun enters Taurus are all about letting go. The Moon in Gemini (polarity and duality or integration) squares Neptune in Pisces (illusion or illumination). The square is motivation for change. And the Moon (emotional issues) is then inconjunct (moving into a new situation, change, letting the old go) Mars in Capricorn (right use of will or misuse of power) Jupiter in Scorpio (releasing whatever blocks our expansion or misuse of power) and Pluto in Capricorn (releasing what no longer serves us or misuse of power). Notice misuse of power is emphasised. These activations set the tone for the Sun’s journey through Taurus.


While the Sun visits Taurus the focus is on what we value and what is important in our lives. This fixed Earth sign is about security, issues of self-worth, loyalty, and patience. Its key phrase is “I Have”. It is associated with the 2ndhouse on the natural zodiac wheel. It is the house of substance and personal resources (including financial) and material assets. Taurus is the sign of prosperity and abundance, not only on the physical but also the spiritual planes. The shadow side of Taurus is to focus too much on what we have on the material plane and neglect our spiritual values. The other shadow is lack of self-worth that prevents us from feeling empowered in our lives. This journey is about releasing whatever blocks us from living our truth. Taurus rules the Throat Chakra so speaking our truth will be an important theme for each of us and in the world.

The planetary ruler of this Sun journey through Taurus is Venus (self-acceptance and self-love). Venus also influences our awareness of others. She is currently in Taurus but enters Gemini on April 24 at 12.40 pm EDT and will visit there until May 19. In Gemini she is in her Soul Centered Home and is the Harmonizer of The Universe. Her message is “change your thoughts and change your life” (Wayne Dyer). She is also on her Evening Star journey (at oneness within). That bright light you see on the western horizon after Grandfather Sun sets is lovely Venus. She is sending you healing love to heal the duality within and find harmony.

birth totem beaver elizabeth silk

In the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun visits Taurus it is the Growing Time on our Medicine Wheel. Here in Ontario we are hoping the trees finally begin to bud and the plants begin to grow. As I write today the ground is still covered with snow. But it is what it is. Our Animal Totem guide is Beaver, clearing the clutter and building the new. Beaver always knows when it is time to swim downstream and create a new environment. The astrological Earth is in Scorpio. Her Animal Totem guide is Snake, shedding the old. Her Sacred guide is the Phoenix, resurrection and rebirth. In the Southern Hemisphere this is your Frost Time. Your guides are Snake and The Phoenix for the Sun in Taurus and Beaver for the Earth in Scorpio. Healing and Transformation and Release is the theme for this Sun cycle. For all of us the Clan Mother who guides this Taurus Sun Cycle is Listening Woman. She is the Mother of the Stillness and Inner Knowing. She teaches us to enter the silence and hear our heart’s guidance. She teaches us to Hear the Truth. You can read her story in The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams.

The Tarot Constellation that is active with this Taurus Sun Cycle is The Hierophant, the wise teacher. It is the principle of learning and teaching. It is also about dancing to the tune of your own drum. Taurus and Scorpio are found on the 4th Ray of Harmony Through Conflict or Harmony Through Beauty and Peace. It is the Ray of humanity and conflict continues to be the focus of many two leggeds. Our Archangel guides are Gabriel, Higher Awareness and Resurrection, and Hope, renewal and harmony. The 4th Ray is the Buddhic plane and connected with the Heart Chakra.

wesak buddha

The Buddha is an important guide for this Sun in Taurus journey. Although he is always with us his guidance is powerful now because it is said he was born, reached enlightenment, and died during the Sun’s visit to Taurus. The Wesak Festival to celebrate his teachings is held at the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon which this year is April 29/30. The Buddha taught the Path of Loving Kindness. Here is a Mantra to practice during this journey. It comes from “A Path With Heart” by Jack Kornfield.

May I be filled with loving-kindness.

May I be well.

May I be peaceful and at ease.

May I be happy.

Wishing you all well on this journey to harmony and peace.

Blessings Dale!



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