Master Kuthumi: Universal Springs of Hope

master kuthumiI come forward to merge with you at this time of uncertainty within many of you. On your outer we view turbulence fueled and whipped up by those who would seek to hold power over you. I can tell you our energies of Light and love merge with the Angelic Armies of Truth to assist in combating the negative forces on Earth.

Our greatest pleasure we see is many, many springs of hope among you. Those desiring a new way to live, to exist, desiring to banish the heavy negative clouds on the outer. These ones are the new Light workers destined to usher in a new way, a new path for humanity to walk.

They now enter Earth in their millions. I can tell you they are confronted from birth by those who would attempt to diminish their Light and higher wisdom. They bring this with them you see. We say to all careers of these souls to be vigilant. To be aware that all forms of negative behavior will not easily be endured by these young children.

As the evolution of your planet continues more and more awaken to their higher selves, to the Light of Oneness, of all. For some, their soul memories abound, flashing images and feelings into their conscious mind of old memories, of lives once lived, old experiences, images of their spirit guides trying to make contact through the higher self- the gateway to all knowledge, all experiences past and present. Some call this the Hall of Records, also the Akashic Records. We understand names are used to assist your greater understanding.

And so, amongst all of this glorious awakening, hope springs forth. Do not be discouraged by those of the darker side of humanity, what they would have you believe, no. For to believe any of the dark ways is to be trapped in a web of deceit and power. I also say to you this trap is not always occurring in your outer world. It can also urge you to anger, hostility, denial, even hatred.  I tell you to be aware my friend, so you can consciously, with strong intent stay on your own path of peace, of Light, with us. Yes, with us. We join you in this battle on the higher planes. Yes. I urge you to remember that the Light fractures darkness, weakens it, until the darkness eventually dies.

Light Warrior

Why are you called a Light Warrior? A term used so often in recent times. I tell you truth, because you ARE a Light Warrior and we here, Masters, guides, Arch Angels, and God, Source, whatever name you would call The Great One, all of us join beside you, our energies and love residing within you. Feeding you, feeding your Light and soul through your higher self to your conscious mind and heart.

So light Warrior, you see the first step is you. Yes you! We urge you to hold fast to your inner truth, your inner peace, inner Light, your higher wisdom. Stay tuned to your soul through your higher self and inner knowing. And if you momentarily are caused to step off your higher path, call us. Simply call us. We will surround you and cleanse your energetic field at your will in an instant of your time.

Sometimes the darkness will come through another’s words of anger, threats and insults, all thrown at you to gain power over you. This feeds their own sense of power, control and yes, their own insecurity. See this, know this. Stand firm Warrior of Light, do not lower your energies in response, no. Turn away.

As your time goes on your Light grows stronger and stronger, as does your intent. Your intent for a better way to live and to experience the complete joy and fulfillment of living and experiencing Earth. A planet of choice. It begins and continues with your own will.

Peace be with you, my love surrounds you.




» Source » Channel: Lynette