Detox with Zeolite Supplements to Remove Heavy Metals and Radiation

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflightZeolites are a highly absorptive group of minerals that can be used as natural detoxifiers because of their many wonderful properties. Natural zeolites form in volcanic rocks and ash over thousands of years. Synthetic zeolites can be readily manufactured much more quickly using silica and alumina. Zeolites are often used industrially and in the home in wastewater cleanup, water purification, soil conditioners, animal feed, and laundry detergents. Their absorptive properties make them perfect for absorbing and eliminating odors, gas, heavy metals, and radiation. Their properties of heavy metal and radiation removal are particularly important when considering the use of zeolites as a dietary supplement.

Zeolites are often used as a soil amendment because they have the ability to remove mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. Zeolites can do the same detox process within our bodies. Due to exposure to chemicals in our food, cleaning and hygiene products, chemtrails and the enviorment, humans absorb more heavy metals today then ever before. Zeolites have the ability to absorb these heavy metals from our systems, trapping and eliminating them through a natural detoxing process.

Zeolites function in a similar manner when used for removal of harmful radiation from the body. Following a nuclear disaster such as Fukushima, radiation leaches into the food and water eventually being absorbed by humans and animals. Zeolites can capture the harmful radioactive isotopes, which are then removed from the body detoxing the liver, kidneys and other cellular tissues. Zeolites have been used to clean up radiation from the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, and more recently in the ocean around the Fukushima disaster.

Several studies point to the possibility of using zeolites to slow the growth and reverse the advancement of cancer cells; however, additional research is needed. In the meantime it is beneficial to take zeolites for their detoxifying properties. Some people claim that zeolites may improve an individual’s emotional state, which would be expected as heavy metals are removed from the body.

Zeolites are available orally in either liquid or capsule form. The liquid can be placed directly on the tongue or mixed with water. Both forms are palatable. Using zeolites to detox is an easy and effective method, combined with good diet and exercise, to help keep your body healthy and in optimal condition.



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