Mother Mary: Urgent Call For Action

m maryDear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all the light workers who are currently on the planet need to pitch in. We are having a last minute push right now, and your attention and effort is needed.

You may ask what it is so urgent, I would say yes, dear heart, we are at a place where we need to push harder so that we can overcome the inertia, get things going. In order for the Divine plan to be fulfilled, we do need, right now, at this moment, our light workers to work together so that we can move out of the current situation. We have arrived at a point where things are barely moving, very slow, and that slowness has impacted the speed of our ascension and Gaia can not just sit and wait. So, let’s work together dear heart. Let’s give Gaia’s ascension a push, and give humanity an uplifting. Together, we will get Divine plan moving forward.

Dear heart, we have currently encountered yet another rough patch. In order to get over this hurdle, we need every one, each and everyone of our light workers. Let’s come together dear heart, together for the greater good, and together, we will move the Divine plan forward. It is urgent and it is also potent. We need the help, at this moment, your 3D time. Let’s do it together. Together, we will move mountains.

I love you dear ones. I am Mother Mary. In the recent development, Divine was able to contain certain individuals, and stopped them from doing more harm to Gaia and her ascension journey. But, due to these individuals’ soul connections, Divine detected that these souls were able to cheat, and got themselves out of the containment and set themselves free. That is unprecedented and unheard of. Now, Divine has to do something about it. After consulting with Divine Mother, Divine has decreed again that the individuals who had been quarantined by Divine, need to hear this one out. Divine wants them to back in containment, to stay there till further notice. They are not supposed to come out of the containment yet. And it is Divine’s decision when and how soon they can leave the containment. They, themselves, have no say in this whatsoever. So, heed the call, get back on track and stay in your place of containment. No more defying the Divine will and Divine laws.

I am Mother Mary. I love you. So it is.



» Source » Channel: Linda Li