Heavenletters: Tap-Dance Your Way Through Life

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved Sojourner on Earth, do you feel something is missing in your day to day life, or perhaps something is blocked? You might desire a pause from life. You do not know exactly what happened or didn’t happen to you. If you could go to a deserted island for even a weekend and get away from it all or perhaps to a rustic cabin in the woods, off to the side of life and let your life figure itself out without interference from you, this would ease your heart. If there were a way to loosen your grip on life, you would gladly. You would paddle your own canoe or your own little kayak, so you fantasize.

There are times when it feels like it’s too much for you to keep trying to catch up to life. It’s like when somehow you fall behind in keeping up with the dishes – you don’t even know how it happened, yet somehow you fell behind, and now you have to work hard at getting caught back up.

Or maybe it’s like being lost in the dark woods. Somehow you lost yourself somewhere, and you can’t seem to find your bearings. You keep searching, yet you seem to be somewhere else. Sometimes you just want to find which bus stop is yours now. You were never cool with which way is north or south or left or right or up and down or backwards or forwards.

Geometry was never your forteˊ. Somehow algebra feels more comfortable, not that you didn’t abandon algebra long ago. Poetry seems more true to you now and less like the sands of time sifting through your fingers.

If you remembered how, you would do some somersaults. Somersaulting is how you would like to move forward, one somersault after another lickety-split, or, better yet, swim across the nearest ocean and be on your way to another shore and another language that you would not be expected to understand just like that.

What music would you follow, and where would the music lead you to and from where?

Oh, yes, you are looking for your moorings.

You may have a parking ticket missing somewhere. You yearn to be away from traffic concerns. You are nowhere. You’re not supposed to know upstream or downstream or midstream either, for that matter.

Well, Beloved, you who want to be picked up with certainty and to also find the yellow-brick road by yourself, may I suggest that you watch some Fred Astaire movies and regain familiarity with dancing the light fantastic. Go out and buy some shiny black tap shoes and tap them on the bare wood floors and listen to the tapping sounds you make. Your tapping could be Morse code that represents yourself as you imagine yourself tapping your way across an ice rink until summer, when, by then, you might know how to tap-dance on water and on into the sky without batting an eye, and so sideways tap yourself around and discover the beat of your heart and write it down in a little notebook.

Perhaps you would like to live today as it shows up and not plan it, yet rather simply live today the way a Heavenletter rises as its own fountain at its own pace as you welcome life profusely, not because of what life has to offer you, but for what life happens to be as it dances along. Perhaps today sashays around you and on up the stairs and reveals itself multi-angled in rosy light. Your life taps up and down a graceful flight of a curved stairway to Heaven, as if the platform of your life were trilling piano keys, simply tapping up and down the sunny side of the street. Heaven surely awaits you.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff