Anna Von Reitz: Settlement of USA, Inc. Bankruptcy Imminent

eolnewsReminders for President Trump…..

In order to occupy the actual Office(s) — plural — that George Washington occupied and to do what is lawful and right by this world and this country in particular, it is absolutely imperative that you (1) reclaim your natural birthright political status as a native of the land and soil of New York; (2) re-convey your Trade Name to the land and soil of New York; (3) acknowledge, accept, and take the Public Oath of Office to act as The President of The United States of America; (4) be bonded by the actual land jurisdiction government —- the States and People — provision of which has already been made with Mr. Mnuchin at the Treasury.

Your Bond Number is: AMR10005 – RE 162 242 150 US

The land jurisdiction government established by our ancestors requires a Management Team comprised of the President, the Head of State and the Chief Public Fiduciary Officer. Any change to that structure has to be initiated via a properly convened Continental Congress.

All the assets owed to the States and People are claimed by them, including their soil and land assets, their intellectual property, and all derivatives associated with them and their states.

There is no escaping the validity of their demand to be set free of all Odious Debt and to receive back all that rightfully belongs to them.

If necessary, their claim will be honored by force initiated by the Galactic Command Superstructure. In other words, it’s time for everyone at the Hague to wake up and do what is right instead of trying to initiate yet another scam.

This is Public Notice and shall serve as the Final Public Notice owed to anyone, anywhere, alive or dead, here or elsewhere.