Council of Light: Step into a Higher Dimensional Reality


“We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future to assist you on your path.

Dear One, as you have processed the energies from the last three weeks, things are now opening up for you.

You have cleared and purged massive amounts of old energies and paradigms to make space for the the new, higher vibrational light codes and realities.

Remember that any of the experiences that have been a little “rocky” in the past few weeks are simply fragments of the third dimensional illusion.

Let them float away.

Don’t look back.

Look forward to the bright future that is coming into your experience.

Now, we invite you to shift your focus towards the speeding up of your creations and manifestations.

Hold steadfast to your inner center and continue to connect with your Divine Inner Being.


You are ready…

You are ready…

You are ready to step into a higher dimensional reality of ease, flow, love, joy, peace, collaboration, abundance and connection with all higher Realms of Light.

Notice and acknowledge the first signs of this new reality coming in.

Celebrate and focus on how blessed you are.

Begin your thoughts with “I Am so very blessed…”

You are ready.

We are holding the vision of the New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious.

We are with you, every step of the way.

You are loved beyond measure.

We are with you… always.

We love you. We are you.




» Source » Channel: Asara