Pleiadian Collective: The Light Has Won

The PleiadesDear friends, good evening to you again. We are the Pleiadian Collective here to discuss the topic of honor. For so many of you and yours have displayed such valor and courage of late, that we would be remiss to not mention. The “White Hats” have been tried and remained true. The Alliance is strong, fortified with that of our own, for we have emissaries on both sides and our presence is strong. We say this not to frighten but to comfort, and to reiterate that you are not alone and that great things are coming your way.

The Light has won. It is time for Humanity to be freed of the misconceptions, of the pain, of the lie of separation. For how can Source truly be separated? Many beings – many- from all over this space quadrant are here for the show, are here to see Gaia raise on the wings of love and ascend with those upon her into the lighter realms of love, of peace, of unity consciousness. Much has happened, and much is happening behind the scenes. Intel is just intel from scattered sources who have but a few pieces of information; trust your heart. Your heart is the portal of truth, of your own understanding. In it resides your higher self, your higher multidimensional version of you always here to help, guide and assist you in your great quest for personal and planetary ascension. It will not steer you wrong. Do not get trapped into dates that come and go and the following disappointment. It is an energetic trap, cycle, that lowers your vibration. Know instead that all is proceeding, that time is formative, malleable, and that The Event will truly happen when it is in the Devine’s optimal moment of perfection. It will happen when Devine deems best.

We are the Pleiadian Collective. Reach out to us if you so desire and know that all is proceeding, unfolding, accelerating and revealing itself now, for those with the eyes of the heart to see it. Trust your heart. It is your steering wheel, your compass of truth that will never mislead or misguide. Trust your heart and it will always steer you true.

We are the Pleiadian Collective. The energies are coming in strongly into your planetary sphere and are bounding, rebounding, absorbing, cleansing and clearing all that needs to be cleansed and cleared. And you are absorbing this gamma ray light deep within you, and it is changing you all for the better, for the higher version of you is emerging. And we see this with great tears of joy, for this unveiling has been so long in coming. We have waited millennia for these moments, this moment, when humanity rises from the bondage and steps as free people into the light embrace of Source love. For Source has always been within you but it has been harder to find, to realize, as your religions, your text books, your environmental factors that have done their damage – you have had the cards stacked severely against you for far too long and it is your time, humanity. “It is your time to rise,” as Starlight the unicorn loves to say, yes, but it is indeed true, it is your time. It is your moment. Seize it! Be strong. And we would lovingly add, follow your heart.

We are the Pleiadian Collective and we leave you on the wings of love, for they will always guide and serve, for love always wins, always shows the way, and you friends, are so loved. We honor you for your service to both Gaia and to the Collective.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl